In the latest BBC-NHS lament, is it targets, or common sense that are being missed ? * NHS ‘falling behind’ on diabetes *(Targets for improving diabetes care may be missed as local health providers are failing to offer key services.)

It is common cause that, while the majority of earthlings are increasingly starving, the haves are in a pandemic of obesity; and that (alcoholism and smoking aside), overweight is the leading cause of the common major degenerative diseases.

It takes no Nobel prizework to see that increasing obesity begets lack of exercise and insulin resistance in a vicious spiral, and that the chief dietary risk factor for increasing obesity is especially the pernicious sugar we add daily, in fast foods, cooldrink, fruit juice etc; and cooked fats.

So all it takes is enforced public warning (on sold sugar, cooldrinks and fast food) that regular sugar and cooked/animal fats are dangerous -eat mainly fresh rainbow- coloured produce, and fat-free cooking;

and the early introduction of natural insulin sensitizer / appetite /weight regulating supplements as soon as increasing weight is apparent- natural sensitizers like fish oil 4gms a day, and a simple blend of vits A to E; magnesium, chromium, zinc, vanadium; cinnamon, garlic, fenugreek, tumeric, coleus, gymnema, galega; and crucial human biologicals that deplete like CoQ10, lipoic acid, arginine, ribose, carnitine. And in older ie hypogonadal people, appropriate physioogical (ie non-oral)HRT (testosterone, plus estradiol for women).

It has been clearly demonstrated in major published studies for years that the 85year old galega derivative metformin taken to tolerance ie built up gradually from about 125mg/day to a dose short of diarrhoea (often 2.5-3gm/day) – without any serious adverse events if adjusted for tolerance (nausea, bloating, diarrhoea) – safely-
1. as permanent prevention halves the incidence of new type 2 diabetes and reverses weigh gain by about 1/2kg a month; and
2. as treatment of type 2 diabetes, approximately halves all deaths and major chronic degenerative diseases. No other antidiabetic or anti-obesity prescription drugs achieve this, and therefore should not be prescribed.

But the natural supplements listed above do not need a prescription (for metformin) or a doctor;
they address far wider health issues (eg vascular, brain, cancer, immune, infectious) than even the unique panacea metformin does alone.
Supplements being taken should always be reported to any doctor consulted about serious illness (although the doctor may not be aware of their numerous benefits as the originl natural drugs which modern prescription drugs try vainly to mimic, and which the unmarketed supplements can mostly outdo).


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