So the FDA complains about supplements: “products that have not been shown to be safe and effective for their labeled conditions of use”.
Thats why the FDA was able to block the still-best drugs – the andidiabetic supplement metformin- and the antidepressant supplement  lithium- for decades.
We must agree that the evidence of both safety and efficacy  for many supplements is lacking eg for black cohosh, kava kava for  menopause.
But where is the long-term evidence of “safe and effective” (let alone essential)  for pharma industry  synthetics eg non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, bisphosphonates; sulphonylureas, glitazones, ACEIs, ARBs, SSRIs, anti-platelet,  gabapentin, pregabalin, and  antiAlzheimers agents, ?
The FDA’s double standards ie USA self-interest are endemic not just to USA Administrations (read Gore Vidal, Elaine Feuer, Naomi Klein, Al Gore, Levine & Scott-Clark), but to all Govts, businesses,  most politicians and most  citizens worldwide of the past 40 years if not centuries. No neutral Courts support them.
 But these double standards are why religious and racial and gender  intolerance, fraud, war, genocides and poverty prevail, why mankind (ie greed)  is fast wiping out life on this planet- in our lifetime-, as eg Shute, Miller, Carson and Attwood’s novels so depressingly predict –  in our lifetime.


  1. I think they (FDA) should just not go around inducing bans on products without proper consultation with all stakholders.

  2. well, i think that there is some evidence of kava kava hepatotoxicity for example, a patient should know that serious adverse effect

  3. sure eltoraxico is correct. Kava was banned here a few years ago for that reason. perhaps harshly so since black cohosh got only a black box warning.
    They seem to share similar rare risk- and have no proven benefit, at least for the ~decade of MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS,
    for which there are proven safe natural remedy (eg the human biological GABA) , as well as permanent appropriate combined sexhormone replacement- which has multisystem benefits longterm, and no significant risks- see other earlier discussions in this column. and the International and British Menopause Society websites.

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