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Eight major new studies (below)  published this year confirm that old is best, and give the lie to costly marketing-hype trials trying to promote newer anti-hypertensive ( beta-, calcium channel- and angiotensin blockers), anticholesterol (statin), antidiabetic and antithrombotic blockbuster drugs. 

So the Veterans, MRC, TOMHS, SHEP, ALLHAT, German Reserpine, Cache County, USA, UK, Indian, Chinese and now Turkish, POISE, Australian and the Eniwa antidiabetes, antihypertension and cardiovascular studies. show that one can achieve unsurpassed prevention and treatment of a range of conditions –

overweight or already diabetic, hypertension, stroke, heart-failure, thrombosis, arrhythmia, lipidemia, diabetes, dementia and all-cause premature death –

using low-dose diuretic – ideally co-amiloretic 7 to 13.5mg/d, (or a buchu-dandelion-calmag-potassium equivalent) plus low-dose reserpine 0.05 to 0.1mg (or the herbal parent rauwolfia extract), plus metformin (or the herbal parent galega with other highly effective insulin sensitizer / appetitie regulators), including fish oil 3 – 4gm/day.

Trials for 30 years have shown that only the plant extract metformin reduces all deaths in type 2 diabetes

–         In the 20year UKPDS (Holman ea) only metformin lowered all major diseases and deaths by 36%;

–         In a Canadian Medicaid Program (Johnson ea), metformin halved deaths in diabetics over 5 years.

Now Servier’s ten-thousand patient ACCORD trial (in North America) confirms that, in contrast to the parallel  but less aggressive ten thousand patient ADVANCE trial in the rest of the world, RELATIVE TO METFORMIN, multiple drugs to lower HBA1c intensively below 6.5% increase deaths by 22% by the 2nd yr, from heart attack, hypoglycemia etc. 

The higher death rate in ACCORD was associated, inter alia, with much higher use (than in ADVANCE) of insulin; glitazone; incretins; sulphonylurea; statin – none of which prevented a mean of 3kg weight gain. (There was no such weight gain in ADVANCE).

Since humans first became aware of the dangers of human indolence and overeating, observation has shown an inexorable link between increasing overweight and morbidity and premature mortality.

Drug companies (and their paid armies of researchers and lay / academic lobbyists) will not or cannot accept the obvious, that lipidemia and hyperglycemia are not the prime causes of disease that need to be suppressed, but are simply manifestations of disturbed metabolism due to excess calorie (and often salt) intake, leading to insulin resistance.

So they keep churning out new data promoting new antihypertensives, statins and hypoglycaemic agents – which massive studies like TOMHS, SHEP, ALLHAT, UKPDS, PROactive and now ACCORD and the Australian antihypertensive metanalysis debunk.

“Authorities” (which as in South Africa, UK and the EU, downplay metformin or lowdose reserpine / rauwolfia and lowdose diuretics) are mostly (it seems) paid panderers to Big Pharma’s (the drug industry’s) zeal to sell newer blockbusters at any cost. They thereby deny the overweight public the best anti-lipidemia, weight-limiting and antihypertensive agents available.

For the Disease Industry, only disease pays – cheap effective prevention does not.

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