Like appropriate HRT and marine EPA-DHA, the plant biological metformin and the human biological CoQ10 ubiquinone are antioxidants, nitric oxide promoters and insulin sensitizers ; and thus significantly lower the  incidence of diabetes, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, vertigo and heart failure as well as cancer; and thus premature aging, disability and death.

Like all our key biologicals, the fat-soluble CoQ10 reduces with aging below our necessary maintenance levels both by failing body production and by failing  diet; and thus becomes essential to supplement ie a vitamin; but especially with disease including diabetes, cancer etc; and in addition is reduced by frying; by the cholesterol-busting statins; by thiazides; by the original biguanide phenformin, as well as some sulphonylureas; by the anaesthetic halothane; by the tricyclic antidepressants; and by some betablockers eg propanolol, metoprolol and alprenolol.   So CoQ10 deficiency becomes universal from middle age, especially on some conventional drugs.

Studies of metformin show that- perhaps through reduced absorption of nutrients from the bowel- it lowers levels of vitamins folic acid and B12; but unlike with phenformin, there are no reports on Pubmed or Google of metformin lowering CoQ levels or vitamin B6 in any species.

Hence although they significantly lower vascular disease, metformin as well as fish oil and appropriate HRT have no benefit in lowering homocysteine level- which mainly vitamins B6 , B9 and B12 do..

But insulin resistance is at the core of the modern pandemic of fattening and hence all common major degenerative diseases of aging. Metformin, appropriate vitamins- minerals, HRT, fish oil and our other biologicals are the most pluripotential and life-extending ‘drugs’ we have; and the failure of some to lower homocysteine as a cardiovascular risk is more than easily compensated by adding  to metformin fish oil and HRT  a simple cocktail of B12, folic acid, coQ10 and other insulin sensitizer /antioxidants like vitamin D & K, calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium , vanadium, and the major synergistic insulin-sensitizing biologicals like arginine, carnitine, ribose, n-acetyl cysteine, MSM, bioflavinoids, the herbs like garlic, ginger, curcumin, stevia, fenugreek etc; as well as plants which do not as yet show insulin-sensitizing property, but indirectly do so by lowering appetite eg coleus and gymnema.

So it is malpractice, dangerous neglect not to include all of these natural nutritional supplements against aging and all disease, including especially as backup for essential designer drugs (psychotropes, diuretics, statins, anaesthetics, prednisone, betablockers, chemotherapy, antibiotics)- none of which address the root causes of the major chronic degenerative diseases, often through aggravating eg insulin resistance, obesity and multiple deficiencies.

Common sense cannot be too strongly stressed: unlike supplements, virtually all invented ie designed modern drugs have major adverse effects at therapeutic or only slightly high doses. All established supplements discussed above eg metformin, vitamins, minerals are safe – and often curative- within reasonable dose range and balance adjusted gradually to tolerance.

A few like metformin and vitamin C may be poorly metabolized ie tolerated in a few people, hence should ALWAYS be started in very low dose and built up gradually to tolerance- usually a few grams a day. Many modern prescription designer (not natural) chronic drugs are potentially risky (but never curative) even well within the recommended prescribed dose.

So if designed ‘drugs’ are combined with supplements, it is the drugs – not supplements- which should be reduced to prevent eg bloodpressure, bloodsugar, cholesterol or bloodclotting from decreasing too far. Since most drugs are based on natural supplements, it is to be understood that appropriate supplements can often make prescription drugs and further tests unnecessary. Your medical scheme, medicines supplier and doctor may not like this, since it makes them feel redundant!



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