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Joey Basson writes January 28, 2010

I used Primogyn Depot for about 20 years, but I believe it has been discontinued in South Africa. I am now really struggling to find something that really works for me.

The injection was perfect. Do you have any suggestions?

reply: Hi Joey,


Now the only way we are going to get such injections back in RSA is if there is enough interest to fight through the red tape to import from overseas. But South African administration is now so degenerate   under the corrupt  Zumas that it takes 2 years to get desperately needed doctors and sisters registered here – and who cares about appropriate HRT for the aging? Certainly not the notorious “doctor” or “Rev”  Zumas since they dont give a fig for evidence or human -especially  the poor and womens’-  rights..

if you live too far away, we can do a personal consult by email+- phone +- skype – via the necessary questionnaire by email- for you to discuss and implement with your local GP.

see numerous updates the past year at

22 March 2009

An update review by Barry Wren from an Australian Menopause Clinic again debunks the myth that appropriate HRT in postmenopausal women PMW increases the risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular  disease CVD and thrombosis. It  stresses that “benefits of HRT include  less:  symptoms of menopause;  osteoporotic fractures,  ischaemia and cardiovascular-related death, forgetfulness, dementia and colorectal cancer; and  improved well-being, quality of life,  vagina, sexual enjoyment and bladder capacity,  with increased longevity. Oral  OHT doubles the risk of thromboembolism”. But on it’s own  in the young women in the Womens’ Health Initiative, oral equine estrogen (premarin)  reduced all major risks even new breast cancers and death from breast cancer.

As we hear regularly in women who have unwisely followed hysterical advice to stop HT,  stopping appropriate HT leads to fairly rapid loss of many of the above benefits. It has been  obvious for a century if not millennia   that permanent appropriate Human Hormone Replacement HRT of any of the dozens of our hormones that run out   is  (like a complete supplement of all the vitamins, minerals and the biologicals other than HRT)  prudent if not essential.

But we have to understand the reasons, risks and different regimes available. Nobody may prescribe or administer any sex HT Hormone Therapy without the necessary up-to-date training and experience, ensuring that the patient is having the necessary periodic examinations to ensure both safety and that the SHRT is appropriate. So patients must not self-treat with over-the-counter  supplements.

But only doctors and pharmacists who have costly current dispensing licenses may dispense and compound any hormone creams. And oral HT including phyto/plant hormones are  under suspicion of promoting cancer long term, let alone hepatic first pass effects like thrombosis and gallstones, and fluid retention oedema and hypertension (Genazzani ea 2008) .

INJECTION: tiny safe self-injection of combined hormone subcutaneously  (like insulin) is easy every one to three weeks, as most men use for HRT.  Monthly injection of depot preparations that last about three weeks  is not advised for anyone, especially not women with a womb as they are liable to have break-through periods. But unlike men, many women prefer to use hormone creams daily. The Depot hormone injections have climbed in price – what is now available averages about R75 per month. BUT (unless she gets the injection from her doctor regularly & proportionately every 1 to 3 weeks), women have to lay out about R1000 for self-injection (since  pharmacists will not likely  split a multi-vial or a set of three vials).

Provided that they ensure that they are appropriately trained in such therapy, all doctors are licensed to give periodic chronic injections – which should always be exclusively by tiny subcutaneous injection to avoid the notorious ie potentially crippling complications of intramuscular injections. But if nothing else is required, doctors are entitled to charge about R100 fee for the responsibility of an injection visit. Like insulin, patients easily learn to give it themselves- for men about 160mg depot-testosterone every 2wks (as opposed to 1gm testosterone undecanoate Nebido every 3 months- or about 1/10th of the male dose for women deficient in testosterone).

Synthetic ie xenohormones – those not normally produced by humans- eg progestins, ethinylestradiol-  may be invaluable (although by no means essential)  for birth control; but should not be used for PMW, especially not orally.

USING CREAMS: it is indeed best for women to (initially) juggle the balance of the three hormones  (all of which are made to the highest standard in South Africa)  until you have determined what ratio and quantity suits you best.

For the slim small older woman who needs both hot flash control and energizing, memory, ache relief:  the first priority is to control hot flashes, skin & hair without arousing breast and womb discomfort:

so try the 0.25% Bies(trogen) (E2 + E3- usually 1:4 ratio)  initially 1/2 ml scoop 1 – 2 x/day with the progesterone 3% cream initially just ¼ to 1/3 ml scoop a day ie 4 to 1 or 3:1 . This is ideally rubbed into the face as makeup- or if you like, dilute them in simple aqueous cream. Increase the combined dose to double if necessary to get control of the flashes – but the higher the Biest dose, the higher the risk of waking the breasts and womb, or getting thrombosis and ankle swelling.

And (unless your androgen level is still high) use just enough Testosterone cream 0.5% eg 1/2 to 1 scoop once (or twice) a day – below the waist ie vaginally or between the thighs or on the soft sole of the foot – to energize, improve alertness, libido, muscle and bone strength. Supplementing estrogen and progesterone alone may suppress necessary androgen.

In the bigger plump younger woman, who desires memory, energy, fat loss and libido rather than hot flash and skin improvement, using testosterone below the waist and progesterone on the face in the above gradually increasing doses often suffices, without the fattening and breast-womb arousing risks of extra estrogen. Such women often make enough estrogen from testosterone and in their excess fat stores.

But once the average women is well past 60yrs, low-dose estrogen often becomes advisable anyway for balance.

Old women benefit from and tolerate perhaps 1/6th to 1/10th the doses of appropriate balanced  human sex hormones of younger women.

THE THREE PRIME HUMAN SEX HORMONES: there are no risks from any appropriate HRT, only risks from avoiding it. Progesterone alone lacks some of the benefits of testosterone and estrogen eg on muscle- bone and hearing. Of the three hormone types, only androgen protects and improves muscle mass and strength. Testosterone excess (hairy face, acne, anger, clitoris growth, husky voice) is easily avoided with sensible balanced dose adjustment. Progesterone and testosterone have major benefits that estrogen may lack eg on hyperimmunity and inner hostility- issues that may not concern the gyne surgeon.

(Bi)Estrogen excess-  especially if used  alone-  does the reverse (of testosterone): promotes endometriosis and breast activation; excess actually weakens muscle eg bladder leak by melting collagen; it fattens; has little benefit directly on depression (although it does reduce dryness and pain); may promote thrombosis since unlike testosterone it does not diminish clotting; and may promote anxiety, hostility- this is why progesterone cream is often the best for monthly PMS and for perimenopausal anxiety (against the raging hostility from estrogen swings).

Above all else, remember that estrogen stimulates both breasts and womb- so estrogen must always be balanced by enough progesterone and(/or) testosterone. And if the hormones are allowed to run out by widening the gap between injections beyond two weeks, or between cream doses by more than two days, vaginal bleeding likely will occur.

The initial outlay cost of the three different hormone creams is up to R500 retail- you find out for yourself how long each tub lasts; as opposed to having an experienced pharmacy eg the manufacturing AntiAging pharmacy in Gauteng  compound ie mix what you want in one or two tubs that will last a few months. Try your local pharmacy – but finding one with experience is difficult.

PREVENTION? OR WAITING FOR DISEASE FROM NEGLECT TO CRIPPLE YOU? Many  gynecologists (like urologists) are primarily surgeons concerned with reproduction, menstrual, pelvic and cancer problems, and treat the menopause years often with fattening hormone pills (HT- which have more risks) and surgery..  They do not have to deal with the much wider irreversible medical problems of old age (obesity-diabetic, insulin resistance, lipidemia, vascular, immune, fracturing, arthritic, visual and hearing loss,  depression, and dementias – and no least, common sudden premature death)# – which are largely AVOIDABLE with appropriate natural supplements from the beginning, including balanced non-oral human sex hormones. As a BBC news report this month  says, memory (ie cellular) deterioration  begins on average  before age thirty.

It is not the gynecologist, but patients  and Family/ general practitioners GPs and specialist physicians including endocrinologists and geriatricians who have to deal long term and medically (not surgically)  with these easily preventable crippling killer diseases..  Surgery cannot address the basic pathogenic cause of chronic degenerative disease.

The discomfort and fattening of the 5-10 MENOPAUSE years is a concern for all doctors – and the earlier the menopause (whether natural or surgical), the more important it is to start appropriate simple balanced non-oral HRT and other effective medical prevention of fattening and diabetes eg other insulin sensitizers like metformin. Avoiding the late postmenopausal  silent killer degenerative diseases of aging (# above) is crucial  essential duty of doctors – but mostly of patients themselves,  since- obstetrics and trauma  aside-  most doctors earn more by disease than by prevention..


What evidence is there that higher Testosterone Levels in Women CAUSE Obesity, I.R., Metabolic Syndrome, CVD or Cancer?

A new paper (Patel 2009) says   Early postmenopausal women with higher testosterone (T) levels have increased insulin resistance (IR) and cardiovascular disease CVD  risk factors; so  to test whether higher T levels  associate with IR, the metabolic syndrome (MetSyn), and coronary heart disease (CHD) , ie whether this translates into increased CVD later in elderly women,    ultrasensitive testosterone T  assays were used  in 344 women aged 65–98 yr enrolled in the Cardiovascular Health Study CVH,  with cross-sectional analyses..   They found a stepwise increase in  IR with increasing total (P = 0.0.003) and free T (P = 0.02) level. In adjusted models, higher levels of both total and free T  strongly associated with abdominal obesity and high fasting glucose, the two MetSyn components most strongly linked to IR. After adjustment, free T was NOT significantly associated with MetSyn or CHD.

This CVH study was in 5201 folks from 65-101yrs  ie mean age ~72yrs . They  were overweight – mean waist 93cm, BMI 26kg., +- 25% with metabolic syndrome.

What clinical relevance  does this crossectional observational study have  in management of postmenopausal women PMW?  Observational studies say nothing about cause and effect.

The alarming finding from   that CVH  study is that the more frequent the use of aspirin  , the higher the rate in women of ischemic stroke (O.R 1.6) but especially hemorrhagic stroke (O.R 4.0) . SO ELDERLY  WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE PRESCRIBED ASPIRIN-   stick to fish oil and EDTA.

We have known for   decades that increasing obesity  in women  associates  with increasing estrogen (from fat) and testosterone (from ovaries). – as in PCOS, as in PMW, the only effective endogenous defence mechanism women can mount against increasing obesity (and thus insulin resistance, prediabetes)  is to increase luteal testosterone output -ie it requires ovaries..

But the overwhelming positive spinoff from CVH is  that the higher the anabolic hormone (testosterone and  vit D) levels ,  the greater their strength and  ( 2/3)  reduction in falls– with the extra vitamin D3 further reversing obesity. Falls  are the greatest risk factor for fractures. .

OVARIAN CANCER? A year ago a Queensland group (Olsen ea) found that Women who had ever used testosterone supplements had a a 3.7fold  increased risk of ovarian cancer;” but they make no claim about cause and effect. In 1591 cases with ovarian malignancy they found only 11 who gave a history of testosterone use, compared to 4 of 1501 controls who had used testosterone, but they gave no breakdown on how many used physiological ie safe  parenteral balanced  physiological testosterone as opposed to unphysiological ie risky exposure. As they concludeIn summary, we found no consistent evidence for a role of androgens in the aetiology of ovarian cancer, overall or by subtype, and thus our findings do not support the hypothesis that androgen-related disorders increase the risk of ovarian cancer.”

As opposed to virilizing ovarian tumours which secrete excess testosterone, the rarity of testosterone causing ovarian cancer is illustrated by there being only 3 cases reported of  ovarian cancer in a female-to-male transsexual treated with male dose testosterone (Dizon  2006, Hage ea 2000.) despite the increasing use of testosterone for such gender change let alone for female androgen insufficiency in women with ovaries. However, Louis Gooren’s group did describe in 1991  PCOS-changes in the ovaries removed at hysterectomy after a mean of 21 months of testosterone therapy in 12 of  17  female to male transsexuals. Unsurprisingly, no cases have been reported of women athletes developing ovarian cancer after years of testosterone abuse – presumably such reports were suppressed in the Eastern Block countries where such ruthless  practice was rife.

.Despite the fact that  obesity is  now endemic, associated with numerous diseases, especially vascular disease,  diabetes and  cancer, and that PCOS is by far the commonest associate of female hyperandrogenism, there is no evidence that PCOS ie  spontaneous hyperandrogenism is associated with increase in any cancer.  This suggests that moderate hyperandrogenism in women  is indeed protective against cancer since it mitigates the cancerogenic effect of obesity and diabetes.

2 years ago Braunstein from the Cedars-Sinai reported “a significant relationship  between total and free T and the presence of coronary artery disease after adjustment for the effect of E2“.  Similarly, no evidence is adduced for cause and effect. Observed subjects were very high  risk-  mean age 65yrs, obese (mean BMI 30kg),  70% on aspirin, and half had had hysterectomy.  As they conclude “One potential problem with the current study is that the results were obtained in a highly selected group of women undergoing coronary angiography for suspected ischemia and who had a high CAD risk factor burden, raising the possibility that these findings may not be relevant to broader groups of women.”

No studies and no clinics on any continent  have ever reported link  between balanced physiological parenteral depot testosterone (up to ~10mg/week) – depot estradiol  replacement  (up to ~1mg/week) and increase in any cancer  or IR, Met Synd, and CVD  on  balanced  T replacement  in women with relative T/E   deficiency.  The same goes for the use of appropriate parenteral physiological testosterone replacement in men with testosterone deficiency. .

So thus  far there is no evidence  that the natural higher serum T concentrations within the range found  in younger or older women (up to ~6nmol/L) CAUSE overweight/ obesity Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, cardiovascular disease or cancer. This is not surprising since our experience bears out the extrapolation to women from the data of Nieschlag and Behre (1991 et seq)  that testosterone level after the proportionate  depotestosterone cypionate or enanthate  ~10mg dose sc/ week will average around 2.4nmol/L .

6 months ago this column reported  Bahani  ea’s  Surrey University open study showing  that in gestational diabetes GDM,  with metformin up to 2500mg/day, “Neonatal morbidity was improved in the metformin group p<0.01:  prematurity (0 vs. 10%), neonatal jaundice (8 vs. 30% ) and admission to neonatal unit (6 vs. 19%)”; and   “It is just a year since Glueck ea in Cincinnati showed that adding metformin to tolerance to sensible diet in women with PCOS  before conception greatly improved both conception rate, successful pregnancy and lowered gestational diabetes rate from 30% to 12%.”
Now the third RCT of metformin in GDM has just been reported, bringing to 963 the number of diabetic pregnancies treated prospectively in randomized controlled trials RCTs of metformin vs other antidiabetics.
METFORMIN vs INSULIN: In 2007 Rowan ea from New Zealand reported 751 GDM cases treated in an open prospective randomized controlled trial RCT  from a mean of 30weeks pregnancy and a mean BMI  of 32kg  with a median of 2500mg metformin a day OR insulin. Maternal or foetal complication outcomes were identical 32% on the two drugs.  More women stated  they would choose to receive metformin treatment again (76.6% vs. insulin 27%, P<0.001). Only 46% of the women allocated initially to metformin eventually required also some insulin”.       And Lisa Moore ea at the University New Mexico similarly randomized 63 pregnant women with GD to metformin or insulin ; ” metformin appears to be an effective alternative to insulin in the treatment of GDM”.

METFORMIN vs GLYBURIDE: Now the same Lisa Moore Albuquerque team reports similar RCT comparison of metformin with glyburide in 149 GDM  cases with BMI about 32kg, height about 1.585m  treated from about week 28 with 500mg up to 2000mg metformin  or glyburide. They found that “In the patients who achieved adequate glycemic control, the mean fasting and 2-hour postprandial blood glucose levels were not statistically different between the two groups. However, 26 patients in the metformin group (34.7%) and 12 patients in the glyburide group (16.2%) did not achieve adequate glycemic control and required insulin therapy (P=.01).
However,  with hindsight  in the 2nd Moore trial,  the starting dose of metformin was too high- 500mg/d- so that one patient fell out of the trial immediately because of intolerance to metformin (25% fell out of the USA DPP trial early  for similar reason) ; and  the ceiling dose of metformin was only 2000mg/d, when renal clearance- glomerular filtration rate- is increased  about 50% in pregnancy, and tolerance of metformin may be genetically so good that some tolerate 3g/day well.
If these physiological principles are followed as we normally do in practice- where the median dose of metformin is 2500mg/d as used in the far bigger New Zealand trial, then the results on metformin compared to glyburide may be expected to be  much better. One of the many problems of pregnancy is constipation which again will improve metformin tolerance in this regard.
Charles Glueck’s team in Cincinnatti has shown in  many studies (2002 et seq) the past decade how metformin 2550mg/day reverses the weight gain preceding metabolic syndrome, and reverses the infertility of PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome to the extent that it almost eliminates gestational diabetes and normalizes fertility, conception, pregnancy success and outcomes in such women and their infants .
These facts confirm why the centuries-old antidiabetic galega officinalis  derivative dimethylguanidine metformin (1922) is the best chronic multisystemic- beneficial drug ever discovered, like so many other natural drugs like  marine omega3,  hormones, the ~16  (co)vitamins including coQ10,  minerals including lithium,  other human biologicals like arginine carnitine Nacetylcysteine alphalipoic acid and carnosine, and plant (extracts)  like reserpine, huperzine A , garlic, stevia and catsclaw,   are  better chronic preventative drugs than every single designer synthetic chronic drug developed by modern science.
It is now inexcusable, unethical to delay initiating, at any age from children to the old, permanent metformin  slowly up  to comfortable tolerance in anyone who cannot with reasonable diet and lifestyle prevent increasing overweight or waist girth, let alone with prediabetes, diabetes of either type, gestational diabetes, PCOS, or cancer.
12 Jan 2009: Dr Charles Glueck from frozen Cincinnati sums it up: “The crucial issue here is dose. Our data suggests that optimum outcomes come with 2.5 g, with subjects slowly titrated up to that dose. There is also a very big difference between treatment of already established GD, when the pancreatic insulin reserve is already overwhelmed, and PREVENTING GD by reducing insulin resistance. Metformin may well be a better drug in prevention of GD than in treatment, but without optimal dosing, the question of treatment remains unresolved. We are looking into a RCT of this issue”. CJG


 Since we were all once afflicted by Acute Otitis Media AOM, or have children in our extended fanilies prone to it, a review is timely.

A recent trial of antibiotics in high-risk Australian Aboriginal  children with AOM is frightening in showig 50% failure rate compared to >90% cure rate in 8 previous comparable published trials about a decade earlier in Turkish, South African, French but especially American kids. Possibly the worse Australian result is because they were deprived kids from the outback, or that they were followedf or only 7 days whereas the earlier studies were mostly 30day cure rates.

But Wikipedia stresses the obvious, that the cause of AOM is mostly viral, and >80% will settle without antibiotics, ie antibiotics will appear to help only about half. So it is unclear what is the relevance for kids in other locales of such a trial in a high-risk minority Australian population.

The treatment of such acute upper respiratory infection should usually be based on prevention- for the sensitive, minimizing exposure to dairy and wheat products , pets, dust and pollen; chronic immune boosters regularly like fish oil 800mg omega3/d; buffered oral vit C to tolerance; vits b-carotene eg 100iu/kg/d plus zinc eg 0.4mg/kg/d plus vitamin D3 perhaps 100iu/kg/day; sniffing/spraying vitamin C powder up the nostrils twice a day; and a moderate dose of mucolytic eg acetylcysteine plus guai;

and for acute attacks, perhaps quadruple the mucolytics, plus 10fold higher vitamin D3 for a few days plus vit C increased to tolerance, plus oral colloidal silver plus steaming; and some probiotic. Vitamin C is usually tolerated at far higher dose during illness before the diarrhoea threshold is reached- the body seems to absorb and utilize far more.

However in litigious America with antibiotic-promoting Big Pharma, and compensation-mongering legal vultures, and resistant microorganisms,  all proliferating like plague, an American viewpoint has to be heeded as in emedicine, that a judicious short sharp antibiotic policy may be  justifiable self-defense prescription; rather than the doctor being  accused of antibiotic omission in the perhaps 10 to 20% of new AOM cases that do not resolve without antibiotics.


while for South African vehicle drivers the chances of dying are vastly higher from violence than from flying as a passenger,

 frequent flyers- whether passengers or crew – should beware of X-radiation ie cancer risk from lightning (1)  (2) – let alone airsickness, timezone problems, fractures from turbulence, deep vein thrombosis from prolonged sitting, stress hypertension/stroke/ heart attacks / arrhythmia/ asthma and diabetes,  and respiratory  problems from aircon irritation and airborne infection.

Prevention is by taking simple preventatives regularly not just when flying:

You frequent flyers – even more so than average citizens- should make sure you are taking plenty of natural supplements:

 *iodine                             *vitamin D

*selenium.                        *melatonin                       *fish oil.                             

*other antioxidants and insulin sensitizers- ie antidiabetic antiobesity supplements.

 While anti-thrombosis immune-boosting fish oil is easiest taken as 2 gram caps a day of concentrated ie 80% omega 3 fish oil,

and immune-and sleep-boosting melatonin powder at bedtime with the dose titrated to what suits you- be it 0.1 or 10mg ,

and enhanced vitamin C powder (buffered with bioflavinoid) both as snuff and orally titrated to your tolerance –

 the other supplements are available as a single powder blend drunk onece or twice a day- to which is easily added extra iron for menstruating/ pregnant women or chronic bleeders. .

 But remember that with ever-tightening airline security, it is wise to leave your powders in your baggage in the hold, take only pre-packaged ie blisterpack pills/ oil capsules or clearly prepackaged liquid medicines with you into the cabin, to avoid having ptentially suspicious powders/liquids confiscated by security officials before you board.

Just another year of Health Censorship, Government-Big Pharma criminality.

hats off to Mike Adams the Health Ranger for a run-down on 2009 – a record  year of USA-government  led health censorship and Big Pharma crimes in many countries notably also  UK and Europe. But national authorities who played the pandemic and vaccine and Tamiflu  cards without evidence  remain silent  as the farce is exposed.

Sweden actually banned media reporting of vaccine-associated deaths  and miscarriages at a time when vaccine-associated deaths -5- exceeded those even vaguely attributable to the swine flu – despite the fact that GSK soon had to withdraw hundreds of thousands of the same vaccine in Canada due to similar serious reactions. And politicians may try to legislate blanket indemnity for themselves and their paymasters in Big Pharma, but no independent higher court will support this when it blows up in their faces- Big Pharma, and the politicians/administrators/”experts” responsible, will be held personally liable for damages for their criminal deliberate breach of common sense about requiring proper clinical trials before releasing such unsubstantiated rubbish. Group conspiracy is no defense.

Apart from the numerous issues Adams focusses on in his NaturalNews column,

this HealthSpanLife column has  this year spotlighted the dangerous Big Pharma overpromotion for profit and ill-health of the biggest- and risky-  modern and mostly unnecessary money-spinners for chronic disease apart from vaccines:

oral antidiabetics;  strontium ranelate and bisphosphonates against osteoporosis; 


antihypertensives; antidementia,


antithrombotic and

anti-imflammatory drugs ;

and black cohosh.

By year’s end, no evidence has been produced to refute our conbined accusations of conspiracy fraud against the US Government- the FDA- and global Big Pharma for disease-mongering  and promotion of unproven new drugs at all cost for profiteering.

The irony is that as AIDS denialism has passed in South Africa with the demise of  the  infamous Mbeki-Manto-Zuma  delusions, the local population   is being decimated by the apocolyptic  plagues of the ANC Mbeki-Zuma era – violence, poverty,  demolition of state school and nursing  education and the SA Police and Justice Departments,   joblessness, civil service and corporate corruption,  starvation, obesity, alcoholism, smoking, hard drugs, AIDS, tuberculosis and cholera. At least AIDS sufferers begin  to see the roll-out of antiretrovirals. These – a giant profit for Big Pharma-  have turned AIDS from a 7-year death sentence to a lifelong manageable  degenerative disease like diabetes.

Another irony is that Zimbabwe flourished for the first 20 years from 1980  under under the highly educated teacher Mugabe’s  brutal genocidal rule- he massacred his political opposition, but left alone  the good education, health and food (white-led farms employing and feeding millions)  that he inherited. Then from the year 2000- when he saw how the ANC’s  national sabotage was being ignored by the world  as the Nbeki-Zuma- Manuel-Asmal  leadership  ignored the constitution and immediately – from the mid- 90s- set abo systenatically  pillaging – selling off-  national assetts to enrich their buddies and make the poor poorer, with destruction of the education, health, nursing, home affairs, energy, forrestry. army and police services- Mugabe’s gang realized they could do the same- and in so doing, turned Zimbabwe from an educated land of plenty and food exports to a terrorized basketcase from which probably half the sizicens have fled as refugees- fled from ongoing government brutality starvation and plagues. Throughout this time- while formerly Mugage had housed and financed the ANC to fight the war against South African apartheid- the Mbeki-Zuma government has till this day done nothing but support Mugabe and his jackbooted brutal regime – despite his destroying the Zimbabwe economy and food supply- with praise and massive taxpayers’ handouts.

And this as the vaccine-autism  link ( Andrew Wakefield trial) at the GMC grinds to it’s 7th year and apparent verdict  next week. Irony indeed as the scandal over the US govt -big pharma coverup on fraudulent if not dangerous  flu vaccines and antiflu drugs the past 35 years comes to a head. It is over 2 months since we personally asked the local Roche representative to supply clinical trial evidence to justify Tamiflu- naturally they have not supplied any because there is none. The same goes for the “swine flu vaccines”.  And the  cervix cancer vaccines.