This new controlled study from a Surrey UK university of “Pregnancy outcomes in women with gestational diabetes treated with metformin or insulin” confirms that it is criminal negligence-  culpable homicide – not to put those battling with overweight – weight gain- on preventative metformin.

Comparing diabetic pregnancies treated with metformin up to 2500mg/d with diabetic pregnancies treated with insulin, “the Women treated with insulin had significantly greater mean weight gain from enrollment to term (2.72kg vs. 0.94kg P<.001). There was no difference between the metformin and insulin groups respectively  comparing hypertension , induction of labour, or rate of Caesarean section. No perinatal loss occurred in either group. BUT the metformin benefits for the baby (and thus lower costs) were enormous: “Neonatal morbidity was improved in the metformin group all p<0.01:  prematurity (0 vs. 10%), neonatal jaundice (8 vs. 30% ) and admission to neonatal unit (6 vs. 19%).

It is just a year since Glueck ea in Cincinnati showed that adding metformin to tolerance to sensible diet in women with PCOS  before conception greatly improved both conception rate, successful pregnancy and lowered gestational diabetes rate from 30% to 12%.

METFORMIN:    85 years of study of this plant extract, dozens of studies of up to 20 years show that:

in titrated dose to tolerance  in diabetics,  it  lowers deathrate  and all major chronic degenerative aging diseases by 1/3;

and 4 RCTs on 4 continents for a mean of ~3.5years  show it at least halves the incidence of new diabetes and thus grave risks

– without the metformin extract itself in sensible use producing a single significant adverse effect.

So, (unless as the greatest US economist of the 20th century Ken Galbraith argued, one factors  human greed-  social politics- vested interests- into the sociomedical paradigm),  it is medically incomprehensible that there is still resistance to prescribing metformin until patients develop metabolic complications- polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, gestational and permanent diabetes.

If one delays metformin till presentation of growth- menstrual- infertility problems, or worse, diabetes, one exposes children and adults inexorably to problems with conception, pregnancy losses, personality development, severe overweight let alone obesity, metabolic syndrome, depression, hypertension, gallstones, stroke, ischemic heart disease, cancer, arthritis, blindness, kidney failure, autoimmune disease, dementia- or simply early sudden death.

Not to mention the astronomical cost and burden of treating all these avoidable complications -not least of which is non-curative surgery for preventable coronary, stroke, diabetic, gastric bypass, diabetic, transplant, gangrene amputation, cancer and biliary disease- and the vast cosmetic- bariatric surgery industry.

But that is just what politicians, Big Business, organized disease and drug industry fear, why metformin and other natural supplements are increasingly suppressed by the Regulators they fund, in USA, UK, EU and here, – to prevent up to 90% reduction in turnover from the prevalent  diseases of the overfed and aging.

Just imagine if  even half  of private and public sector hospital beds and clinics taken up by these diseases could be shut down, the lost surgeries, lost jobs and lost opportunities for fiddling budgets and tenders and bribes.



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