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Health- slante, l’chaim!, hayah, sawubona! – in any country or language  is a blessing, a gift- not a right. It is insurance that has to be planned and enforced. Leaving it to fate, illness and hoping for a cure is often too late, sometimes crippling if not often  fatal. With comprehensive natural supplements, we can and should all die peacefully at an  active fit advanced  age  90years +  –   not old, incapacitated and demented. We owe this prevention to both ourselves, our  kids and our aging seniors.

So sensible lifestyle aside, promoting health  includes simple low-cost  (no-xray/no-laboratory) periodic screening:  for all,  from childhood:  of weight,  girth, eyes, teeth, bloodpressure, brainfunction- memory; and ultrasound bones – at any pharmacy/ optometrist, school or clinic;                         and  for women:  checking the breasts and pelvis for risk of  cancer.

The HealthSpanLife  South African Natural Medicine Clinic SANMC next to Cavendish Mall on the slopes of Table Mountain in beautiful Cape Town – one of the favourite world tourist  and heritage centres-  is a specialist clinic  staffed by experienced  registered professional practitioners- a medical internist specialist  (also UK registered);  a homeopath;  and a Muslim nursing sister.

It provides  one-stop holistic screening and diagnostics, and – uniquely-  evidence-based  natural remedies- nutritional support for all symptoms and chronic conditions-  also  for menopause-andropause-genitourinary- breast-sexual dysfunction- obesity-pain/headache –chiropractic  and detox ,

as well as if needed  appropriate modern specialized  testing and prescription medicines for all chronic major conditions including bio-identical hormone replacement for both genders (including implants);

and integrated referrals nearby (and in Gauteng)  as patients desire eg for autism, acupuncture, aromatherapy, physiotherapy, aquarobics,  advanced scopes, delicate restorative micro (eg hands, toes)-as well as major (eg bariatric, spinal,eye-, ear- neuro-)  surgery, infertility, xray/other scans, cancer, hyperbaric oxygen, spiritual intervention, psychiatric-hypno- therapy, and eg genetic profiling and counselling,   dialysis and transplantation, and stem cell therapy. …

Gentle Non-xray  ultrasound bone-density measurement (recommended by Cape Town , UK, and USA universities),  and tactile mechanical breast mapping (recommended by CANSA, UK, USA, Indian and Chinese studies) are available at SANMC (and in Gauteng) by appointment, and are covered by some medical aid plans;  whereas menopause consultations are covered by all open plans.

As typified by a new review last month,    World opinion is to use xray  mammography and  xray bone density imaging  only as last resort and only  in the elderly – or in staging those with breast cancer- because of the major problems and risks of xray imaging..   As world experts Profs Cornelia Baines epidemiologist in Canada, Mike Baum breast surgeon  in London and Peter Gotzsche epidemiologist  in Denmark  say,  there never has been any independent scientific evidence to support hazardous routine mass mammography crush xray screening of well women, let alone any repeated mass xray screening for decades, or the dangerous fictitious marketing hype of the American radiology-Breast Surgeons and Curves International nonsense  that xray mammo screening saves lives ..

While health tariffs must rise with inflation,  where med aid doesn’t cover, New Year 15% discount applies through January on cash-paid clinic services and in-house products. . .

For out-of-town/ overseas  visitors, accommodation and travel locally and throughout Africa and beyond can be arranged by outside experts around  clinic appointments. .

For appointments visit  the SANMC at 1st floor no.  15 Grove Medical Bldg on Pearce St  cnr Grove Ave (parking opposite at ABSA on Grove);    or  phone +2721-6831465/  -6717415; or fax  +27865657215; or email the manageress, doctors or Sister at  to discuss needs,  timing and preliminary costing. For details, references  and rationale for screening and prevention,  see



Joey Basson writes January 28, 2010

I used Primogyn Depot for about 20 years, but I believe it has been discontinued in South Africa. I am now really struggling to find something that really works for me.

The injection was perfect. Do you have any suggestions?

reply: Hi Joey,


Now the only way we are going to get such injections back in RSA is if there is enough interest to fight through the red tape to import from overseas. But South African administration is now so degenerate   under the corrupt  Zumas that it takes 2 years to get desperately needed doctors and sisters registered here – and who cares about appropriate HRT for the aging? Certainly not the notorious “doctor” or “Rev”  Zumas since they dont give a fig for evidence or human -especially  the poor and womens’-  rights..

if you live too far away, we can do a personal consult by email+- phone +- skype – via the necessary questionnaire by email- for you to discuss and implement with your local GP.

see numerous updates the past year at

22 March 2009

An update review by Barry Wren from an Australian Menopause Clinic again debunks the myth that appropriate HRT in postmenopausal women PMW increases the risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular  disease CVD and thrombosis. It  stresses that “benefits of HRT include  less:  symptoms of menopause;  osteoporotic fractures,  ischaemia and cardiovascular-related death, forgetfulness, dementia and colorectal cancer; and  improved well-being, quality of life,  vagina, sexual enjoyment and bladder capacity,  with increased longevity. Oral  OHT doubles the risk of thromboembolism”. But on it’s own  in the young women in the Womens’ Health Initiative, oral equine estrogen (premarin)  reduced all major risks even new breast cancers and death from breast cancer.

As we hear regularly in women who have unwisely followed hysterical advice to stop HT,  stopping appropriate HT leads to fairly rapid loss of many of the above benefits. It has been  obvious for a century if not millennia   that permanent appropriate Human Hormone Replacement HRT of any of the dozens of our hormones that run out   is  (like a complete supplement of all the vitamins, minerals and the biologicals other than HRT)  prudent if not essential.

But we have to understand the reasons, risks and different regimes available. Nobody may prescribe or administer any sex HT Hormone Therapy without the necessary up-to-date training and experience, ensuring that the patient is having the necessary periodic examinations to ensure both safety and that the SHRT is appropriate. So patients must not self-treat with over-the-counter  supplements.

But only doctors and pharmacists who have costly current dispensing licenses may dispense and compound any hormone creams. And oral HT including phyto/plant hormones are  under suspicion of promoting cancer long term, let alone hepatic first pass effects like thrombosis and gallstones, and fluid retention oedema and hypertension (Genazzani ea 2008) .

INJECTION: tiny safe self-injection of combined hormone subcutaneously  (like insulin) is easy every one to three weeks, as most men use for HRT.  Monthly injection of depot preparations that last about three weeks  is not advised for anyone, especially not women with a womb as they are liable to have break-through periods. But unlike men, many women prefer to use hormone creams daily. The Depot hormone injections have climbed in price – what is now available averages about R75 per month. BUT (unless she gets the injection from her doctor regularly & proportionately every 1 to 3 weeks), women have to lay out about R1000 for self-injection (since  pharmacists will not likely  split a multi-vial or a set of three vials).

Provided that they ensure that they are appropriately trained in such therapy, all doctors are licensed to give periodic chronic injections – which should always be exclusively by tiny subcutaneous injection to avoid the notorious ie potentially crippling complications of intramuscular injections. But if nothing else is required, doctors are entitled to charge about R100 fee for the responsibility of an injection visit. Like insulin, patients easily learn to give it themselves- for men about 160mg depot-testosterone every 2wks (as opposed to 1gm testosterone undecanoate Nebido every 3 months- or about 1/10th of the male dose for women deficient in testosterone).

Synthetic ie xenohormones – those not normally produced by humans- eg progestins, ethinylestradiol-  may be invaluable (although by no means essential)  for birth control; but should not be used for PMW, especially not orally.

USING CREAMS: it is indeed best for women to (initially) juggle the balance of the three hormones  (all of which are made to the highest standard in South Africa)  until you have determined what ratio and quantity suits you best.

For the slim small older woman who needs both hot flash control and energizing, memory, ache relief:  the first priority is to control hot flashes, skin & hair without arousing breast and womb discomfort:

so try the 0.25% Bies(trogen) (E2 + E3- usually 1:4 ratio)  initially 1/2 ml scoop 1 – 2 x/day with the progesterone 3% cream initially just ¼ to 1/3 ml scoop a day ie 4 to 1 or 3:1 . This is ideally rubbed into the face as makeup- or if you like, dilute them in simple aqueous cream. Increase the combined dose to double if necessary to get control of the flashes – but the higher the Biest dose, the higher the risk of waking the breasts and womb, or getting thrombosis and ankle swelling.

And (unless your androgen level is still high) use just enough Testosterone cream 0.5% eg 1/2 to 1 scoop once (or twice) a day – below the waist ie vaginally or between the thighs or on the soft sole of the foot – to energize, improve alertness, libido, muscle and bone strength. Supplementing estrogen and progesterone alone may suppress necessary androgen.

In the bigger plump younger woman, who desires memory, energy, fat loss and libido rather than hot flash and skin improvement, using testosterone below the waist and progesterone on the face in the above gradually increasing doses often suffices, without the fattening and breast-womb arousing risks of extra estrogen. Such women often make enough estrogen from testosterone and in their excess fat stores.

But once the average women is well past 60yrs, low-dose estrogen often becomes advisable anyway for balance.

Old women benefit from and tolerate perhaps 1/6th to 1/10th the doses of appropriate balanced  human sex hormones of younger women.

THE THREE PRIME HUMAN SEX HORMONES: there are no risks from any appropriate HRT, only risks from avoiding it. Progesterone alone lacks some of the benefits of testosterone and estrogen eg on muscle- bone and hearing. Of the three hormone types, only androgen protects and improves muscle mass and strength. Testosterone excess (hairy face, acne, anger, clitoris growth, husky voice) is easily avoided with sensible balanced dose adjustment. Progesterone and testosterone have major benefits that estrogen may lack eg on hyperimmunity and inner hostility- issues that may not concern the gyne surgeon.

(Bi)Estrogen excess-  especially if used  alone-  does the reverse (of testosterone): promotes endometriosis and breast activation; excess actually weakens muscle eg bladder leak by melting collagen; it fattens; has little benefit directly on depression (although it does reduce dryness and pain); may promote thrombosis since unlike testosterone it does not diminish clotting; and may promote anxiety, hostility- this is why progesterone cream is often the best for monthly PMS and for perimenopausal anxiety (against the raging hostility from estrogen swings).

Above all else, remember that estrogen stimulates both breasts and womb- so estrogen must always be balanced by enough progesterone and(/or) testosterone. And if the hormones are allowed to run out by widening the gap between injections beyond two weeks, or between cream doses by more than two days, vaginal bleeding likely will occur.

The initial outlay cost of the three different hormone creams is up to R500 retail- you find out for yourself how long each tub lasts; as opposed to having an experienced pharmacy eg the manufacturing AntiAging pharmacy in Gauteng  compound ie mix what you want in one or two tubs that will last a few months. Try your local pharmacy – but finding one with experience is difficult.

PREVENTION? OR WAITING FOR DISEASE FROM NEGLECT TO CRIPPLE YOU? Many  gynecologists (like urologists) are primarily surgeons concerned with reproduction, menstrual, pelvic and cancer problems, and treat the menopause years often with fattening hormone pills (HT- which have more risks) and surgery..  They do not have to deal with the much wider irreversible medical problems of old age (obesity-diabetic, insulin resistance, lipidemia, vascular, immune, fracturing, arthritic, visual and hearing loss,  depression, and dementias – and no least, common sudden premature death)# – which are largely AVOIDABLE with appropriate natural supplements from the beginning, including balanced non-oral human sex hormones. As a BBC news report this month  says, memory (ie cellular) deterioration  begins on average  before age thirty.

It is not the gynecologist, but patients  and Family/ general practitioners GPs and specialist physicians including endocrinologists and geriatricians who have to deal long term and medically (not surgically)  with these easily preventable crippling killer diseases..  Surgery cannot address the basic pathogenic cause of chronic degenerative disease.

The discomfort and fattening of the 5-10 MENOPAUSE years is a concern for all doctors – and the earlier the menopause (whether natural or surgical), the more important it is to start appropriate simple balanced non-oral HRT and other effective medical prevention of fattening and diabetes eg other insulin sensitizers like metformin. Avoiding the late postmenopausal  silent killer degenerative diseases of aging (# above) is crucial  essential duty of doctors – but mostly of patients themselves,  since- obstetrics and trauma  aside-  most doctors earn more by disease than by prevention..


Fighting the 8th AGE: the mandatory panacea metformin and other natural supplements.

Exciting new anti-aging evidence has been published this year:

The Bard  spelled out the 7 ages of man. Now we know we have to deal with more AGEs – Advanced Glycation End Products- , and more evidence to prolong the healthy ages of man.

GLYCATION: some of us are fudge addicts. Fortunately with the natural supplements available, we can have  a little of our cake and safely eat it.

But as Wiki details,  such  lethal exogenous glycations and (AGEs) Advanced Glycation Endproducts “are typically formed when sugars are cooked with proteins or fats (eg fudge, baked puddings, sweet crackling/baked beans !). Temperatures over 120°C (~248°F) greatly accelerate the reactions, but so do  lower temperatures with longer cooking times. These compounds are digested with about 30% efficiency. Browning reactions (usually Maillard type reactions – like fudge, crackling!) are evidence of pre-formed glycations. Indeed, sugar is often added to products such as french fries and baked goods to enhance browning. Glycation may also contribute to the formation of acrylamide, a potential carcinogen, during cooking. Until recently, it was thought that exogenous glycations and AGEs were negligible contributors to inflammation and disease states, but recent work has shown that they are important.”

“Although most   research work has been done with reference to diabetes, these results are important for all, as exogenous AGEs are implicated in the initiation of retinal dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, cancer and many other age-related chronic diseases. Food manufacturers have added AGEs to foods, especially in the last 50 years, as flavor enhancers and colorants to improve appearance. Foods with significant browning, caramelization, or with directly added preformed AGEs can be exceptionally high in these proinflammatory and disease initiating compounds. A long list of foods with very high exogenous AGEs includes:  donuts, barbecued meats, cake, and dark colored soda pop”

This explanation of one of the root causes of the multisystem degenerative diseases of aging dispels the myths that the fast food chain and what the  Drug Industry promotes are healthy, that we need a patent drug per disease eg statin for lipidemia, antihypertensives for hypertension, anti thrombotics for thromboses,  anti-inflammatories  for pain, etc.

GALEGA METFORMIN: THE LONGEST-USED ANTIGLYCATION MEDICINAL:  The longest randomized controlled drug trial RCT ever, the UKPDS (Holman 2008) in type 2 diabetes DM2 showed that long term metformin double-blind for up to 20 years (mean 13.6yrs) (and up to 30years open use), lowers all-cause morbidity and mortality by about 1/3.  Other anti-diabetic drugs eg Sulphonylureas by contrast do little but lower hyperglycemia – without reducing mortality, but adding major risk of hypoglycemia – increasing the risk of dementia long term..

According to Schnider and Kohn from Ohio in 1980 (via Pubmed) , the concept of advanced  glycation/glycosylation in human aging and diabetes was  already well described, so the clinical concept is over 35 years old — but metformin has been under intensive research since 1922 ie for over 85years, and in human use (as the parent herb galega officinalis) for thousands of years – although the first mention on Pubmed of metformin as a blocker of glycation end products was in 1995. .

A new Dutch study (Kooy 2009) in humans has confirmed that metformin (850-2550mg/d) in the medium-term (a mean of 4.3yrs) added to insulin in DM2 lowers macrovascular endpoints by 39% p.02, weight by a mean of 3kg, and insulin requirement by 20iu/d.

A Buenos Aires study (Schurman 2009) notes that “AGEs  are implicated in the complications of diabetes and aging, affecting several tissues: in bone cells in culture, metformin treatment of osteoblastic cells prevented these AGE-induced alterations.”

There can be no doubt that,  given that the lethality of advanced obesity and  DM2 is as bad as smoking, it is crucial to reverse early ie prevent from developing all the mechanisms of obesity- diabetic damage including from hyperglycema itself; wasting from intracellular energy deficit due to insulin resistance; oxidation, nitric oxide deficiency; and above all else, AGEs from sugars fusing with fats or protein – especially fructose.  “It appears that fructose and galactose have approximately ten times the glycation activity of glucose, the primary body fuel. Glycation is the first step in evolution of these molecules through a complex series of very slow reactions in the body known as Amadori reactions, Schiff base reactions, and Maillard reactions; all lead to AGEs.  Some AGEs are benign, but others are more reactive than the sugars they are derived from, and are implicated in many age-related chronic diseases such as: type I and II diabetes mellitus (beta cell damage), cardiovascular diseases (endothelium, fibrinogen, and collagen are damaged), Alzheimer’s disease Vitek ea 1994 (amyloid proteins are side-products of the reactions progressing to AGEs), cancer (acrylamide and other side-products are released), peripheral neuropathy (myelin is attacked), and other sensory losses -deafness ( demyelination) and blindness (mostly  microvascular damage in the retina).”

“This range of diseases is the result of the very basic level at which glycations interfere with molecular and cellular functioning throughout the body. Glycated substances are eliminated from the body slowly, since the renal clearance factor is only about 30% ie half-life about double the average cell life. As a consequence, long-lived cells (such as nerves, brain cells), long-lasting proteins (such as eye crystalline and collagen), HBA1c and DNA may accumulate substantial damage over time. Metabolically-active cells such as the glomeruli in the kidneys, retina cells in the eyes, and beta cells (insulin-producing) in the pancreas are also at high risk of damage. The endothelial cells of the blood vessels are damaged directly by glycations, implicated in atherosclerosis. Atherosclerotic plaque tends to accumulate at areas of high blood flow (such as the entrance to the coronary arteries) due to  increased presentation of sugar molecules, glycations and AGEs at these points. Damage by glycation results in stiffening of the collagen in the blood vessel walls, leading to high blood pressure. Glycations also cause weakening of the collagen in the blood vessel walls, which may lead to micro- or macro-aneurysms; causing strokes if in the brain.”.

As Desai & Wu from University  Saskatchewan  sum up  2007,” AGEs are unavoidable byproducts of various metabolic pathways formed by reactive metabolic intermediates such as methylglyoxal (MG), glyoxal, and 3-deoxyglucosone. These reactive intermediates bind to proteins, DNA, and other molecules and disrupt their structures and functions, leading to aging – vascular complications of diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease. In recent years, compounds that prevent the formation of AGEs or degrade the existing AGEs have been recognized or patented including 1. galega-metformin -guanidine; 2. pioglitazone (patented), 3 angiotensin blockers , 4) pentoxyfylline (patented), 5) metal ion chelators desferoxamine and penicillamine, 6) antioxidants such as vitamin C or E, etc.. ”

CROSS-LINKAGE AND AGING: Ward Dean 2009 spells out “the Crosslinkage Theory of Aging: AGEs and Crosslinkages – New Respect for Crosslinkage Theory.  Dr Johan Bjorksten in 1941 first proposed The Cross-linkage Theory of Aging   that aging was caused by inter- and intramolecular crosslinks in proteins, nucleic acids, and other vital macromolecules that caused them to gradually stiffen and lose their function”.

OTHER ANTI-AGEs BLOCKERS: Cataract formation is associated with low vitamin C (Tessier 1998); while Quian ea in 2000 showed that both vits C & E lowered AEGs in diabetic rats. Other natural AGEs blockers include taurine; L-Carnosine, L-Arginine, DMAE dimethylaminoethanol ;   PABA (para aminobenzoic acid); Thiamine HCl ; Alpha R Lipoic acid; Pyridoxal 5’ phosphate;  and to inhibit Amadori products: EDTA,  vits B1,B6, C & E , coQ10, Green Tea, Hawthorn, Grape Seed, Milk Thistle, Ginger Root, Ginkgo, bioflavinoids (Morimitsu 1995 ); curcumin ; and melatonin (Sailaja 2000);  to which one can add for antiaging:  huperzine A and DMAE.

Many companies are racing to market new ie patentable synthetic anti-AGEs agents like peptides ; benfotiamine and pyridoxamine . But as with some 1000 available natural insulin sensitizers, there are plenty of natural anti-AGEs supplements, starting with : galega officinalis (50% guanidine with negligible content of galegine) and it’s extracts aminoguanidine, galegine and dimethylguanidine-metformin. Already in 1999 Tanaka ea showed in rats that metformin treatment may be effective in the prevention of diabetic complications through not only lowering plasma glucose, but also directly inhibiting AGEs formation.   Sowers 2002 theorizes that the reason that statins “do not reverse endothelium-dependent and -independent vascular dysfunction in DM2 (in contrast to in non-diabetics) is precisely because of AGEs.  But Jinnouchi 2006 shows that atorvastatin also reduces AGES.

These studies affirm that  METFORMIN is the Gold Standard (Bailey ea 2007: Merck Sante), arguably both the safest and the most pluripotential therapeutic agent ever discovered, being an age-old medicinal plant extract (Werner and Bell 1922).

So we do not need patent designer inhibitors (of AEGs  or reactive oxygen species or insulin resistance or lipidemia or inflammation or appetite-weight gain) – there are dozens available from nature, with galega- metformin the longest and  broadest potential proven and used, that when simply and safely titrated slowly upwards to good tolerance, at least halves the incidence of new diabetes and thus adds at least a decade to health and longevity.

THE GODDESS PANACEA: A panacea is defined as a “cure all”, to “retard the aging process”, and to increase the “quality of life”. Today a balanced diet and lifestyle is far from a guarantee of healthspan.  Despite  denial by  the food and drug industry (aka the FDA, the Disease Industry  who want to suppress the old so as to sell  their   new  designer patents) metformin fulfills all the criteria for a panacea in a stressed fattening population, from promoting copulation, conception and pregnancy to healthy  old age.

An old study from Germany (Hammes 1996)  shows again a potential trap of testing one substance in isolation and in rodents – in this case, EPA + DHA (as Maxepa) about 130mg/day for 6 months if anything harmed the retina in diabetic rats. Does this have any bearing on the global benefits of natural EPA+DHA and brod supplements  in  humans?

By contrast, El-seweidy ea in Egypt in 2002  showed also in diabetic rats that “combined treatment with galega (aminoguanidine) and omega3  markedly reduced all the adverse blood markers and nearly restored the atrophy of islets of Langerhans and the peripheral lymphocytic infiltration compared to untreated diabetic rats and those treated only with guanidine.”

The cardinal principle of nutrition and medicine is synergy- that we do not or should not eat single foods in isolation, nor expect disease to respond to a single extract/medicine;   nutrients and nutriceuticals complement each other. This is obviously contrary to the imperative of the Disease Industry to sell a profiteering rainmaker snake-oil per disease..

GALEGA/METFORMIN AS MANDATORY PREVENTION AND THERAPY: The common lethal poisons that humans consume – sugar, salt, alcohol, aspirin, paracetamol, ibrufen and cigarettes – are freely sold over the counter.

Metformin must thus similarly be released for over the counter sale as the only proven panacea (aside perhaps from fish oil) and the only drug ever in RCT for 20year AND  proven to be without any major adverse effect – including for halving deaths in diabetes, and (in four major trials on four different continents) halving the incidence of new diabetes in the overweight, and reversing progressive weight gain. And it can be simply and cheaply manufactured from basic chemicals in 5 minutes.

It  must thus be made mandatory prescription to tolerance for prevention obesity and diabetes in the overweight (ie those whose BMI persists despite attempted correction above about 25kg/sqm),  let alone in all diabetics.


The first two chapters have covered musculskeletal, cancer and cardiovascular diseases and HRT.

THE COMMON PATHOPHYSIOLOGIES:  So apart from genetic programming, there are at least six possible pathophysiologies common to the preventable aging co-morbidities of apoptosis (our predestined cell death- only cancer cells are immortal) , fattening-diabetes-cancer; osteoporosis-fractures, and CVD-stroke.

What ranking to give them depends on the individual and tribe.

*catabolism by (relative) gonadopause ie sexhormone deficiency without a balancing fall in catabolic cortisol levels- especially when gonadopause is brought on early by sterilization, hysterectomy, infection, cancer therapy, other chronic disease, or high stress and pollution;

*nitric oxide depletion;

*lifelong and progressive deficiency of the score other human biologicals- especially the marine essential fatty acids (EPA eicosapentanoic acid and DHA docosahexanoic acid- so essential from conception to death for both cell maintenance and immunity;

*increased reactive oxygen species ROS due to falling endogenous and dietary antioxidants;

*common aging-related deficiency of  minerals eg magnesium, calcium, zinc, chromium, lithium, selenium, manganese, boron,  (iron); vitamins; and human biologicals eg chondroglucosamine, CoQ10, carnitine, ribose, arginine, carnosine, Nacetylcysteine (and the sex hormones);

*insulin resistance – prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, diabetes; and

*accumulating overload of: multiple metals eg cadmium, iron, aluminium, mercury, lead, arsenic, asbestos, copper (even zinc and iron); radiation; and estrogenics eg pesticides, plastics and sexhormone tablets, and from smoking, food and environmental pollution, that can simultaneously promote cancer, neuro-/vascular and osteoporosis problems.

There is a huge basket of natural supplements- fish oil, cal-mag zinc, boron, lithium, the vitamins A (bcarotene) to K, and the human biologicals (eg proline, CoQ10, arginine, ribose, carnitine and appropriate hormone balance with eg testosterone-estradiol -progesterone, growth hormone), and galega and other herb extract. These are trophic in improving anabolism ie immune protection, tissue regrowth, antioxidation, optimal NO levels, and preventing sugar tissue damage- advanced glycation end products AGES, atheroma and arteriosclerosis as well as collagen and mineral loss from diverse muscle and bone – ie preventing many of the risk factors for both fractures (frailty, weak bones and muscles – skeletal and smooth ie gastrointestinal and heart ) and vascular and immune and malignant disease .

Given the common pathogenic factors of all the common major aging diseases, one should simply add the natural supplements- arginine glutamine and proline, vitamins, minerals, glucosamine-chondroitin, and the other natural insulin sensitizers eg N acetyl cysteine, ribose, carnitine, CoQ10 and galega officinalis, to combat all aging diseases; and when hypogonadism becomes likely- with chronic illness, or from middle age- add appropriate parenteral balanced physiological-dose testosterone-estradiol- progesterone to restore the average levels of healthy slim youthful adults.

Detox: While some of these above supplements may be chelators – removers of heavy metals- in their own right, the high prevalence of metal overload may justify routine addition to supplements (within recognized tolerance and safe limits) of extra harmless non-prescription chelators like, vitamin C, thiamine, magnesium, selenium, zinc, garlic, lipoic acid, malic acid, and bromelain, and the aminoacids eg calcium EDTA, carnitine, cysteine.


with plenty of research to prove it, it is never too early, and never too late, to  do easily what’s necessary to avoid most of the risks for the linked aging diseases that disable and kill prematurely – frailty, obesity-diabetes, circulatory (heart, stroke), arthritic, fracturing, blinding, deafening, dementing and early death.

What’s necessary is simply

*sensible diet and lifestyle including exercise and recreation;

*lifelong appropriate vigorous nutritional supplements including appropriate hormone replacement; and

*avoidance of smoking and overweight, sugar and cooked fats, and if possible avoidance of any modern man-invented drugs (or foodstuffs eg aspartamate, cornstarch) for chronic use including hormone therapy- especially man-designed hormones, and drugs invented to replace natural drugs eg to reduce cholesterol, obesity, fractures, pain, anxiety, depression, hypertension, memory loss etc.

Usually both natural supplements and other complementary therapies, and old proven “drugs” (like metformin for overweight/ infertility/ diabetes, or lowdose reserpine + lowdose co-amilothiazide as baseline therapy for all hypertension) are both safer and better- if not as fast- as modern marketed therapies.

(for detailed scientific links and refs, see the technical version of 13 Sept 2008)


This new prospective study from Italy confirms that, provided symptoms are reported promptly and treatment is conservative and appropriate, few women with breast cancer (perhaps 1% a year) die of it – ~83% die of other causes.

Thus care must be taken from early on to prevent all the other causes of premature death and disability- overweight; frailty fractures, diabetic- vascular disease, arthritis, visual and hearing loss, arthritis, infections, incontinence and dementia. Best results are obtained with lowcost combination of the natural full range of appropriate vigorous ~15 vitamins, ~10 minerals, ~35 biologicals and some herbs.

Elderly breast cancer patients treated by conservative surgery alone plus adjuvant tamoxifen: Fifteen-year results of a prospective study. Martelli G, et al National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy.Cancer. 2008; 112; 3: 481-488
The authors followed 354 prospectively recruited women aged >/=70 years who had primary, operable breast cancer and no palpable axillary lymph nodes. All 354 women were treated with conservative surgery and adjuvant tamoxifen and without axillary dissection or postoperative radiotherapy. Women who had resection margins in tumor tissue were excluded. Endpoints were cumulative incidence of axillary disease, cumulative incidence of ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR), and breast cancer mortality. RESULTS.: After a median follow-up of 15 (14-17) years, breast cancer mortality was 17%; the crude cumulative incidence was 4.2% (4% in pathologic T1 [pT1] tumors) for axillary disease, 8.3% (7.3% in pT1 tumors) for IBTR. . Of the 268 patients who died during follow-up, 222 patients (83%) died from causes unrelated to breast cancer. CONCLUSIONS.: Elderly patients with early breast cancer and no palpable axillary lymph nodes may be safely treated safety by conservative surgery without axillary dissection and without postoperative radiotherapy, provided that surgical margins are in tumor-free tissue and that hormone therapy is administered. Sentinel lymph node biopsy is also unnecessary because of the low cumulative incidence of axillary disease, and axillary surgery can be reserved for the small proportion of patients who later develop overt axillary disease.


The Frisinas’ work (Univ Rochester) showing that estrogen protects but progestin worsens hearing is news, brought to our attention by Dr Joe Mercola’s email. Another nail in the coffin of the synthetic progestins.

The Frisinas stress that age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) is the number one communication disorder, and it is one of the top three chronic medical conditions of elderly persons.

Invariable simultaneous age-related hearing and sight loss associate with massive global impairment and early mortality.

Does human progesterone, and the aldosterone mimic Florinef have adverse or protective effect on hearing? Considering that all studies show largely opposite none-gyne effects of human vs synthetic progestins, androgens and estrogens, such discordance seems unlikely.

These questions have huge implications for the better-off, since tens of millions are using progestins/ progesterone (for both contraception and HT) without objective evidence of need or benefit: risk; and millions are using prednisone (or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories) where androgen +- cortisone/ aldosterone might be much better.

Download the entire article here:

Preserving sight, sound and the senses.

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