The prognosis of adult-onset diabetics is far worse compared with nondiabetics.

Are doctors to be allowed to continue to kill  by omission (at the behest of drug-industry-led “authorities”) of supplements that do far better than modern designer drugs?

This month Chong and Chabner at the Mass. Gen. Hospital analyze the anticancer mechanisms of Mysterious Metformin, that “ diabetics have a higher incidenc than non-diabetics – 1.2 to 2.5- of cancers of the liver, pancreas, colon,  endometrium, breast, bladder, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Potential mechanisms to explain this greater risk include the mitogenic effects of  sugar- glucose, insulin -baseline hyperinsulinemia, exogenous insulin)-and underlying metabolic abnormalities such as increased oxidative stress, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and obesity. “ 

But cancer is the cause of death in less than 5% of people: (apart obviously from starvation, violence and infection), more than half of premature adult deaths are due to cardiovascular disease CVD- the commonest killer of older women, CVD killing 13 times as many as does breast cancer. . The common roots of CVD are those of type 2 diabetes and hypertension – excess salt sugar and fat never mind smoking and indolence.

The just- published momentous 5year Bari 2D RCT (Frye ea) bears out the farce of modern hightech invasive medicine:  with 422 collaborating research authors, it epitomizes the futility of the western medical paradigm that most patients and clinicians- under the huge vested interests  of the Disease Industry- are taught and follow- and ruling politicians happily profit from- dont bother with natural prevention, just wait till disease strikes, then depend on hightech salvage. 2368 diabetics (2/3 white males, aged about 62yrs, diabetic for about 10 years, 27% on insulin) with CVD were randomized to undergo either prompt revascularization with intensive medical therapy, or intensive medical therapy alone -either insulin-sensitization or insulin therapy. ~30% had had heart attack or cerebrovascular disease. Metformin use rose from about 50% at baseline to about 70% at the end. At 5 years, rates of survival -88% (ie 12% deaths),  freedom from major CVD events – 76.5% – and adverse/serious adverse events – did not differ significantly between the revascularization group and the medical-therapy group  or between the insulin-sensitization group and the insulin group (P mostly >0.5), although severe hypoglycemia was 50% more frequent on insulin (9%) than on metformin (6%, P=0.003). Vascularization was eventually justified in less than half of those assigned to intensive medical therapy, “

The outcome of the BARI 2D trial was thus the same as that of the COURAGE trial (Boden 2007)- in non-diabetics with CVD , no benefit of invasive over intensive medical therapy, and metformin was far safer than insulin therapy .

Chong & Chabner found a 1.4-fold higher risk for all-cause mortality for diabetic subjects. Metformin appears to lower by between 23% to 62% ie almost halve the risk of cancers  and may enhance chemotherapy – by diverse mechanisms apparently including killing of cancer stem cells- perhaps trippling the pathological complete response rate”.

And they do not even mention the crucial role of reduction of AGES in limiting cancer. Already in 1999 Beisswenger ea at New Hampshire Dartmouth Med School showed how toxic methylglyoxal levels were significantly reduced by high-dosage (1,500-2,500 mg/day) metformin compared with  low-dosage (< or = 1,000 mg/day) metformin (P = 0.001), even though the groups had similar glycemic control.

Then in 2004 Krone & Ely from New Zealand “studied glycosylated hemoglobin GHb in subjects supplementing up to 20 g ascorbic acid AA daily and found that for each 30 micromol/L increase in plasma AA, GHb was reduced by approximately 0.1. These results suggest that high AA intake can depress glycation, reduce GHb and inhibit glycation in all proteins ; with implications for aging. Moreover, AA could contribute through several other mechanisms to slowing of human aging (e.g., antioxidant properties, acceleration of pentose phosphate pathway, replacement of structural proteins).”

And the following year, a Korean University team (Do et al 2005) confirmed that “ during peritoneal dialysis (PD) with high-glucose dialysis fluid, human peritoneal mesothelial cells undergo a transition from an epithelial phenotype to a mesenchymal phenotype (EMT). In continuous ambulatory PD patients on a 12-month protocol (low-GDP solution group vs high-GDP solution group), the low-GDP group showed lower cell scores from the 1st to 12th months . Low-GDP solution showed beneficial effects such as rapid remesothelialization and less EMT in the peritoneum with time on PD.”

These studies confirm the general trend that higher glucose levels promote aging – loss of cellular control, including vascular and immune- infective, inflammatory- dysfunction; which are reduced /reversed by both lower sugar and the dozens of antioxidant insulin sensitizers like metformin, vitamins A,C,D,E & K, chromium, magnesium, exercise .

Now Cobble and Peters from University Utah ask: After metformin and Lifestyle, then what? Almost 30% of Americans have diabetes or are at risk of it by virtue of having prediabetic bloodsugar levels.

But are they correct in assuming inevitable  progressive nature of type 2 diabetes to insulin dependence let alone cancer and reno/vascular disease? When major trials on the  American and Eurasian continents have shown that preventative metformin can reduce the onset of new diabetes by up to 70%. And that doesn’t begin to utilize the scores of other weight- and insulin-resistance-reducing natural agents available, apart from drastically reducing sugar, salt, alcohol and fat intake, and enforcing – conditioning- regular exercise at places of education, work and retirement.

The minority of countries that (claim to) respect human rights cannot enforce ‘desired” religious or sexual practices, or deny appropriate education, security, contraceptives, basic shelter and nutrition health services for all, as South Africa like Zimbabwe even under ‘majority’ rule  still continue to deny to millions after hundreds of years while obscenely enriching loyal comrades.

Equally, can society – which  pays for illness and disability- continue to allow increasing abandonment of exercise even at schools, and neglect to enforce drastic food-chain reduction of salt, sugars and cooked fats, and neglect to compel prescription of the numerous adiposity-reducing insulin sensitizers- fish oil and especially metformin-  balanced with calcium-magnesium ascorbate and vitamins B3+6+9+12- C- D- K – to lessen the lethal pandemic of overweight-related diseases?  Many societies already drastically restrict smoking and penalize drunken driving. At least some  states have sensibly banned sugar-fortified cooldrinks at schools – a logical move strongly opposed by the sugar barons. But because it boosts jobs and taxes,  ruthless ‘authorities’  have been quick to obey the infinitely corrupt American Government  and promote swine flu vaccination  and Tamiflu even though  these were never proven to be safe let alone effective or necessary.


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