Senior  Family General (all-ages) & Internist  practitioner (during shop hours if available and)  after  hours;  5 minutes above Claremont station or below Harfield station. Consultations  by appointment up to 20.30pm from 08.30am if available.  .  Holistic integrative natural medicine practice (pain relief, infection/cancer/obesity screening & prevention) in a non-hospital medical centre.
(No emergencies- these must go to nearest hospital ER). Safe parking in ABSA parkade opposite.

or consultations by Telephone/email  where appropriate,

office  15B, 1st Floor Grove Bldg, Grove Ave, Claremont 7700 Cape Town;or Stafford St Harfield Village.).

appts: ph Reception office hrs  Reyhana 021 6831465  .
After hrs ph doctor personal   0836299160 all hrs                  07.00 – 21.00. .
doctor@healthspanlife.com  fax 0865657215

if available, usual consulting hours 7 days a week 1300-1800,  unless by arrangement
MEMBER OF: Longevity Research Foundation Phoenix Arizona.
   Local & International Societies for Study of: Royal Society;kidney Association;Faculty of Consulting Physicians of South Africa; Menopause and Aging Males,Hypertension, Sexual Health.  Insurance, Disability Grant and Professional Driving Permit Assessments.

Preferred Provider: Discovery Health & some other schemes

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