The  trials  under way of progesterone in brain injury ; estradiol post menopause; melatonin; and cardiac glycosides are   the culmination of a century  of reported numerous benefits of combined natural human hormones and especially  steroids– vitamin D, DHEA, pregnenolone, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, aldosterone, digoxin (let alone other  even more crucial human biologicals  -eg the ‘marine’ EPA/DHA; GABA; growth hormone; serotonin;  thyroid, amylin, leptin, catecholamines,  and insulin sensitizers) on neuro-immuno-muscular function, memory and repair at all ages in both sexes.

This applies to development, trauma, and degenerative diseases like depression, dementias, stroke, Parkinsons, encephalitis and multiple sclerosis.

By contrast, many reports on Pubmed attest to the adverse effects of designer synthetic xenohormones and drugs eg premarin, progestins, agomelatine wrongly promoted for sexhormone replacement therapy, cholesterolemia, learning disorder, osteoporosis, Alzheimers, depression etc.

It is therefore crucial that hormone balance be measured – clinically if not in the laboratory- by midlife or at the onset of any major disease or trauma, and regularly thereafter; and the youthful optimal balance restored permanently.

Beyond midlife, serious multiple hormone imbalance can easily be clinically assessed by overweight, posture, sexual and mental function; and physiologically realigned.

It is as negligent to omit to do so as it is to assume that our memory bank (ie knowledge), bodies, computer, building or car dont need maintenance checkup, pressure, top-up, electrical, oil and/or paintwork renewal.

Ailing and aging humans are too gullibly, stupidly fobbed off with misinformation that modern science has no remedies for degenerative diseases – when there are indeed natural ones ie not designer patentable drugs developed and marketed solely for profit by the mafia drug industry for which – if they can help it- only disease pays.

That working people so easily deceive themselves about their health protection and rights is what politics and business are all about – the naïve assumption that most politicians, professionals and big business are successful in the interests of humankind, not their own ruthless shortterm profits.

But all you have to do is ask your health professional how many hours a week he/she puts into keeping up with the latest literature that matters to patients, attending and contributing to academic meetings, and seeing and treating the indigent.

And like your doctor, all you have to do is check both Pubmed and a few different objective websites about your condition and experience with your drugs. It’s like your car and computer: always check security updates, and check yourself the tyre pressure and water/ oil levels; and your computer powersurge and internet security, and backups; and  your own  bloodpressure and waist girth  – or you may not have a second chance. .


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