Discussing the controversy about phosphate load in soda drinks,  Fenton’s Calgary University metaanalysis  discounts adverse effect of  soda-drink -based phosphate load and balance –  but  apparently does not dispute the acid-diet hypothesis of osteoporosis.

Their focus exclusively on calcium, phosphate and hydroxyproline  balance apparently studiously omits mention of hydrogen/bicarbonate/ pH/ other electrolyte  balance. The significance of calcium-phosphate intake and balance without correcting for pH and potassium-magnesium  balance is debatable. They found that “All of the meta-analyses demonstrated significant decreases in urine calcium excretion in response to phosphate supplements whether the calcium intake was high or low .

The concept of pH and H+ balance has been established for at least  a century, so to avoid it in discussion of osteoporosis pathogenesis as Fenton ea do   is puzzling, considering especially that theirs  is a cost-free meta-analysis- not a trial or even an observational study. Thus their netanalysis  carries less weight compared to clinical studies like Wynn’s  EVANIBUSStudy.
Selye’s 1949 Textbook of Endocrinology mentions acidosis only in the context of  terminal diabetic or kidney failure – when clinical acidosis was obvious; but after the landmark first paper on Pubmed of Poul Astrup  in 1954 measuring blood acid-base balance (pH) in humans, Guyton’s 1961 Textbook of Physiology when we were students already detailed the crucial importance of pH maintenance by kidney and lung function- known  since the late 19th century from the work of Arrhenius, Henderson, Hasselbach, Beckman,  Sorensen ea ..

Wynn’s University of Lausanne EVANIBUSStudy published this month confirms that “There is growing evidence that consumption of a Western diet is a risk factor for osteoporosis through excess acid supply, while fruits and vegetables balance the excess acidity, mostly by providing K-rich bicarbonate-rich foods”.

so if people wont reduce their high meat intake (which damages bones brain and heart as well as kidneys),
– quite apart from discouraging commercial unhealthy ‘sodas’ and “fruit juice” due to adverse sugar, phosphate and aspartame intake –
at least we  can and must  protect people  against all major chronic degenerative diseases, we must reduce all-cause mortality by encouraging a potassium -magnesium (calcium) -zinc-boron  -high vits  (especially D+K+B+C) and fish oil  supplement . . especially in eg Asians who take a phosphate-rich (eg chapati) diet.

Naturally the FDA – (read  Food and Drug Antihealth Agency)  industry mafia for whom Only Disease Pays- are determined to suppress such evidence-based prevention and supplements  so as to maximize their profits from  the nefarious processed drink and food chain (soda drinks) and designer drug industry interests (eg bisphosphonates – which may reduce osteoporotic  fractures by half but have major adverse effects and do nothing to reduce the global burden of degenerative -frailty-  diseases and thus non-fracture mortality) .

It will be interesting to see what food and drug companies support Fenton’s Calgary Alberta   impeccable nutritional study  that denies adverse effect of soda-drink phosphate loading.  Their paper does not specifically state where the concept of the study originated, and that there was no indirect  support or input from the food and drug industry for the University or for  their study.


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