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 November 2012 was a red- letter fire-cracker month for women:

Following on their recent turn-around at last  in belatedly beginning to question the risk-benefit of universal invasive  X-ray screening mammography,  even the SA Menopause Society has just sent out a News By Fax affirming what we have known  for 20 yrs – that women need not / should not stop HRT at any age, but take balanced physiological non-oral hormones . This is because (unlike oral synthetic / designer non-human hormones)  balanced human hormones by evolutionary design  reduce all risks including of cancer. Synthetics never do.

And a 3rd book has been published this year that screening X-ray mammography does not save lives.

The only universal compulsory routine  screening tests of well prudent adults that have been proven to save lives and at-risk but still symptom free i.e. hearts, eyes, kidneys, legs and brains are periodic bloodpressure testing, and periodic glaucoma screening; since such common aging problems are mostly easily reversed by simple safe low-cost old treatment (unlike risky costly modern drugs);.

It is human madness and scandalous political corruption that periodic simple battery- operated bloodpressure screening (and recording along with pulse, height and waist girth – all major markers of adult risk) has not been made compulsory from starting prep school  and work. 

All prudent thinking well active middle-aged  adults  – those without common  risk factors, who can thus now expect to live on average to their 80s – must  ask themselves whether they will truly benefit from  internal cancer screening – there is no good evidence to justify it;  and then, if they still want screening, whether they want it uncomfortably invasive or not.

Just like unjustified colon  screening of the whole population at low risk ( functionally – stool occult -blood test), if desired the low-risk breast can be screened functionally – without high-pressure irradiation – by thermography;
and anatomically  (like the colon by detailed external scanning) the breast also in fine detail non-invasively by gentle mechanical tactile – Sure Touch – mapping, instead of damaging crushing irradiation X-ray (like potentially risky internal colonoscopy).

The Natural Medicine Clinic offers state of the art bloodpressure and non-invasive breast, bone, prostate, colon, heart, lung, brain and hormone screening, and Pap smears. Phone for appointment with a specialist.