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The WHO briefing note 13 dated 16 OCTOBER 2009 is particularly relevant to Africa:

Clinical features of severe cases of pandemic influenza: Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 says On the positive side, a growing body of evidence indicates that prompt treatment with the antiviral drugs, oseltamivir or zanamivir, reduces the severity of illness and chances of dying. These findings strengthen previous WHO recommendations for early treatment with these drugs for patients who meet treatment criteria, even in the absence of a positive confirmatory test.

In addition to pneumonia directly caused by the virus, evidence shows that pneumonia caused by bacterial co-infection can also contribute to a severe rapidly progressive illness. Bacteria frequently reported include Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, including methicillin-resistant strains in some cases. As these bacterial co-infections are more frequent than initially recognized, clinicians stressed the need to consider empiric antimicrobial therapy for community acquired pneumonia as an early treatment. .

Disadvantaged populations, such as minority groups and indigenous populations, are disproportionately affected by severe disease. Although the reasons for this heightened risk are not yet fully understood, theories being explored include the greater frequency of co-morbidities, such as diabetes and asthma, often seen in these groups, and lack of access to care.

Although the exact role of obesity is poorly understood at present, obesity and especially morbid obesity have been present in a large portion of severe and fatal cases. Obesity has not been recognized as a risk factor in either past pandemics or seasonal influenza.

Yet the great majority of the South African population, with amongst the highest rates of stress- violence – murder- joblessness- poverty, obesity-diabetes, squalor, malnutrition, AIDs and resistant tuberculosis in the world- ie immunodepletion- has not seen a progressive swine flu epidemic the past two wet weeks. There has not been a swine flu death or seriously ill case reported in South Africa for weeks. Is this surprising when thousands  are dying daily of rampant violence, AIDs, TB,  etc?


And from Sweden, it is reported that while THREE  patients have died there  so far with the swine flu, since vaccination started there a fortnight ago   FIVE patients aged 50 to 90 years have died there  within days of vaccination with the  Glaxo GSK (Pandemrix/Arepanrix- containing aluminium, mercury and squalene) vaccine-  that is also being given in Canada and UK.

Yet the WHO figure today for swine flu deaths in Sweden is still given as only 2.

If death within days of contracting swine flu is attributed to the swine flu virus, then surely unexpected death within days of swine flu vaccine must equally be attributed to that vaccine?

What could be the reason?

It may be that the young are more likely to die from the new H1Ni mutation because with their high immune reactivity  and  not previously exposed to it ie desensitized, so it may cause a cytokine storm that wipes out their lungs.

So why should the elderly be dying after the Glaxo vaccine? Perhaps paradoxically for the same reason as the virus itself is killing children- the Glaxo vaccine contains immune boosters to gear up the body’s antibody response, which response may overwhelm the previously naturally immunized person whose systems are no longer as tough as they were.

It is difficult to find out on the Internet what formulation of anti-swine flu vaccine is being given around the USA. Perhaps it does not contain as much immune booster as the GSK vaccine. It seems that neither suppliers nor the US Govt believe that the public has a right or need  to know what it is being forced to be inoculated with, and pay billions of dollars for. .

Based on the 1918 and 1976 fiascos, and the US license now given vaccine companies to sell whatever untested vaccines they like ie with whatever adjuvants they choose,  without fear of immunity in case of mishap, manufacturers now have a license to make $billions without any risk. The Swedish experience already points the way to carnage- at taxpayers expense since legislators and highranking officials (apart from a convenient chosen scapegoat) are never held accountable.


and now Korea reports 5 sudden deaths after seasonal flu vaccine- all in subjects over 80yrs but one at 51yrs – since the Govt began providing free vaccine shots to the elderly. .

but paradoxically,  parts of Canada have suspended vaccination against seasonal flu for those under 65yrs after evidence that this vaccine may increase the risk of swine flu. And some have suggested that seasonal flu vaccine may cross-protect against swine flu- hence there are some advising that kids under 2 yrs have their seasonal flu vaccine postponed!


This column regularly  reviews and refers  to  the contentious issue of Regulators and Big Pharma suppression and disparagement of natural micronutrient supplements – The Vitamin Wars in which Jack Drummond and Linus Pauling were so embroiled by persecution and assassination-  so as to promote sales of designer drugs and focus on treatment not primary prevention, on the obviously sound shortterm  economic principle that prevention does not pay, Only Disease Pays.

Recent key papers perhaps expose the falseness of the vitamin  conspiracy, the condemnation if not regulatory suppression of free choice  supplements in favour of risky designer drugs like antimicrobials on the FDA’s  (ie the New Drug Industry’s)  efforts to protect the Disease Industry with the self-serving but poor argument  that experience and observational and evolutionary evidence are not good enough, only randomized controlled trial evidence will do.

This despite the major studies that vitamin D in optimal  dose, like vitamin C, in  fact in optimal multinutrient combination, offers better protection – prevention and treatment- than any designer drugs against all diseases, from acute and chronic infections eg  flu, HIV and other  STDs,   and tuberculosis and other bacterial (and parasitemia) infections, to autoimmune, lipid- hypertensive-vascular disease, depression and cancer, prevention of frailty and fractures, even sexual-reproductive health, dementia and multiple sclerosis – as Dr John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council repeatedly details.

Earlier this year a  research centre in San Francisco estimates benefit of increased vitamin D status in reducing the economic burden of disease in western EuropeThe reduction in direct plus indirect economic burden of disease was based on increasing the mean serum 25(OH)D level to 100nmol/L, which could be achieved by a daily intake of 2000-3000 IU of vitamin D.  For 2007, the reduction is estimated at euro187,000 million/year. The estimated cost of 2000-3000 IU of vitamin D3/day along with ancillary costs such as education and testing might be about euro10,000 million/year. Sources of vitamin D could include a combination of food fortification, supplements, and natural and artificial UVB irradiation, if properly acquired. Steps to increase serum 25(OH)D levels can be implemented now based on what is already known.

A University Toronto study last month on    How to optimize vitamin D supplementation to prevent cancer, based on cellular adaptation and hydroxylase enzymology by Prof Robert Vieth Univ Toronto, Canada  analyzes the question of “what makes an ‘optimal’ vitamin D intake” ie  ‘what serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] do we need to stay above to minimize risk of disease?’. This simplistic question ignores the evidence that fluctuating concentrations of 25(OH)D may in themselves be a problem, even if concentrations do exceed a minimum desirable level. It explains why higher 25(OH)D concentrations are not good if they fluctuate, and that desirable 25(OH)D concentrations are ones that are both high and stable.”

A new study last week from Finland probes the benefits of vitamin D in institutionalized adults with intellectual disability ID, who may eat poorly and seldom get any sunshine. . Those given 800iu vitamin D daily for 6 months did better than those given simply 150 000iu imi at the start, when all had a mean vit D bloodlevel of 40nmol/L, the oral dose group having a final level of 82 compared to 62 nmol/L in the other group. PTH fell in both groups, but target D3 level of 80 was attained in 42 % orally vs 12%  imi.

and now this week Pietras ea from Boston  detail how Vitamin D2 Treatment  50 000iu fortnightly for up to 6 years for Vitamin D Deficiency and Insufficiency in Boston increased vitamin D levels from 67  to 117 nmol/L, without change in blood calcium, and no kidney stones- but with persistent vitamin D deficiency in perhaps 10%, for a variety of possible reasons. They agree that oral vitamin D3 is the best preparation. This is retailed in South Africa for as little as  R6 (($0.80)  per 50 000iu. In fact, unless the patient has shortterm absolute contraindication to oral-enteral  supplement, there is no better (ie parenteral)  route  for vitamin D3 if not all supplements than via the stomach.

The short answer is that, from local and international experience with such doses, there is indeed no evidence of harm, only benefit- ie nothing to lose. Prudence dictates query about history of hypercalcemia/ kidney stone problems, and baseline and followup check of at least serum calcium phosphate and creatinine if not also vitamin D  levels, to judge whether dose of 2000iu or 10 000iu/day (or 50 000iu every week or month)  is both enough to produce stable blood level in the range of 125 to 150nmol/L, and safe for the individual.


see waning-deaths-except-in-the-poorest-and-those-given-the-GSK-vaccine/

Apropos the current  Swine Flu Conspiracy debate:

N D Burman Cape Town.

As the first 4 sudden deaths within days of swine flu vaccine are reported from Sweden and one from Hungary, and 39 cases of Tamiflu-resistance swine flu isolates have been reported,

Roche the manufacturers of Tamiflu yesterday kindly supplied studies  published 12 October from Canada and Mexico which are most valuable,   most of the victims depressingly young.

Their breakdowns don’t give a global figure of how many of the 226 patients had serious relevant comorbidities ie immunosuppression, cardiopulmonary, diabetic or morbid obesity. One cannot derive the number of serious comorbidity patients from the Mexican paper – in the Canadian paper only 30.4% had ‘major’ comorbidity. .

In the bigger 17week Canadian narrative series of 168 critical hospitalized cases there from April to August, 81% required ventilation;  90% received antivirals, so they cannot judge if these drugs  had benefit or were adverse; mortality was only 17.3% by 90days – promising, but in  a healthier northern population? from more sophisticated costly care? antivirals? or what?.

The smaller 10week Mexican series – 58 critical cases in 899 hospitalized (confirmed or suspected, not necessarily critical) cases from April-June is more helpful: 97% required ventilation; mortality was 41.4% in these critical cases by 60 days; survival was an impressive 7.4 fold higher in the 78%  (45) who received Neuraminidase inhibitors who did not, p <0.006 – but the numbers were small (especially the 13 who were not given NAI), and  they give no table to judge how they arrived at these odds, or the criteria by which NAI were given or were not given.

Neither of these studies  are trials, so one cannot draw any objective conclusions about Neuraminidase Inhibitors NAI effect on serious morbidity or mortality. Considering that hyperacute patients die too fast, and the rest only receive NAI after 3-4 days if sick enough, only a prospective RCT randomized controlled trial with NAI  in all suspected flu cases- with retrospective viral typing  of samples -can show this, and truly assess cost/benefit. The cemetries are littered with acclaimed drugs that were widely used for years until enough deaths occurred for it to become clear that the drugs were actually killers. But legislation enacted by the last Bush Administration  imdemnifies manufacturers from any liability in cases of calamity from their drugs!

Fortunately, with the swine flu rapidly on the decline at least in the USA, manufacturers cannot supply the millions let alone billions of doses  of swine flu vaccine that they and the USA authorities targeted. As HealthNews says, how can they produce anything safe?

By contrast, increasing numbers of practitioners are reporting virtual abolition of swine flu outbreak in patients (both in private practice and in institutions) who take a modest vitamin D3 supplement of 4000-5000iu/day (with up to 1000iu/lb /day for 3 days in any acute infection) .  Obviously the prudent will balance this with the usual protection from at least 800mg marine omega3 oil (eg 3gms 30% or 1g 80% fish oil; and a good multimicronutrient supplement including betacarotene;  zinc; oral ACS colloidal silver;  sutherlandia;  sniffing vitamin C powder; and  a few grams a day of oral  vitamin C – just not enough to cause diarrhoea.

email from Roche: Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 5:41 AM “You can imagine that with the sudden unexpected pandemic all they tried to do is to determine whether the traditional neuraminidase inhibitors like Tamiflu will be effective in treating and preventing the duration, severity and incidence of co-morbidities of the new strain of influenza. .  Fortunately the odds are still in favour of receiving early treatment. We know that Tamiflu is effective in the treatment and prevention in most seasonal and pandemic strains of influenza A and B with very little resistance reported so far. The CDC site is a very useful resource for new information….”


n d burman cape town

News on the 2009  swine flu pours in daily- see this column’s   last report only 4 days ago.

Roche’s response arrived a few days later.

Conspiracy theory: Definition: “A  theory seeking to explain a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance”

We all disdain  farfetched conspiracy theories, but some eventually prove true- especially in war, politics and Big Business.  The British Intelligence deception  of the Germans in WW2 over the Sicily landings with The Man Who Never Was was one of the cleverest successful conspiracies at least of WW2. Conspiracy was the downfall of Richard Nixon, but not of  Joseph’s murderous brothers in planning sell him off to slavers going down to Egypt and then telling Jacob that his favourite youngest son had been eaten by a lion; and not of George W Bush- the most successful rogue politician and ruthless warmonger of modern times despite his irrelevant defeat by Al Gore in 2000  in the democratic popular vote. The truth about the $multibillion Armsgate conspiracy (arms which South Africa never needed) between top ANC politicians and various European arms traders is still being suppressed, to protect present and past presidents, politicians and business moguls  in South Africa and Europe…

But since no evidence can be found on Google, Pubmed or the USA Government websites, it is a given  that neither the ”Authorities”  (the Government Health Agencies NIH-CDC-FDA,  the WHO and the European Union) can produce any evidence to justify the claimed pandemic state of 2009 swine flu or its major danger which justify a national state of emergency declaration– in effect, martial law. Truly following in George W Bush’s footsteps after 9/11. Why would Government conceal such public health evidence if there was any? ..

Nor can the same world  ”Authorities”  that regulate and recommend them nor the EuroAmerican  manufacturers  produce any randomized double-blind  controlled trial RCT evidence in humans to satisfy regulatory criteria  for registration and prescription  of  either the recommended (swine flu) antiviral drugs Tamoxifen or Relenza, or vaccines based on both the  hyperinflated but unproven imminent risk theory of this disease or the efficacy versus harm from these costly agents.

So as other sober voices ask, on what evidence  is the USA basing its claims of a dangerous pandemic,  and  its mandatory recommendations? – which are binding on those Authorities’ prudent health professionals as well as on its state employed patients.

The continuously updated USA surveillance report notes explicitly that “Several states have abandoned the counting of confirmed cases. This step is justified by the finding, that at this point of the year more than 98% of detected flu cases are caused by the novel flu. Other states have started to report the number of hospitalized cases instead of infected cases. The CDC discontinued reporting of individual confirmed and probable cases of novel H1N1 infection on July 24, 2009.”  So there are no statistics from the USA to show that morbidity and deaths from swine flu are increasing, let alone attributable primarily to the 2009 H1N1 virus.     In fact  evidence apparently  suggests the opposite since mid-October.

On October 9, 2009, Dr Gary Null & healthcare associates filed for a USA court injunction to stop the FDA distribution of   swine flu vaccines since these violate Federal Law “in its hasty approval of four swine flu vaccines by failing to scientifically determine either the safety or efficacy of the vaccines.”

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda – Pump Up the Volume – is a series of Natural News articles since October 21 by Evelyn Pringle, health freedom writer exposing a conspiracy by rogue USA Government’s arms and Disease  Industry to extort the biggest profiteering in history from drugs and vaccines forced on  billions of people -who may (as in the  previous ’emergency” 1976 pandemic that never happened) derive far more illness than benefit from these unproven drugs.

Authorities – the FDA itself, no less- have hastily on 15 October racked up up this brutal campaign – now against Dr Andrew Weil – to suppress natural nutrition approaches that both work and are safe so as to favour their Disease Industries’ snakeoil profiteering. Under the mantle of no less than a Presidential State of Emergency declared this day October 24  over the nonexistent swine flu pandemic, they impose a ban on  disseminating knowledge- the benefits of proven naturally beneficial nutritionals  eg vitamin C; or astragalus – despite decades of evidence supporting it–  while at the same time stating blatantly ” The Secretary of Health and Human Services, under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act… has determined that a public health emergency exists nationwide involving the H1N1 Flu Virus that affects or has the significant potential to affect national security. Following this determination and in response to requests from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, FDA issued letters authorizing the emergency use of certain unapproved and uncleared products or unapproved or uncleared uses of approved or cleared products...” ie vaccines designed and hastily manufactured only this year, with no  efficacy trials to show reduction in serious illness and deaths and no longterm human safety record, containing known dangerous ingredients.

As if millennia of genocidal suppression of free choice and rights – the Martyrdom of Man – by those in power since recorded history began  was not enough. The greedy and ruthless learn well to manipulate power progressively to subvert justice and security  for all, as Churchill, Ivan Illich, JK Galbraith, Margaret Attwood, Tom Bower, Joe Stiglitz, Naomi Klein, Al Gore so eloquently wrote, and Kissinger’s Kindergarten (Bush father and son, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz) have so profitably  done  the past 35 years for themselves but not the nations including the USA that they sabotaged..

And today Dr Joe Mercola   reports on the CBS expose of massive US  CDC disinformation on their website  about the swine flu “epidemic” in the USA – which is reportedly contradicted by the individual US state health spokespeople.  Finland and Russia at least deproclaimed the pandemic, since nothing has been seen of the disaster predicted for the Southern hemisphere’ past winter – today being the official first day of Spring- , nor for North America in this  October fall month.

Just count  the untold $billions in profits for the USA via the companies who control the FDA – and for governments  around  the world who conspire with the disinformation  and largesse promoted by the  Disease-Industry controlled FDA and EU and  WHO.

It should be noted that Tamiflu is distributed by the Swiss-USA-based  giant Hoffman La Roche; Relenza marketed by UK-USA  giant GSK; and swine flu vaccines are now being mass produced by archaic methods (in hens’ eggs, animal cell cultures)  by GSK , Baxter international (USA) and Novartis (Switzerland-USA)  – containing amongst others the feared neurotoxins mercury-thiomersal, squalene (and- who-knows-even aluminium?)  to be injected, not taken orally when they are likely harmlessly excreted.  Co-incidentally, it was a USA Baxter heparin batch that was found to be contaminated, and in early 2009 a Baxter seasonal flu vaccine  vaccine batch destined for the Czech Republic that was found there to have contamination by a deadly H5N1 strain. Not to mention the US Merck’s intended universal flu vaccine. ; and Merck’s and GSK’s notoriously controversial anti-cervix cancer vaccines which have   been associated with much death and illness in young girls after it too was made mandatory in many regions, despite lack of evidence of benefit in longterm RCTs.

Furthermore, wiki reports thatIn January 2009 the  USA awarded Swiss-based Novartis a $486 million contract for construction of the first US plant to produce cell-based influenza vaccine – to be located in North Carolina, aiming to produce  150,000,000 doses of pandemic vaccine within six months of declaring a flu pandemic”.

How’s that for strategic prophetic planning, 2 months ahead of the California-Mexico swine flu outbreak? .Some call it disease-mongering.

What an ‘unexpected’  windfall  the coincidence  of the outbreak of the American-Mexican swine flu epidemic 6 months ago has been for USA –  UK – European-based Disease Industry mega-corporations – all of which have at least one foot in USA-  and thus governments.

Is the outbreak and ensuing $billiondollar industry a fortuitous windfall? As the saying goes, success is not built on luck but on wise  planning.

So the jury will inevitably favour conspiracy theory until the Authorities involved produce the scientific evidence to justify the swine flu “pandemic” proclamation and the multi $billion antiviral drug and mandatory vaccine campaign against the still-awaited swine flu holocaust.

Why does it take the mind  back  to the 2003 USA Bush gang’s  decision  (that made their allied corporations  $billions, and made USA  the world’s biggest aggressor and debtor) to occupy  and destroy Iraq based on USA- ‘Intelligence”-fabricated  evidence that Iraq was a nuclear threat? and the world’s worst Great Depression ever  the past year as a result of Bush- Blair regimes’ conspiracy with the criminal  banking and stockbroking industry?


ANTIVIRALS FOR SWINE FLU?             cape town.

Twenty eight patients with swine flu virus resistant to the only apparently available oral antiviral , Tamiflu, were reported world wide by the WHO by 25 September.  Given that no countries can afford to screen for  flu in  even 1% of the thousands in every town  who have some symptoms of flu every day, the specific H1H1 swine flu  causes serious complications in apparently below 1 in 1000 cases, with mortality probably below 1 in 10 000 of those who contract it, considering that the virus has spread faster than an Australian or Californian  bushfire.

But given the pandemic nature of the outbreak, and the stockpiling of multimillion Tamiflu tablets, at a cost in South Africa of some US$30 per course, it is increasingly strange that no report has yet appeared of a randomized controlled trial of Tamiflu to show that, for it’s cost and especially adverse effects in children, it gives any significant protection for the rare life-threatening case. Its use is therefore purely speculative.

All it needs is to randomize double blind say 100 000 young people who complain of early flu to Tamiflu or identical placebo capsules- which would cost Roche pennies. We could have had the answer about Tamiflu’s benefits versus risks within weeks given the rate of spread. At a rate of swine flu infection of say 1: 1000, it should be proven within weeks whether swine flu has a proven infection rate of even 1:100, and of those who do get serious, of even 1:1000 serious complications- and thus whether Tamiflu is relevant at all in any type of flu.

Why was this Tamiflu trial not initiated by the CDC or WHO already in eg June, when the extent of the outbreak became obvious? It  seems that Roche and the CDC know there is no evidence to depend on Tamiflu- but the USA makes $billions in its sales.

Roche undertook 4 days ago at a Tamiflu marketing promotion to let me have the evidence… still waiting.  in fact, by 23 Oct,  a week after their rep made the commitment, I cant get an answer from Roche on Tamiflu either by phone or by email. Please watch this site for further announcements.

World Press in Iran claims that Tamiflu lowers mortality of   seasonal flu by 37% . But the current Medscape report on this study shows that this figure was anecdotal- not from a randomized controlled  trial but from comparison of patients treated by different teams without standardized prospective criteria and protocols  in two different Hong Kong  hospitals.

Yet the USA CDC – without such hard evidence- blandly continues to advocate Tamiflu use in suspected serious cases despite it’s common complication especially in small children. . And when by all accounts Tamiflu has to be taken within the first day or two of infection, when it is rarely yet apparent how serious the case will be. Their hilariously  contradictory advice means that Tamiflu must  be taken within 48 hours of onset in EVERY flu-like illness

Most serious of all, because of the lack of such a simple RCT, there is no evidence that Tamiflu may not do more harm than good in those at high risk – the young, the old and those with serious underlying systemic disease.

And even more serious, mortality of 61% occurred in the 431 known cases of  encephalitic H5N1  avian flu recently reported. The antiviral efficacy but poor clinical response (2/4 patients died) to Tamiflu in patients with H5N1 encephalitis does not augur well for Tamiflu benefit in serious swine flu H1N1 infection. And the continuous mutations of H5N1 has rendered vaccines pretty useless- again ill omen for swine flu. David Nabarro has been criticised for comparing the risk of avian flu to that of the genocidal AIDS in Africa. But at least AIDs has been converted with adequate nutrition and multiple antiretrovirals  from a disease lethal in about 7years to a chronic degenerative disease (like eg Diabetes) with a potential working lifespan of decades.

And at least the 3year Thai trial of new AIDs vaccines shows 26-31% reduction in new AIDs cases, without serious adverse effects- altho “Vaccination did not affect the degree of viremia or the CD4+ T-cell count in subjects in whom HIV-1 infection was subsequently diagnosed“. Thus, so far it is doing a lot more  than tamiflu or the swine flu,  or HPV cervix cancers vaccine (already with dozens of deaths reported soon after vaccination in apparently well young girls) are doing.

By all accounts, it would be far more effective against all infection , and perfectly safe, to take vitamin D3 – 2000iu/kg/day- for a few days (cost perhaps a few $)  with any suspected infection,  and then longterm 1000iu/kg weekly, together with daily a vigorous few grams supplement of vitamin C powder   (short of diarrhoea) and as snuff  twice daily;  and  daily 10 000iu betacarotene with zinc 20mg, some multivite – multimineral, some eg sutherlandia (cancerbush) and or colloidal silver, and a tsp of codliver oil or a gram of 80% fish oil concentrate,  as immune boost against all infections let alone most acute and chronic diseases.

The only caution with vitamin D is obviously to take reasonable fluids, and be wary in cases with kidney stones;  silent hypercalcemia in which vigorous dose vitamin D might cause problems is fortunately so rare as to make routine testing of vitamin D and calcium levels unnecessary, except obviously in the rare at-risk case with eg cancer or stones.

But such effective holistic prevention of all diseases of premature aging and death is anathema to the Disease industry and thus governments and Regulators, for whom Only Disease Pays.

We can only hope that evidence can immediately be produced to refute such skepticism, since use of Tamiflu (not to mention the now-available but longterm safety- and efficacy-unknown swine flu vaccine) instead of multisystem-protection supplements may  potentially result in much suffering and deaths, as happened with the shotgun Ronald Reagan-era  flu vaccine  that was never needed, but caused many deaths and paralysis from Guillaine-Barre syndrome. .

The harsh reality is that it is AIDS, H5N1 avian flu and multiresistant tuberculosis that is the pandemic threat- not swine flu with it’s rare bad risk.

So promoting massively expensive  unproven Tamiflu and universal  (swine flu  or HPV cervix cancer) vaccination as the USA is doing is immoral.  What is needed  for all  is  secure law and order, education, jobs, housing, clean power  water and  air,  and food, and fish oil and the appropriate supplements listed.

24  Oct :  see  update of 21 October for more revelations.


We have all lost relatives, friends, patients by  pulmonary embolism, let alone seen the devastating longterm effects of deep vein thrombosis.
The recent landmark trials – in USA( Womens’ Health Initiative),  and Oulu Finland-   showed that  (like metformin therapy), non-human ie xenohormone therapy eg premarin and prempro reduce all major longterm degenerative diseases  by between a third and half when given appropriately soon after menopause for up to 10 years – breast and  colon cancer,  diabetes, ischemic heart and brain disease, fractures, memory and visual loss, and breast-cancer- and all-cause -mortality.
Two major shortterm adverse effects of oral sexhormone therapy OHT – deep vein thrombosis and  gallstones- were  relatively rare. But worse, it is well proven that such OHT doubles the rate of  measurable postmenopausal fat gain and usually associated muscle loss.
A new study in France (Canonico et al) of hormone replacement therapy HRT,   in 80 000 postmenopausal women PMW over 10 years, shows that oral estrogen therapy OET and commonly used progestins, eg premarin/ prempro,  doubles the risk of deep vein thrombosis compared to non-users.  The overall risk of deep vein thrombosis was only about 0.07% per year or 7cases per 1000 women over 10 years.  But there was no significant association with transdermal estrogen, progesterone, pregnanes, and nortestosterone.
As this column has regularly reviewed, this French study thus again confirms that it is negligent, immoral  to expose women even shortterm to the risks of hugely marketed OHT- especially with non-human ie xenohormones-  when  appropriate balanced physiological non-oral human hormones via the skin/mucosa, although more costly,  give only major benefit, adding years to health and life.


We reviewed  metformin-as-primary-prevention-of-obesity-diabetes-and-the-other-major-common-degenerative-diseases-of-aging on 3  March 2008, and have regularly posted updates on why it should be used preventitively instead of waiting perversely and negligently  till  so much damage is done that  diabetes – or its myriad complications-  finally present clinically..

Now a coalition in Atlanta Georgia has published a detailed evaluation of why at least 24 million Americans with prediabetes by strict criteria should be on preventative metformin.  And that 1 adult in 12 is  only the tip of the iceberg of people at risk, the over 50% who are now at risk overweight (BMI > 25kg/sqm) let alone obese (BMI > 27kg), if they dont already have either raised bloodpressure, lipidemia, vascular disease,  raised fasting glucose/ insulin or impaired glucose tolerance ie bloodsugar after a meal, peipheral neuropathy, cancer etc as a consequence of prediabetes toxicity….

In UK a new study indicates that prediabetes increases the risk of developing diabetes 12 fold. And diabetes increases all major risks including vascular, cancer, memory, infective at least 4 fold ie wastes  many years of life and health, at incalculably high cost in both money and suffering.

Since as this column has regularly reviewed, metformin is the only drug proven in 20year randomized controlled trial (UKPDS) in new older diabetics  to reduce all-cause morbidity and deaths  by a third, and in 4 major prevention trials (China, USA, India, Greece) to reduce new diabetes by between 30% and 80%- without the slightest increase in serious risks –  it has long been clear that it is negligent not to prescribe it with appropriate instruction about dose titration from the outset, (and with other appropriate supplements- fish oil, vitamins, minerals, and other natural biologicals -like appropriate HRT and  CoQ10, carnitine etc, and herbs) –  to reduce all complications and motivate, energize  the patient  better to comply with diet and lifestyle advice.  .

So the  paper  by Rhee, Phillips et al in Atlanta  is a landmark study of the century in  confirming the four major diabetes prevention studies so far with metformin on 4 continents (China then USA then India then Greece) , and calculating and showing the mega-benefit reduction in future disease burden  that prediabetic prescription of metformin will bring to fattening mankind from toddlers to seniors, not just to (pre)diabetics and the relative minority of  pre- and reproductive-age females with pre- and   PCOS and gestational (pre)diabetes.

But as we reviewed just a week ago,  despite the platinum-level evidence making the prediabetic prescription of metformin  mandatory, the corporate vested interests of the Disease and Drug Industries against preventitive use of metformin are massive- and generally trump all sense and evidence, the reason why we have been repeatedly harassed and threatened for daring to do the obvious- prescribe the best-tested-ever natural drug appropriately and early to empower weak-willed humans  to stop the tsunami of inevitable fattening.

Vested interest  by Industry -Big Money-  is precisely the same reason that the FDA perversely ignores all evidence and sense in again endorsing  unproven dangerous – and totally unnecessary –  substances  to continue being inflicted on  patients:

eg the FDA’s recent classification of neurotoxic   mercury dental amalgams as harmless despite damning  scientific evidence and advice to the contrary;

and mandatory vaccination with totally unproven and unjustified mercury/aluminium  vaccines against swine flu and  HSV cervix cancer; which mimics like the NHS in Britain then ape. ..