Why Healthspan Life?

Healthspan Life! Is a range of complementary nutritional health products specifically designed to promote healthy aging. The range comprises a flagship trio – the Healthspan Anti-Aging Blend, Enhanced Vitamin C, and Fish Oil – as well as individual condition-specific powder blends. The flagship trio, taken daily, is likely to significantly improve health and reduce the risk of early death from disease.

Condition-specific powders are available for the nutritional prevention and sometimes supportive treatment of many ubiquitous ailments – from stress and fatigue to arthritis, chilblains to Alzheimer’s.

Development of the Range and Safety Concerns

The range has been developed by the Healthspan Life Foundation, under the leadership of specialist physician Dr Neil Burman of Cape Town, South Africa. Dr Burman has carefully selected each ingredient only after extensive evidence-based research of its actual medical value, and after weighing its risks and benefits. The flagship trio has been  registered with the South African Medicine Control Council. The remainder of the health powders are made to the same exacting research, medical and quality standards as the flagship trio.

The safety of health supplements is paramount, and each tub comes with detailed instructions, indications, contents, and any contra-indications or warnings. The vast majority of the powders are composed so that even massive overdose (taking the entire tub at once) will not result in any serious injury or illness.

The various blends have been used and tested for the last five years by a growing number of satisfied people. Sales to the general public are growing as people discover the benefits for themselves.

Why Powders?

Except for fish oil caps, the range consists entirely of powders. Firstly, powders lend themselves to easy personalized dosing. Secondly, they are significantly cheaper to produce than pills, and this saving is passed on to consumers, making healthy aging affordable to more people.

The Healthspan Life! Range is currently available from health shops in Cape Town, from the Life! offices in Claremont, Cape Town, and by mail order.

Contact sales@healthspanlife.co.za or call +27836299160 for more information and ordering.


We are a team of specialist health workers.

Our mission is to promote health in all its forms – physical, mental and emotional.

Our primary research interests are in complementary preventative medicine, including:

>> complementary hormone replacement therapies

>> complementary safe and effective drug therapies

>> complementary cancer therapies and prevention

>> complementary disease management and prevention

We run specialist as well as popular seminars and workshops on a broad range of health topics – contact us to organise a seminar.

To find out more about the HealthSpan Life Research Foundation, contact the managing physician, Dr Neil Burman at doctor@healthspanlife.co.za.

Dr Jon P Driver-Jowitt
Dr Neil Burman
Delene Burman
Roselle Frasca-Burman
Marc Burman
Dr Craige Golding

Chairman: Dr Jon P Driver-Jowitt MBChB (Wits) FRCS(UK)

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

A researcher with a wide variety of interests, including an established interest in vertebral and foot pathology. He has pursued research into many conditions for more than three decades: In doing so he has :-

>> encouraged and stimulated a number of workers to enter related basic research and from this the following have evolved, all of which were derived from his original work and concepts, or in which he had a major role in formulating the progress
>> acted as supervisor or examiner for the University of Cape Town in connection with a dozen under-graduate and post graduate theses
>> written or co-authored 50 papers since 1972
>> established a Study Collection of Human Vertebral Columns, assembled as in vivo, in conjunction with the Department of Anatomy, University of Cape Town
>> written numerous review articles and book reviews, published in reputable Medical Journals
>> established the Peninsula Orthopaedic Society, acting as Founding Chairman 1997,1998
>> the development of a sterotactic positioning device, in conjunction with Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Cape Town
>> development of Digital Stereoscopic Tomography, in conjunction with Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town
>> Dorsiflexometer – Provisional Patent issued September 2003.

CEO: Dr Neil Burman MBChB (UCT 1966) MRCP(UK 1974)

After starting life in legal reference and actuarial science, Dr Neil Burman qualified at the University of Cape Town in 1966, did his postgraduate internal medicine training at Port Elizabeth, Groote Schuur & Red Cross Childrens’ Hospital, and finally at the Leeds University General Infirmary UK, superspecializing and researching in nephrology-metabolic-cancer medicine, taking the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians UK in 1974.

He then ran the Renal and Hypertension Units and the Medical Renal Transplantation and organ harvesting services and lectured at the University of Stellenbosch Tygerberg Hospital until 1981, building up the Cape Kidney Association, and organ donations that enabled Professor Chris Barnard’s heart transplant program also to carry on.

He then moved to private practice as a hospital intensive care general internist for 15 years.

He took a Diploma in Small Business Management in 1990.

In 1996 he was elected member of the Royal Society of South Africa.

Since 2000 he has been in private practice as a preventative specialist menopause/ andropause physician, and researched, lectured and counselled in prevention of premature aging diseases, and POEMS – Patient-Orientated- Evidence that Matters.

In 2004 he was co-opted as the Africa Representative on The (UK) Andropause Society and as a fellow of the Kronos Longevity Research Institute of Phoenix Arizona.

Since 2003 he has attended and presented papers at the International Menopause Society and International Aging Male (ISSAM) meetings; developed and promoted the range of HealthSpan powder blends and acts as a consultant on appropriate sex hormone replacement to industry.

He has published a dozen papers since 1972.

Director: Delene Burman PREP CRS (SA) CIS

Professional Memberships

National Executive – S.A. Institute of Valuers – 1987

Associate Valuer – S.A. Council for Valuers – 1985

M. SAPOA – S.A. Property Owners’ – 1979

Marketing Director: Roselle Frasca-Burman

Training consultant specialising in basic marketing and business skills.

1964 to 1978
Corporate personal assistant and professional opera singer.

1972 to 1982
Worked in various senior Personal Assistant and Middle Management posts in the corporate sector in Gauteng.

1983 to 1984
Accepted the position of Regional Director, Border Area (East London) with the S A Institute of Race Relations.

1984 to 1986
Established the Eastern Cape region for a new Development NGO, Operation Hunger. Began training grassroots handcrafters in basic marketing and business skills.

1986 to 1990
Director Operation Hunger Western Cape – established a shop, selling products of handcrafters while she trained them in basic marketing and business skills.

National Deputy Director of Operation Hunger. Established Masizakhe, currently South Africa’s most successful craft marketing co-operative. During 1994 she facilitated on behalf of Masizakhe for them to become independent of the SBDC and until early 1999 served as this Co-operative’s Chair, Vice Chair and Business Manager. She spent much of this time training key members of the Co-operative in the necessary business and administration management, as well as marketing skills, enabling her to eventually hand over all of her functions.

She established The Maradadi Handicraft Development Corporation, and developed and formalised a 6-module training programme entitled “The Market Principles and Basic Business Skills Training Programme”.

1999 to 2003
She established the Maradadi Handicraft and Business Skills Training Unit, which trained her 6-module Market Principles and Basic Business Skills Training Course on an ongoing basis, in a permanent venue. In addition, she structured a Beading Handskills Training Course, which trained women to a high degree of beading skill.

2004  Independent trainer and facilitator as RF Burman Consulting. In this connection, she has run two highly successful training courses for the Cape Craft and Design Institute.
Currently also a Herbalife Distributor.

Director: Marc Burman B.Sc Hons (Botany) Dip. PC Eng.

Experience in management, client service, scientific research.

HealthSpan distributor – Gauteng

Allan Taylor BPharm MPharm

SAPC – Pharmacist 1984

Director Research, Development & Regulatory Affairs – Baylabs (Pty) Ltd
Pharmaceutical Advisor/Consultant – LAMAF Medical Scheme
Owner – Atlantic & Capricorn Pharmacies
Locum Pharmacist – Various community and hospital pharmacies
Analytical Chemist – Leather Industries Research Institute

Winner TT100 award for R&D 2004 – Baylabs (Pty) Ltd

Holder and inventor of 20 patents nationally and internationally for pharmaceutical products. Eight products on SA market.

Tobie Brummer – Media Consultant & Medical Journalist
Dr Evelyn Lyle ND – Homeopathic and Herbal / Naturopathic Practitioner
Natural Remedies Centre NRC, Claremont, Cape Town
Professor Riana Bornman – MBChB PhD
Andrologist Universiy Pretoria


Nathi Tshabalala – B Com
Financial Officer
Alan Potgieter – Nedbank Claremont – Personal Banker
Auditor: Peter Hill


Noel Wood – Ince Wood Raubenheimer Attornies