The placatory hat-doffing Dose of Humility, like the Lancet authors,  is skewed as usual for  placatory political expediency.

The Four Horsemen, the  plagues  of the Southern African apocalypse –  Ill-Health (AIDS -TB- cholera, maternal and infantile mortality); Crime (violence, corruption);   Lifestyle including  the deadliest licensed drugs (alcohol and smoking); and Poverty (from ignorance, illiteracy, lack of education and thus skills and jobs, and thus  worsening despair) ;  – are all  the direct result of ANC policy,  Disaster Capitalism benefiting only the chosen,  gleefully reinforced by the new peoples’ government  since 1994:

continuing the same age-old pattern of socioeconomic deprivation, apartheid war on the people by an oppressive elite as in  previous aeons, and  from  reckless  sexual and financial promiscuity exemplified and boasted as a virtue  by the  current State President himself, since he has done everything possible  to  avoid vindicating  this reputation.

These plagues bode  ill for health in Southern Africa.

It became clear  from 1998  that any politician leader would be better than   Mbeki – but Mbeki’s fault was simply being a self-opinionated deluded emperor without any clothes;  whereas Zuma has by his violent utterances and condomless example even more than his criminality (since he has fought for years to avoid vindicating himself in a court) and lack of leadership inspired yet more corruption, AIDs, and violence against women,  children and other minorities.

Fifteen years ago the ANC alliance, through Madiba Nelson Mandela’s long martyrdom and refusal to bow to white terrorism,   was handed one of the richest economies and best-skilled business sector, agriculture, fisheries, and civil service- judiciary, health, all-level  education, roads and transport in the world.  All they had to do was oversee that these were expanded progressively under the in-place  highly trained teachers and service experts while training en mass previously disadvantaged people to integrate and expand services at all level.

Instead, and despite iconic voices of protest (  Mandela and the Archbishops)-  our brilliant leaders at that time  and mostly still in power- Mbeki, the Zumas, Asmal, Manuel, Kasrils, Omar, Maduna, Irwin,  Ramaphosa, Sexwale, Lekota, Motlanthe, the Msimangs, Tshabalalas, Hlopes, Selebes and Shaiks, – set about demolishing (far quicker than Mugabe did in Zim) what was working, giving away national assets like Iscor and  our oil and fishing and water reserves in private deals while placing incompetent cadres even more greedy and indifferent to the needs of the poor (than the apartheid regime) in charge of everything,

and handing over management of key departments like education, energy, health, justice, police, prisons, social welfare, natural resources, SAA, SABC & Eskom to the most corrupt and incompetent brothers and sisters so as to reduce to failed states what were the breadbaskets of the world – RSA, and the petty peacock  chiefs/kings -for- life of Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Kwazulu;

and deploying our huge army (mostly employment for AIDS sufferers and spreaders) to cushy jobs if not as generals and admirals, while the few able-bodied are deployed to foreign warzones- presumably sold at mercenary rates paid by UNO etc- to no purpose  except mostly to commit rape, corruption, mayhem – in other failed states like the Congo and Somalia;

while the competent policemen here are immobilized by lack of leadership and endemic violence caused, lauded by the ANC – the utterances and actions of the Zumas, Malemas and “ministers” (a hideously ironic word)  of Injustice and Disorder..

And opening our borders and coffers to other despots like the ex-president of Haiti (whom they fund at R5million a year), and Mugabe and his thugs- mass killers since 1982 – (whom they keep in power in gold and marble palaces with hundreds of millions of our taxes  a year) and millions of desperate refugees from neighbouring failed states which the ANC has gladly encouraged and paid to fail;

when we already have such desperate growing poverty and despair and joblessness here that the inevitable happens- murderous anger is taken out on the helpless hardest-working most productive – women (and children), farmers, the tiny minority of harworking business and professional people,  and equally industrious immigrants .

The ANC cannot or will not run even a bus,  a school or a village sensibly despite having total power since 1994, and Jacob Zuma being in supreme command as head of the ANC and thus RSA  for at least 2 years- never mind as chairman of the ANC since 1994, and deputy state president with enormous powers from ~1998 to ~2006.

So what chance does a sensible minister like Hogan or Motsoaledi have, when it is not their token titular appointment for appearances’ sake, but insider pull and extremist wishes in the party that matters, ?

when Zuma has shown by his corrupt and crazy actions and utterances for the past decade that (like Malema) he has no self-control or will of his own, he keeps on taking more child brides (like Mswati) and producing his own army of offspring, and making impossible  promises-  like creating half a million new jobs this year while traveling the world as a “statesman ” like Mbeki did, – and introducing the best and most expensive NHI in the world – “this year”- when only perhaps 10% of the workforce is actually working formally and earning meaningful incomes (not even 14% of the total population can afford decent medical aid) , and our total direct and indirect  tax burden for the productive is already among the highest in the world;

while Eskom declares yet again a R9billion deficit, and more threats of power paralysis if more money is not yet again futilely thrown at its rotten directors who (like SABC and SAA and the Cabinet) have never been called to account for their criminal theft and abuses the past years.

And still there is no national policy and budget to fast-track away from  deadly-polluting oil/coal -which reserves are not infinite, we should desperately  conserve for plastics, chemicals  etc, and away from  even deadlier nuclear power – by far the most expensive,  to environment-enriching and infinite natural power (and fresh water) from the sea, wind and sun.

Like the Armsgate and Oilgate sagas, will the truth about the covert deal with the French – over buying weapons (from Thint) we didnt need a decade ago, and now multiple thoroughly discredited nuclear PBRs pebble-bed reactors-  also be swept under the carpet for another decade if not forever? while a second dangerous nuclear reactor is insanely  installed within the residential area of Cape Town?

Talk about planning another Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, another apocalypse now,  when ANC policy has driven our world-class nuclear power scientist to run nuclear power stations in Britain, when our top ANC  appointees  still can’t run Eskom and the police  efficiently, threatening again to paralyze industry while blaming domestic consumers…

When the ANC wont tolerate honest competent forceful  ministers of health like Madladla-Routledge and Hogan, what chance does Dr Motsoaledi have to speedily  reverse the world’s worst maternal and child and AIDs and TB and lifestyle- and drug- related  mortality rates of any  industrialized country?

when the root problem is frustration and despair (from destruction of the education system and apprenticeships,  closure of nursing colleges, refusal to allow the advanced private hospitals to train nursing sisters); let alone set up more medical schools, failure to apprehend and incarcerate dangerous criminals),  and thus rampant fear, disease and unemployability  poverty;

leading to selfdestruction of  communities and the world’s  highest homicide rates (with alcohol, smoking, drugs, knives, broken bottles, bicycle spokes, sticks and stones, methanol, fire, dangerous driving, fists, feet and  guns),  both on the defenceless masses and the tiny productive skilled minority- the very  people who  keep the system running and pay the taxes.

When cabinet minister’s response is, dont complain, dont ask for police protection against robbery and violence, dont complain about gigantic institutionalized  political – Member of Parliament-  and civil service fraud, when convicted massive fraudsters like Shaik are fraudulently released from jail at Government whim while hundreds  die in jail of progressive disease without parole-   if you dont like it, leave.


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