while for South African vehicle drivers the chances of dying are vastly higher from violence than from flying as a passenger,

 frequent flyers- whether passengers or crew – should beware of X-radiation ie cancer risk from lightning (1)  (2) – let alone airsickness, timezone problems, fractures from turbulence, deep vein thrombosis from prolonged sitting, stress hypertension/stroke/ heart attacks / arrhythmia/ asthma and diabetes,  and respiratory  problems from aircon irritation and airborne infection.

Prevention is by taking simple preventatives regularly not just when flying:

You frequent flyers – even more so than average citizens- should make sure you are taking plenty of natural supplements:

 *iodine                             *vitamin D

*selenium.                        *melatonin                       *fish oil.                             

*other antioxidants and insulin sensitizers- ie antidiabetic antiobesity supplements.

 While anti-thrombosis immune-boosting fish oil is easiest taken as 2 gram caps a day of concentrated ie 80% omega 3 fish oil,

and immune-and sleep-boosting melatonin powder at bedtime with the dose titrated to what suits you- be it 0.1 or 10mg ,

and enhanced vitamin C powder (buffered with bioflavinoid) both as snuff and orally titrated to your tolerance –

 the other supplements are available as a single powder blend drunk onece or twice a day- to which is easily added extra iron for menstruating/ pregnant women or chronic bleeders. .

 But remember that with ever-tightening airline security, it is wise to leave your powders in your baggage in the hold, take only pre-packaged ie blisterpack pills/ oil capsules or clearly prepackaged liquid medicines with you into the cabin, to avoid having ptentially suspicious powders/liquids confiscated by security officials before you board.


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