Healthy aging is all about attaining balance and preventing avoidable disease. Most disease is avoidable if live healthy lives from an early enough age. Simply by controlling your stress, developing real inner peace, eating properly, exercising a little and avoiding drugs, one can prevent many of the problems of aging and disease.

HEALTHSPAN LIFE! supplies only non-patent natural vitamins, minerals, biologicals / herbs, and conditioned essential food micronutrient supplements that are often inadequate in modern diets. For detailed information on the ingredients see the page Product Details and Pricelists.

Supplements include all hormones and enzymes that become deficient with aging or disease, not just from unbalanced diet. They are natural because they occur in nature, formed by natural chemmical processes.

Small doses of essential vitamins and minerals (the historical RDA) – recommended daily allowances – are necessary to avoid classic deficincy diseases like scurvy, rickets or bleeding. However, far bigger (pharmacological) doses may have major medicinal effects: eg. calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium; lithium; the vitamins – betacarotenne, B, C, D, E, K, CoQ10, and the biologicals – alphalipoic acid, carnitine, ribose and many more. For a few such as vitaims C, B1, B5, B8, B9, B12, the more the better – until diarrhoea tells us when we are taking too much (especially vitamin C – there is no other risk of high dose within reason).

ALWAYS exercise and eat healthily – especially coloured veggies, maize, plenty of water; Avoid too much alcohol, fruit, salt, red or preserved meats. Exercise to a good sweat for at least 30 minutes 4 or 5 times a week.

Those on any prescription drugs especially for major illness eg diabetes or depression should inform their health carer that they are taking micronutrients.

Overdose of anything in excess is bad. Caution with kidney failure, cancer, infants, warfarin-consult doctor. If on any prescription drugs especially for major illness eg diabetes, heart or bloodpresure, inform your doctor what you take. Not for infants.keep dry, cool, sealed out of bright light and reach of children. always reduce or stop dose briefly if any new symptoms, then restart more slowly and adjust to benefit.

STOP smoking, sugar, deep fries / cooked foods, and avoid excess emotional stress.

Avoid taking excess alcohol, fruit, salt and red or preserved meats, and eat and exercise healthily – especially green veggies and mealies, and plenty water. On average, overweight is body fat above about 15kg, or in men weight over about 75kg, and in females ~65kg.

Taking entire tub of any supplement at once may cause diarrhoea, nausea, shivering, spasms, dry mouth, excess flushing, or palpitations; but rarely poisoning (eg iron overdose). It may lower raised blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, so patients in whom these are raised should check these while finding the chosen dose, and reduce or stop patent prescription drugs for such problems when eg blood pressure/ sugar/cholesterol normalize. The Metabolic Blends in ovedose can cause hypoglycemia.