ABOUT FATS & CHOLESTEROL: Most nutrients – sugars, proteins and micronutrients-  are water-soluble:
Water abounds -we are ~30% to 75% water depending on how fat we are;
and water-soluble vitamins, minerals,  sugars, proteins and other nutrients abound  in our food chain.
It is common cause that the water-soluble vitamins – (the nine  vitamins B plus vitamin  C)- give enormous  extra multisystem protection in safe megadose supplement. These are ubiquitous if often inadequate for modern pollution, stress and epidemics  in the average  urban (or rural poor) raw and even in the lightly cooked produce/  food-chain we eat.

FATs include both the solid and the liquid form; but “fat”  – ie (semi)solid at body  temperature- is ubiquitous in human diet; once cooked, animal or vegetable or dairy , its all the same saturated sludge. Except in milk, fat is solid in animals and produce, as anyone who has had a deep cut knows- it doesn’t run out!

Expressed uncooked plant oils ie liquid at room temperature, or as the natural vegetables,  are much better  for health than cooked or animal fats,    But  they are largely omega 6 / 9 (like the omega 6 arachidonic acid in meat); and if indeed plant oils provide  omega 3, it is    ALA- alpha-linolenic acid  , not the crucial essential marine omega 3  eicosapentanoic EPA/ docahexanoic acid DHA – to which ALA is poorly converted by humans..
As opposed to oil,  FATS in humans appear to serve only a few purposes: energy storage for times of starvation; insulation against cold and falls; and synthesis of eg estrone and leptin. But the higher the fat stores, the greater the risk – eg vascular sludging (ie grime), cancer, inflammation, and trauma to weightbearing joints eg the spine, hips, knees etc.
In temperate climates, human adults carry  ideally at most 13 – 15% fat (except for women wanting to fall pregnant, when about 20-25% fat is optimal – Beth Frisch’s  hypothesis).
OIL on the other hand  is essential for lubrication in both engines and animals- and with the oil-soluble micronutrients  especially the EPA-DHA and the sex hormones – for  supple skin, mucosa (eyes, mouth, vagina), joints muscles ligaments and tendons, brain and heart . But many choose to ignore this crucial deficiency  in aging people, and instead prescribe toxic designer  “anti-inflammatory” drugs, or omega 6.
List of essential nutrients :- Wikipedia gives a useful list of the traditional dozens of essential nutrients : but this list includes many which are adequate in a prudent diet.
But the growing “news”  is on the rediscovery of the crucial protective role of appropriate  fat-soluble supplements for prevalent diseases – stress, pollution and aging eg the marine omega3 EPA and DHA;  fish oil; coQ10,  vitamin K,  and the steroids vitamin D, testosterone, progesterone and estrogens;    as opposed to the water-soluble crucial micronutrients eg arginine, carnitine, coQ10, ribose, N acetyl cysteine; glucosamine-chondroitin; lutein-zeaxanthine, essential minerals etc.
FAT SOLUBLE MICRONUTRIENTS however, are far fewer than water-soluble micronutrients, and thus have even more important diversity and potential deficiencies since our primary physical anatomy is the fatty cell membranes, and our fatty mammalian nervous systems (about 8% fat, 80% water, 10% protein):
CHOLESTEROL is obviously the crucial basic building block for cell membranes, and steroids – which we lower too far (with eg starvation or  statins) at our grave peril.  Cholesterol–  the principal sterol synthesized by animals-  is an essential component of mammalian cell membranes to establish proper membrane permeability and fluidity.  Minimum levels of cholesterol are essential for life.  Cholesterol may act as an antioxidant, in the manufacture of bile and helps digest fat, important for the metabolism of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K., and is the major precursor of the various steroid hormones (which include cortisol and aldosterone, and the sex hormones progesterone,  estrogens, testosterone). It also covers nerves in the form of myelin, to conduct nerve impulses.    Recently, cholesterol has also been implicated in cell signaling processes. But since the liver makes about 1gm cholesterol a day, it is not essential in the diet.

1. FISH OIL– perhaps the most important supplement there is-  as the till-now unique and only source of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, is discussed at length.
Along with nuclear fallout), we  WW2 & baby boomer generations got plenty of fish oil as kids  – in breast milk; as cod liver oil in malt; or  provided fish was lightly cooked, or raw- sushi or eg pickled (not cooked) herring (not fried). And of course there were plenty of oily fish around- sardines, anchovies, pilchards, mackerel, tuna, salmon, cod. But these are now increasingly scarce, or polluted whether wild or farmed. We now rarely find even canned pilchards or salmon with the fish oil left in the cans- it is usually run off and replaced by harmful saline or plant oil. And northern hemisphere fish is increasingly contaminated by heavy metals let alone synthetic xenoestrogenics  like dioxin, PCBs, insecticides etc which are rapidly sterilizing the planet (look at the 90% fall in the bee population in N America- no bees, no cross-pollination, no flowers, no plant produce). .
So we now all need to take fish oil to get our essential minimum 800mg EPA+DHA a day.
A popular myth is heavy metal contamination of fish oil. But  toxic heavy metals are water-soluble and bind heavily to proteins, so there are none in clean commercial fish oils. see 1, 2 – which are indeed  rigorously controlled for deadly industrial  solutes like PCBs, DDT, dioxin.

In Alzheimer’s disease, the latest research affirms the likely protective role  especially for  the elderly of early and permanent fish oil supplement ie DHA; and the harm of supplementing plant oil ie excessive arachidonic acid.


2.1 VITAMINS A- CAROTENOIDS– the provitamin A beta-carotene β,β-carotene  – is crucial in supporting skin, vision,  memory, and immunity against infections eg viral. Patients with acne have been shown to have low blood levels of vtamin E and especially vitamin A. Beta-carotene is composed of two retinyl groups, and is broken down in the mucosa of the small intestine  to retinal, a form of vitamin A.. so supplementing b-carotene provides us with vitamin A as we require it.
There is apparently no toxic dose of bcarotene C40H56, but prudence- if only to avoid yellow skin- is not to much exceed 15000iu/day;   whereas excessive vitamin A –retinol  C20H30O-  dose increases incidence of some cancers eg in smokers.
No trial has been published comparing head-on the patented (vitamin A- modified)  oral designer drug isotretinoin Roaccutane C20H28O2  with combination of the skin nutrients: beta carotene C40H56  plus vitamins B C D E plus fish oil and zinc. Since most of the latter have proven major anticancer, antiviral, cardiovascular and antidiabetic as well as (like betacarotene) antiinfective, skin and memory benefits, there is no comparative evidence to justify except as last resort  the use of toxic isotretinoin for cystic acne, especially not in children.

The careteinoids C40H56O2 lutein and it’s isomer  zeaxanthine are crucial in protection against visual loss- macular degeneration- and Alzheimer’s disease.

2.2 VITAMIN D There is a flood of new research  papers recently  on the importance of vigorous (not traditional 400iu/d) vitamin D supplement   against  all major acute and chronic diseases including infections.
It becomes clear that we optimally need vit D  bloodlevels of ~80-120nmol/L, ie  5000iu to 10 000 iu/d rather than 400-800 iu/d,  just as men and women  need testosterone .
There are now well over fifty conditions associated with suboptimal vitamin D levels. (adapted from Dr Joe Mercola) :

dermatoses: eczema; acne,  Psoriasis ,lupus. Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s disease Diabetes 1 and 2 Muscle pain

IgA nephritis

Asthma Hearing loss Obesity
athleticism impaired Heart disease osteoporosis
Autism Hypertension Parkinson’s
cancer* hyperactivty learning disorder, ADHD Periodontal disease, cavities
chronic fatigue infertility  miscarriage prematurity pre-eclampsia prostatism, BOO
infections; Septicemia Insomnia Rheumatoid- & osteo-arthritis,SLE
Crohn’s disease learning disorder schizophrenia
Cystic fibrosis; COPD Macular degeneration; myopia seizures
Depression Migraines thrombosis

*cancers of  breast, colon ovary kidney and endometrium occur much less in sunny places in the world.

One cannot  find a major acute, or  chronic, youthful  or degenerative  aging, disease not on this list;     and only fish oil may have wider benefits.   Even age-related lung function decline has strong inverse relationship with baseline vitamin D level; which is not surprising considering how osteoporotic shortening and bowing restricts the lungs, and lack of vtamin D weakens muscles.
So perhaps only  regular outdoor workers – hikers/bikers/swimmers –  with strong muscles and bones need not worry about their vitamin D level.

But the cost of a vitamin D3 measurement is awesome  in RSA (R660) or about US$66. Ultrasound BMD sceening is a  more affordable indirect screen, with checking of calcium bloodlevel occasionally so as not to overdose vitamin D.

Vit D production  from sunshine apparently self-limits vitamin D production for safety to about 400 to 2000iu internal synthesis/day. Vit D in cod liver oil is regulated by treaty to  about 100iu/gm oil.
The manufacturing industry has reportedly, without announcing it, redefined and sells “pure” vitamin D powder as 100iu/mg instead of the scientific standard  40 000iu/mg; thus what they sell  as pure  “vitamin D3” is actually 0.25% . So we have to pay freight for 99.75% inert filler to be shipped around the world. This too is the standard commercial fraud.

So for  the benefits of safe vigorous vitamin D 6000iu/day or 50 000iu /week, we need a vit D supplement.

2.3 VITAMIN E the mixed tocopherols are most important fat-soluble antioxidant   vasodilators; but dose should not exceed about 1600mg 800iu/day since, like betacarotene, this vitamin in excess is  associated with increased lung cancer when combined with the 4000 carcinogens that smokers choose to ingest . Supplement of vitamin E may benefit circulation, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s or visual loss.

2.4 VITAMIN K supplement has recently  appeared to  be almost as important as vitamins  D and C supplements in preventing not just warfarin dose instability,  but also osteoporosis fractures, cancer and cardio/ vascular disease. The only major difference is that vitamin K supplements do not appear to reduce infection- but vit K supplement may be safe & worthwhile during/ after antibiotics to avoid vitamin-K deficiency (and thus bleeding and increased vascular, bone and cancer risk ). In the recent ECKO trial from Univ Toronto (Cheung 2008) , vit K just 1mg/d halved fractures in postmenopausal women over 2 -4yrs despite no clear increase in bone density.


3.1 THYROXINE T4 AND TERTROXIN T3 are  the  crucial fat-soluble thyroid hormones (combined in Diotroxin) which especially after mid life often require replacement for either poor thyroid production or for resistance due to antibodies.


3.2.1 CARDIAC GLYCOSIDES eg digoxin are hydrophilic ie fat-soluble natural steroids from plants and animals (apparently from our adrenals and brain)  that strengthen heart contraction and slow the heart in preventing/ treating rapid atrial fibrillation. Obviously we have evolved them too over a million years, and plant glycocides have been used medicinally for centuries if not millenia.

3.2.2 ADRENAL: CORTISONE (and ALDOSTERONE)  are also  crucial fat-soluble adrenal  steroid  hormones which may with aging or stress burnout (type C personality) justify  replacement orally for relative if not absolute cortisol deficiency.

3.2.3 SEX HORMONES: the  all-systems ie anti-aging benefits of lifelong parenteral primary  human sex hormones  testosterone, estrogens, progesterone  (from the gonads and adrenals)  have  been documented for millennia, and confirmed for sixty years with their appropriate supplementation- reducing all-cause mortality and morbidity by at least 1/3- especially testosterone and it’s daughter estrogens for men and women; and increasingly in new studies that parenteral estrogen halves the risk of heart attack post menopause.    eg .

The American National Osteoporosis NOF website for patients  has legion bewildered queries from  patients being told dogmatically by their  doctors that they must take new  (risky and long-term unproven) designer patent  single-target  ie fraudulent drugs eg bisphosphonates, strontium ranelate  for osteoporosis – not the old and proven  safe dozen appropriate  natural multisystem supplements that combat all chronic major degenerative diseases as well as optimizing childhood development, learning-memory, and defence against  infections –  ie the freely available  vits B 6,9,12, C, K, calmag, zinc, boron, manganese, proline, fish oil, and for sexhormone imbalance/ inadequate levels, appropriate testosterone for both sexes plus appropriate parenteral estrogen for women (or occasionally DHEA where appropriate). .

4. CoQ10 ubiquinols :    these vital antioxidant insulin sensitizers appear beneficial in doses of up to 300mg/d against heart failure ; cancer; migraine; Parkinson’s; oral-gingival disease; Alzheimer’s; hypertension; COPD; and cardiac arrest.
Compared to niacin, fish oil, CoQ10 and other insulin sensitizers, there is no justification for the use of statins for mild-to-moderate  lipidemia, when these synthetic designer drugs are a cause of coQ10 depletion (reported repeatedly since 1990)    and  do nothing for non-cardiovascular disease and mortality including insulin resistance;
and when (because drug companies will not risk head-to-head trials of statins against alternatives)  there is no evidence  that statins are as good  (against mild-moderate  hypercholesterolemia-associated CVD) as eg niacin and other vitamins-minerals, fish oil, metformin, coQ10, arginine, carnitine, ribose,  and other insulin-sensitizing antioxidants;
and when supplementing CoQ10 also does nothing for the myopathy let alone impotence caused by statins.

FAT-SOLUBLE POISONS STORED IN BODY FAT such as DDT or PCBs, are also stored in the fatty tissues, but the body has no use for these substances and they are NEVER withdrawn from these fatty tissues for any valid use within the body.
These harmful chemicals (DDT, PCBs) do leak out of fatty tissues (during times of sweating, for instance), but when that happens there is no beneficial use for them in the body — and they cause far more harm  than good after they have leaked out.
Worse, these poison are stored in the body fat of all flesh we eat (just as heavy metals are stored in protein ie muscle); hence vegetarians run lower risk.
Worse, aluminium (which is not usually water-soluble) accumulates in  the brain (let alone bone), and is one of the few minerals that has no known biological benefit, but contributes greatly to dementia and fractures.
Worse, there has been massive pollution of reserves by recycled water effluent from sewage works and industry, leading to global fauna sterilization /destruction by the masses of contraceptive and anabolic steroid hormones prescribed for humans and  animals (Deborah Cadbury: The Feminization of Nature 1997 )  that threatens to sterilize and thus wipe out most of humankind this century.
And worst of all, deliberate adulteration of commercially grown meat/fish for accelerated growth by anabolics – especially the high-risk synthetics like ethinylestradiol and progestins- is especially poorly regulated since the industrialized countries  notoriously dump these (as well as stocks of eg dangerous insecticides, and genetically modified seeds)  via ruthless politicians/middlemen on poor countries like South Africa  where there is minimal monitoring of transgressions.

NON-ESSENTIAL “ESSENTIAL” (PLANT) OILS eg from cloves, tea tree, garlic,  mrenthol, eucalyptus, citrus, rose, may indeed have medicinal benefits used topically/ in aromatherapy; but are outside the scope of this review since they are not human biologicals like the vitamins, steroids and essential fatty acids..
IN CONCLUSION: whether by design or random evolution, we developed dependent on if not from  sea life, and especially marine oil, fat-soluble micronutrients; but with longevity, and as we become eaters of largely cooked flesh and produce, with depleting marine fish reserves, we need marine oil and fat-soluble micronutrients ever more- not processed plant oils and cornstarch.
It’s like all other natural supplements and valued old products:
Nothing has yet contradicted  that metfomin (a plant extract) is the last “synthetic” ie drug industry  designer preventative  for chronic prescription use that actually reduces all-cause mortality and morbidity ie is the panacea; without enough insulin sensitizers, excess calorie are simply diverted to more cholesterol and body fat;

while  the natural supplements: FAT-SOLUBLE  fish oil; vit D3; and testosterone, +-  extra estrogen  for women  – look like they may prove equal  to if not better than metformin solo as panaceas.

You can’t beat nature/creation  for providing healthy options;                                                                      nor  endless human greed in trying to do better for profit by promoting designer substitutes?

If we continue to destroy species -especially marine life- at the rate mankind is doing, there will soon be no marine life- EPA/DHA – left- and  the science industry  (unlike nature) has yet to work out how to make them.



  1. I believe that you are right about everyone needing fish oils.
    I don’t believe you are right about everyone coming from the sea.
    Fish do not turn into people.
    Apes do not turn into people.
    People come out of a woman’s womb, in case you haven’t figured that out yet!
    Oh yeh, if you are wondering how people got on the earth before woman was created, check the Bible, it has the full story. In case you don’t believe in the Bible, it makes no difference what you believe. Remain ignorant and foolish. The Bible story is the only one that has any logic to it.

  2. I love the information you have here. It will deff help me out with the current issues i’m having.


  4. I read your posts for a long time and must tell you that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

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