Just another year of Health Censorship, Government-Big Pharma criminality.

hats off to Mike Adams the Health Ranger for a run-down on 2009 – a record  year of USA-government  led health censorship and Big Pharma crimes in many countries notably also  UK and Europe. But national authorities who played the pandemic and vaccine and Tamiflu  cards without evidence  remain silent  as the farce is exposed.

Sweden actually banned media reporting of vaccine-associated deaths  and miscarriages at a time when vaccine-associated deaths -5- exceeded those even vaguely attributable to the swine flu – despite the fact that GSK soon had to withdraw hundreds of thousands of the same vaccine in Canada due to similar serious reactions. And politicians may try to legislate blanket indemnity for themselves and their paymasters in Big Pharma, but no independent higher court will support this when it blows up in their faces- Big Pharma, and the politicians/administrators/”experts” responsible, will be held personally liable for damages for their criminal deliberate breach of common sense about requiring proper clinical trials before releasing such unsubstantiated rubbish. Group conspiracy is no defense.

Apart from the numerous issues Adams focusses on in his NaturalNews column,

this HealthSpanLife column has  this year spotlighted the dangerous Big Pharma overpromotion for profit and ill-health of the biggest- and risky-  modern and mostly unnecessary money-spinners for chronic disease apart from vaccines:

oral antidiabetics;  strontium ranelate and bisphosphonates against osteoporosis; 


antihypertensives; antidementia,


antithrombotic and

anti-imflammatory drugs ;

and black cohosh.

By year’s end, no evidence has been produced to refute our conbined accusations of conspiracy fraud against the US Government- the FDA- and global Big Pharma for disease-mongering  and promotion of unproven new drugs at all cost for profiteering.

The irony is that as AIDS denialism has passed in South Africa with the demise of  the  infamous Mbeki-Manto-Zuma  delusions, the local population   is being decimated by the apocolyptic  plagues of the ANC Mbeki-Zuma era – violence, poverty,  demolition of state school and nursing  education and the SA Police and Justice Departments,   joblessness, civil service and corporate corruption,  starvation, obesity, alcoholism, smoking, hard drugs, AIDS, tuberculosis and cholera. At least AIDS sufferers begin  to see the roll-out of antiretrovirals. These – a giant profit for Big Pharma-  have turned AIDS from a 7-year death sentence to a lifelong manageable  degenerative disease like diabetes.

Another irony is that Zimbabwe flourished for the first 20 years from 1980  under under the highly educated teacher Mugabe’s  brutal genocidal rule- he massacred his political opposition, but left alone  the good education, health and food (white-led farms employing and feeding millions)  that he inherited. Then from the year 2000- when he saw how the ANC’s  national sabotage was being ignored by the world  as the Nbeki-Zuma- Manuel-Asmal  leadership  ignored the constitution and immediately – from the mid- 90s- set abo systenatically  pillaging – selling off-  national assetts to enrich their buddies and make the poor poorer, with destruction of the education, health, nursing, home affairs, energy, forrestry. army and police services- Mugabe’s gang realized they could do the same- and in so doing, turned Zimbabwe from an educated land of plenty and food exports to a terrorized basketcase from which probably half the sizicens have fled as refugees- fled from ongoing government brutality starvation and plagues. Throughout this time- while formerly Mugage had housed and financed the ANC to fight the war against South African apartheid- the Mbeki-Zuma government has till this day done nothing but support Mugabe and his jackbooted brutal regime – despite his destroying the Zimbabwe economy and food supply- with praise and massive taxpayers’ handouts.

And this as the vaccine-autism  link ( Andrew Wakefield trial) at the GMC grinds to it’s 7th year and apparent verdict  next week. Irony indeed as the scandal over the US govt -big pharma coverup on fraudulent if not dangerous  flu vaccines and antiflu drugs the past 35 years comes to a head. It is over 2 months since we personally asked the local Roche representative to supply clinical trial evidence to justify Tamiflu- naturally they have not supplied any because there is none. The same goes for the “swine flu vaccines”.  And the  cervix cancer vaccines.




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