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The  trials  under way of progesterone in brain injury ; estradiol post menopause; melatonin; and cardiac glycosides are   the culmination of a century  of reported numerous benefits of combined natural human hormones and especially  steroids– vitamin D, DHEA, pregnenolone, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, aldosterone, digoxin (let alone other  even more crucial human biologicals  -eg the ‘marine’ EPA/DHA; GABA; growth hormone; serotonin;  thyroid, amylin, leptin, catecholamines,  and insulin sensitizers) on neuro-immuno-muscular function, memory and repair at all ages in both sexes.

This applies to development, trauma, and degenerative diseases like depression, dementias, stroke, Parkinsons, encephalitis and multiple sclerosis.

By contrast, many reports on Pubmed attest to the adverse effects of designer synthetic xenohormones and drugs eg premarin, progestins, agomelatine wrongly promoted for sexhormone replacement therapy, cholesterolemia, learning disorder, osteoporosis, Alzheimers, depression etc.

It is therefore crucial that hormone balance be measured – clinically if not in the laboratory- by midlife or at the onset of any major disease or trauma, and regularly thereafter; and the youthful optimal balance restored permanently.

Beyond midlife, serious multiple hormone imbalance can easily be clinically assessed by overweight, posture, sexual and mental function; and physiologically realigned.

It is as negligent to omit to do so as it is to assume that our memory bank (ie knowledge), bodies, computer, building or car dont need maintenance checkup, pressure, top-up, electrical, oil and/or paintwork renewal.

Ailing and aging humans are too gullibly, stupidly fobbed off with misinformation that modern science has no remedies for degenerative diseases – when there are indeed natural ones ie not designer patentable drugs developed and marketed solely for profit by the mafia drug industry for which – if they can help it- only disease pays.

That working people so easily deceive themselves about their health protection and rights is what politics and business are all about – the naïve assumption that most politicians, professionals and big business are successful in the interests of humankind, not their own ruthless shortterm profits.

But all you have to do is ask your health professional how many hours a week he/she puts into keeping up with the latest literature that matters to patients, attending and contributing to academic meetings, and seeing and treating the indigent.

And like your doctor, all you have to do is check both Pubmed and a few different objective websites about your condition and experience with your drugs. It’s like your car and computer: always check security updates, and check yourself the tyre pressure and water/ oil levels; and your computer powersurge and internet security, and backups; and  your own  bloodpressure and waist girth  – or you may not have a second chance. .

Forbidden Medicine? Vitamin C-lecithin-fish oil- bioflavonoid interactions in the prevention of atherosclerosis, cancer and gallstones.


Fish oil use for medicinal as well as dietary purposes  dates back at least to Viking times; but the 1922  scientific study of fish oil by Jack Drummond & Sylvester Zilva is the first paper on it on Pubmed, as a source of vitamin A.

But  in this ‘scientific’ era it took till the 1930s for fish  (ie codliver) oil’s  wide medicinal benefits  to be recognized.

Since then fish oil has proven to be the most pluripotential ‘micro’nutrient – at a dose as little as perhaps 100mg/day- in prevention and treatment (via either it’s omega3 EPA+DHA content, or its vitamins A and D content) of all common major diseases from learning , behaviour and memory disorders from birth to dotage, to infections, inflammation, arthritis, vision, pregnancy,  growth and osteoporosis, mood, Parkinson’s, hypertensive, vascular, thrombotic, lipid, cancer and diabetic disorders – probably halving all-cause ‘natural’ aging mortality.

The recognition of citrus juice- vitamin C – as a medicinal dates back apparently only 250 years to Dr James Lind’s recognition of it’s reversal of lethal scurvy. But it was first identified and isolated only about 80 years ago .  Since then it has proven to be as pluripotential a preventative as fish oil and now vitamin D3, and balanced sex hormone replacement.

The 1940s give the first reference  on Pubmed to bioflavonoids-which are anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cardiovascular disease, anti-varicose veins, anti-piles  and anti-cancer- and promote the absorption of vitamin C.

In 1971 Borgman & Haselden described the  effects of cod liver oil on dissolution of gallstones.

from 1973 Cameron Pauling & Campbell published their landmark work on vitamin C to tolerance (not antiscurvy doses or below many grams a day) in the prevention and treatment of many human cancers.

In 1974 Krumdieck & Butterworth’s landmark  paper on cholesterol-lecithin interactions: factors of potential importance in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. summarized the evidence for combining supplements of vitamin C and soy lecethin (ie polyunsaturated fatty acid at position 2)  in the prevention of atherosclerosis- since once this disease is present, it can take months to reverse.

in 1976  Navarro & Guevara described the importance of vitamin C in prevention of gallstones.

and by  1989 Wechsler  ea described how omega-3-fatty acids  – fish oil–  just 1.5gm a day decreases biliary cholesterol and lithogenicity.

by 1997 Mizuguchi ea described prevention  by fish oil of cholesterol gallstone formation in hamsters.

and in 1999  Takenaga ea described how Lecithinized ascorbic acid (PC-AS) effectively inhibits murine pulmonary metastasis.

Lecitithin is derived from food – meat, liver, legumes, cereals, fish and eggs – but not from fish oil.   It – phosphatidylcholine- is a principal component of fat metabolism, cell membranes, brain, semen, and against gallstones, atherosclerosis (and thus heart – vascular-hypertensive -brain-), breast,  cirrhosis and other liver diseases.

The crucial DHA and EPA omega3 fatty acids are, practically, derived exclusively from marine algae and thence krill and fish oil .

Hence the paramount importance (in preventing all common diseases)  of promoting fish oil (by the teaspoon or capsule) together with lecithinized Vitamin C to tolerance eg  vitamin C 50% enhanced with perhaps 15% calcium carbonate,  5% mag oxide,  10% bioflavonoid and 20% lecithin. Up to a heaped  tsp 2 – 3 times  a day of such an Enhanced Vitamin C  mix – ie to bowel tolerance- will provide 5 – 7.5g vitamin C, 500-750mg calcium, 300 -450mg magnesium, 1-1.5g bioflavonoid and 2- 3g  lecithin, without diarrhoea.

This self-degassing self-emulsifying blend puts within reach orally the eg 1gm/kg vitamin C per day vitamin C to produce the high enough plasma levels of vitamin C that have  been shown to be lethal to cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. For the much higher doses of vitamin C for this purpose eg 30gm daily, some  of the calcium and magnesium obviously need to be replaced with sodium to avoid 3000mg/day calcium and 1800mg/day  overdose.

Adding say 1tsp cod liver oil to half a glass of water with eg 3tsp of the powder blend (ie 6gm vitamin C) and beating it produces a smoothie emulsion  that is easy to drink. Who needs fish oil capsules now?. And there is  virtually no limit to the  amount of lethicinized calmag ascorbate – bioflavonoid omega3 emulsion  that can be poured into the body to combat eg infection, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Obviously to this should be added a blend of all the other few-score safe proven potential preventative supplements to combat all the other chronic diseases of premature aging including even multiple sclerosis (especially highdose vitamin D3).

So while oil and water dont usually mix in a glass, ie vitamin C and bioflavonoids are soluble in water but  not in  oil, combining them by taking them  together with lecithin, fish oil and calmag (to lessen acid load with  better absorbed calmag ascorbate) a few times a day makes huge sense for all disease prevention let alone support..

And none of it is news.

But the farce from  “authorities”- ‘Regulators’ (who are paid big protection money by Drug Companies)  – is that labels, marketing materials are  not allowed to say that cheap harmless food supplements prevent let alone treat disease!..

And “Authorities” want to regulate (or put on doctors’ prescription only) safe medicinal  food supplements when they will not ban   the biggest killer  drugs-  like DDT, PCBs,  PVCs (and other estrogenics eg from the highdose xenoestrogens & -progestins consumed  orally by possibly a billion women and excreted into the water chain to pollute land and sealife) ie  throughout the environment and  food chain; and  stuffing sodas and  processed foods with cornstarch, aspartame and phosphates; and over-the-counter refined sugar and salt, smoking tobacco and alcohol which should at best be made  prescription- or permit-only .


Discussing the controversy about phosphate load in soda drinks,  Fenton’s Calgary University metaanalysis  discounts adverse effect of  soda-drink -based phosphate load and balance –  but  apparently does not dispute the acid-diet hypothesis of osteoporosis.

Their focus exclusively on calcium, phosphate and hydroxyproline  balance apparently studiously omits mention of hydrogen/bicarbonate/ pH/ other electrolyte  balance. The significance of calcium-phosphate intake and balance without correcting for pH and potassium-magnesium  balance is debatable. They found that “All of the meta-analyses demonstrated significant decreases in urine calcium excretion in response to phosphate supplements whether the calcium intake was high or low .

The concept of pH and H+ balance has been established for at least  a century, so to avoid it in discussion of osteoporosis pathogenesis as Fenton ea do   is puzzling, considering especially that theirs  is a cost-free meta-analysis- not a trial or even an observational study. Thus their netanalysis  carries less weight compared to clinical studies like Wynn’s  EVANIBUSStudy.
Selye’s 1949 Textbook of Endocrinology mentions acidosis only in the context of  terminal diabetic or kidney failure – when clinical acidosis was obvious; but after the landmark first paper on Pubmed of Poul Astrup  in 1954 measuring blood acid-base balance (pH) in humans, Guyton’s 1961 Textbook of Physiology when we were students already detailed the crucial importance of pH maintenance by kidney and lung function- known  since the late 19th century from the work of Arrhenius, Henderson, Hasselbach, Beckman,  Sorensen ea ..

Wynn’s University of Lausanne EVANIBUSStudy published this month confirms that “There is growing evidence that consumption of a Western diet is a risk factor for osteoporosis through excess acid supply, while fruits and vegetables balance the excess acidity, mostly by providing K-rich bicarbonate-rich foods”.

so if people wont reduce their high meat intake (which damages bones brain and heart as well as kidneys),
– quite apart from discouraging commercial unhealthy ‘sodas’ and “fruit juice” due to adverse sugar, phosphate and aspartame intake –
at least we  can and must  protect people  against all major chronic degenerative diseases, we must reduce all-cause mortality by encouraging a potassium -magnesium (calcium) -zinc-boron  -high vits  (especially D+K+B+C) and fish oil  supplement . . especially in eg Asians who take a phosphate-rich (eg chapati) diet.

Naturally the FDA – (read  Food and Drug Antihealth Agency)  industry mafia for whom Only Disease Pays- are determined to suppress such evidence-based prevention and supplements  so as to maximize their profits from  the nefarious processed drink and food chain (soda drinks) and designer drug industry interests (eg bisphosphonates – which may reduce osteoporotic  fractures by half but have major adverse effects and do nothing to reduce the global burden of degenerative -frailty-  diseases and thus non-fracture mortality) .

It will be interesting to see what food and drug companies support Fenton’s Calgary Alberta   impeccable nutritional study  that denies adverse effect of soda-drink phosphate loading.  Their paper does not specifically state where the concept of the study originated, and that there was no indirect  support or input from the food and drug industry for the University or for  their study.



Since melatonin improves sleep & serotonin level,  it not surprisingly lowers LH  luteotropic hormone and thus libido in the pharmacological doses marketed (3mg) .

Surprisingly,  there are only 8 papers on  melatonin and aging  human sexual activity  on Pubmed search..But is it a surprise that there are 186 melatonin AND sexual activity  papers on Pubmed since 1992?  including  many on  a designer melatonin agonist agomelatine– of which one of the latest  – in Prescrire a month ago- concludes: “agomelaline new drug. Adverse effects and no proven efficacy;.. Very high doses of agomelatine are oncogenic in animals. The risk in humans is not known. Dizziness, gastrointestinal and cutaneous disorders have been observed. Agomelatine is probably hepatotoxic“.

But there are lots of self-reports on Google confirming  what physiology tells us, that hormone balance is what matters.

Doctors (and hence patients) choose at their peril –  at the behest of Big Pharma, heavy marketing-  to ignore physiology – what nature teaches us about optimal function . Big pharma made a killing before WW2 with  the isolation,  patenting and mass sales of natural supplements eg hormones starting with thyroid and insulin. But these soon ran out of patent, so Big Pharma has zealously employed massive armies of researchers  and lobbyists to develop and promote synthetics cribbed from natural products ie synthetic designer drugs. The high number of $billion-a-year raincheck drugs is a tribute to their clever marketing and sleight-of-hand concealement of adverse reports – but not for the many  thousands of patients who have suffered or died as a result of eg fenfluramine, Vioxx,  Prepulsid and lately sibutramine, rimonabant, glitazone, and vaccines….

But Industry has not yet succeeded in generating a synthetic designer ie patentable form of thyroid hormone to exploit the millions with thyroid deficiency, nor a substitute for the human heart-made  hormone  digoxin, which – like the uniquely lifesaving  plant extract metformin- defy the inventiveness of Big Pharma’s  ruthless quest for  megabuck profits.

Big Pharma wants us to forget that all modern drugs for chronic use were and are  based on ancient endogenous and mineral/plant based drugs .

The chief brain antidepressant HORMONES serotonin ie its precursors (5H)tryptophan and other natural  antidepressant like St John’s wort and marine omega3;  and the chief brain anxiolytics GABA and progesterone, and harmless plant anxiolytics like valerian,  were soon supplanted by synthetic antidepressants, barbiturate-benzodiazepine and progestin designer drugs. Industry has exploited the growing dialysis market by promoting grossly costly  designer synthetic- not human- erythropoeitin analogues.

These designer drugs have been so cleverly marketed by Big Pharma – and thus politicians, governments which  Big Pharma massively funds  directly and via taxes and job promises – that for chronic use let alone acute illness they have almost wiped out the use of highly effective remedies used for millennia.  eg Lithium and metformin were ignored by the FDA for 25 years despite being the gold standard elsewhere for bipolar and type 2 diabetes respectively.  For common hypertension, rauwolfia-reserpine is  still the goldstandard bedrock treatment in a dose of  0.1mg/day or  less , combined with the also-suppressed perfect synthetic (potassium-magnesium- calcium conserving saluretic) vasodilator amiloretic amilozide in low dose. But the antihypertensive drug industry has bought so many in the antihypertensive trials and regulatory hierarchy that Europe and Britain have abandoned reserpine; and in South Africa these “experts” beholden to Big Pharma have removed these gold standard drugs from firstline therapy recommendations and even from the formulary of state clinics because they were too cheap at below a US$ a month. .

And melatonin output (average only 55mcg a day) is inverse to bloodpressure ,  it reduces both hypertension, and the anemia of renal failure, and nicotine-related vascullopathy.

The Chinese already 2500 years ago were using gender-specific sex human hormones derived from the ‘sublimation’ of youthful human urine to treat gender-specific diseases and deficiencies. But since the extraction of  sex hormones from the urine of humans in this age of viral and prion plagues (let alone the aesthetic and logistic problem of buying billions of gallons of human urine each year)  is not on, Wyeth – with the increasing monopolistic complicity of the FDA-USA government- simply substituted human hormones by xenohormones- horse estrogens (from the mass farming of tethered catheterized mares) and synthetic progestins- for both contraception,  and HRT for women. Hence the problems  for older women of the Womens’ Health Initiative which used exclusively Wyeth’s PremPro.

And industry attempts to keep a stranglehold on the  vast diabetes market by continually synthetising new depot forms of human insulin; and  synthetic alternatives to the gold standard and  only plant-derived antidiabetic prohormone (metformin, in use for well over 50 years, the only drug ever that has been tested in a 20year randomized controlled trial, and proven to be the only prescription drug that reduces all major diseases and thus deaths by almost 50% -) by continually bombarding the market with largely unnecessary synthetic designer drugs to discourage use of metformin, diet and lifestyle change. These include  new sulphonylureas, acarbose, glitazones and now gliptins, none of which have undergone longterm trials, and which uniformly prove (unlike established old drugs) to have major adverse effects even at registered doses.

Like amphetamines, orlistat  and rimonabant have had to be progressively restricted- sibutramine is the latest to be cancelled last week in Europe. due to adverse effects that the suppliers finally failed to prevent becoming common knowledge. Is it surprising that the USA FDA – which runs  on the massive funding of and input from Big Pharma-  has still not suspended sibutramine use there?

And surprise surprise- Wikipedia dismisses metformin for weight loss with one reference, although there are scores of trials including major 3-5year  prevention trials on three continents that show that metformin use in the overweight  (even BEFORE diabetes occurs) produces both significant fat loss and approximate halving (30 to 80% reduction) in new diabetes and new cancer.

And  wiki  confirms that while the human hormones leptin,  amylin and gliptins-incretins- work in synergy with all other hormones, micronutients to potently regulate optimal sugar and fat and energy metabolism, none of them have been marketed as the natural forms- that is the last thing that Big Pharma – the FDA- Uncle Sam wants when with some effort they can already market designer adaptations to produce more golden  $billion raincheques.

This despite the fact that Turek’s 2010 USA transcontinental trial showed recently in rodents that   combination injection of the natural hormones amylin and leptin “decreased food intake (by 26%) and reduced body weight (by 15%) and epididymal fat (by 78%)”. 15% of 100kg body mass is 15kg weight loss.  A year before, Ravussin ea published the 6 month trial in obese humans of the designer derivatives of leptin and amylin  confirming that the patented combination  indeed lowered body weight by 12.7%.But the common adverse effect of the injection was nausea.

This farcical commercial merry-go-round – which puts patients at grave risk- is  despite the fact that there are dozens of safe proven natural ie unpatentable antidiabetic insulin sensitizers/ obesity-reversing supplements freely available, from garlic and fenugreek to galega officinalis, gymnema, coleus, calcium, chromium, zinc and vitamin D3.

Hypnotics  including melatonin promote sleep, not sex. Hence sex works best after sleep  rest ie well after midnight,  early morning. But unlike melatonin, designer synthetic hypnotics have dangerous side-effects and addiction problems, without any longterm benefits.

Clearly for anyone not in an institution or at risk of cancer,  melatonin dose should be kept as low as is prudent to optimize sleep – not sedate.

This dose may be as low as 0.05mg/night- hence dose should be titrated upwards from a pinch to the average optimal of 0.25mg/night, but as high as is well tolerated without hangover/daytime drowsiness.

So for the hyperanxious-anxiety-panic disorders, melatonin may well best be taken  in the morning at low dose, and early evening to unwind.
That low dose reverses impotence in rats is not surprising- 10 to 100mcg/kg as used in rodents equates to between 1-10mcg/kg in humans ie  0.05 to 1mg in adults.

Studies show that the right dose for sleep in humans is about 0.1 to 0.3mg – not the 3mg caps/pills that are unthinkingly marketed, prescribed and swallowed by unwise patients.

Melatonin in excess can worsen depression and cognition; and even be arousing.
but since it generally improves sleep and growth and reproduction and energy balance  and immunity and bloodpressure and cancer control and anorexia – fragility reversal,
it should equally clearly be supplemented at night
in physiological dose ie 0.05 – 1mg- combined with especially vitamin D3, and during the day or for an hour before sleep with bright (sunshine or artificial light) exposure, which dramatically improves Parkinsons disease..

The recent Bronowski Institute study shows how bright fluorescent light (does a TV or computer screen count? – surely?)  should be encouraged for an hour before bedtime since it markedly reduces Parkinsons; but in older people should then be followed by a melatonin supplement  dose  for all the antiaging reasons. As
Rabbi Michoel Gourarie writes in Personal Growth, turning on a light in the dark- even the one small candle of ancient times- can do as much to cheer up one or a host of people.

So especially in institutions sleep should be preceded by bright light for an hour before lights out.
The most most important  aspect for us all is
sequential light (both via stimulation and via vitamin D – soltriol -from sunlight) ; and  then darkness for sleep’s melatonin  value in insomnia & fatigue and especially against autism, ADHD, cancer, hypertension, diabetes (insulin sensitizer ), & especially for retarding menopause ie infertility.

The recent trials data increases greatly the potential of melatonin against premature aging ie against cancer as well as against gonadopause  that was already widely promoted 15 yrs ago by Regelson, Colman  and Pierpaoli – In 1995 Pierpaoli in The Melatonin Miracle summed up how melatonin given to aging mice maintained youthful size gonads, significantly higher sex hormones, and extended their healthspan and lifespan by 30% ie to a century in human terms.

The first 7.5year case followup  of melatonin benefits in delaying menopause came from Poland 2 years ago; but already in 2005 an Italian team  Bellipanni ea showed in a 6month study that melatonin 3mg/day “abrogates hormonal, menopause-related neurovegetative disturbances and restores menstrual cyclicity and fertility in perimenopausal or menopausal women. At present we assert that the six-month treatment with MEL produced a remarkable and highly significant improvement of thyroid function, positive changes of gonadotropins towards more juvenile levels, and abrogation of menopause-related depression.”

Previously  in 1992, Sandyk ea in New York proposed that There is evidence that pineal melatonin is an anti-aging hormone and that the menopause is associated with a substantial decline in melatonin secretion and an increased rate of pineal calcification.” .  And in 1984 Aleem ea had shown “Suppression of basal luteinizing hormone concentrations by melatonin in postmenopausal women.” ie that supplemental melatonin can suppress rising LH – although the primary cause of menopause is gonadal aging-  exhaustion,- which in  both men and women leads to the compensatory rise in LH if the pineal and pituitary glands are themselves still capable of responding to feedback. The primary cause of  hot flashes is due largely  to falling estrogen level, with  all other menopause symptoms being caused by gonadal hormone exhaustion.  But Bellipanni’s 2005 study showed that melatonin supplement  could produce better gonadal and thyroid hormone output.

So all  aging folk should  take the combined hormones vitamin D3 about 5000iu/day,  and  melatonin,  building slowly to perhaps   1 –  3mg  at night, from age 30yrs if not earlier;  but with cancer, under medical supervision, building to vit D3 10 00 to 50 000iu/day ( monitoring the serum calcium) and melatonin  to perhaps  40mg/d – plus a titrated dose of the anticancer prohormone metfornin. .