We reviewed  metformin-as-primary-prevention-of-obesity-diabetes-and-the-other-major-common-degenerative-diseases-of-aging on 3  March 2008, and have regularly posted updates on why it should be used preventitively instead of waiting perversely and negligently  till  so much damage is done that  diabetes – or its myriad complications-  finally present clinically..

Now a coalition in Atlanta Georgia has published a detailed evaluation of why at least 24 million Americans with prediabetes by strict criteria should be on preventative metformin.  And that 1 adult in 12 is  only the tip of the iceberg of people at risk, the over 50% who are now at risk overweight (BMI > 25kg/sqm) let alone obese (BMI > 27kg), if they dont already have either raised bloodpressure, lipidemia, vascular disease,  raised fasting glucose/ insulin or impaired glucose tolerance ie bloodsugar after a meal, peipheral neuropathy, cancer etc as a consequence of prediabetes toxicity….

In UK a new study indicates that prediabetes increases the risk of developing diabetes 12 fold. And diabetes increases all major risks including vascular, cancer, memory, infective at least 4 fold ie wastes  many years of life and health, at incalculably high cost in both money and suffering.

Since as this column has regularly reviewed, metformin is the only drug proven in 20year randomized controlled trial (UKPDS) in new older diabetics  to reduce all-cause morbidity and deaths  by a third, and in 4 major prevention trials (China, USA, India, Greece) to reduce new diabetes by between 30% and 80%- without the slightest increase in serious risks –  it has long been clear that it is negligent not to prescribe it with appropriate instruction about dose titration from the outset, (and with other appropriate supplements- fish oil, vitamins, minerals, and other natural biologicals -like appropriate HRT and  CoQ10, carnitine etc, and herbs) –  to reduce all complications and motivate, energize  the patient  better to comply with diet and lifestyle advice.  .

So the  paper  by Rhee, Phillips et al in Atlanta  is a landmark study of the century in  confirming the four major diabetes prevention studies so far with metformin on 4 continents (China then USA then India then Greece) , and calculating and showing the mega-benefit reduction in future disease burden  that prediabetic prescription of metformin will bring to fattening mankind from toddlers to seniors, not just to (pre)diabetics and the relative minority of  pre- and reproductive-age females with pre- and   PCOS and gestational (pre)diabetes.

But as we reviewed just a week ago,  despite the platinum-level evidence making the prediabetic prescription of metformin  mandatory, the corporate vested interests of the Disease and Drug Industries against preventitive use of metformin are massive- and generally trump all sense and evidence, the reason why we have been repeatedly harassed and threatened for daring to do the obvious- prescribe the best-tested-ever natural drug appropriately and early to empower weak-willed humans  to stop the tsunami of inevitable fattening.

Vested interest  by Industry -Big Money-  is precisely the same reason that the FDA perversely ignores all evidence and sense in again endorsing  unproven dangerous – and totally unnecessary –  substances  to continue being inflicted on  patients:

eg the FDA’s recent classification of neurotoxic   mercury dental amalgams as harmless despite damning  scientific evidence and advice to the contrary;

and mandatory vaccination with totally unproven and unjustified mercury/aluminium  vaccines against swine flu and  HSV cervix cancer; which mimics like the NHS in Britain then ape. ..



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