The first 2 pneumonia deaths associated with swine flu have now been reported from South Africa. Until details  of their  illness and  pathology tests and  autopsies and treatment   are revealed, as usual we will never know what other underlying risk factors there were.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

New Vitamin D data fits with what we know about fighting infection  – that in both the malnourished ( Dar-es Salaam) and nourished  eg (Canada) AIDS+TB patients, boosting vit D3 , let alone vitamin C,  b-carotene,  zinc,  aloe,  sutherlandia, and  deficient iron, drastically reduced mortality.  eg Grant 2009- Vitamin D also reduces the production of proinflammatory cytokines ie the cytokine storm for which antioxidants – free radical scavengers– are recommended .

Since we queried 3 months ago why only Mexicans were dying then, many deaths linked to the new H1N1 American-Mexican swine flu  have occurred outside Mexico (although at a far lower rate than in central- the poor- Americas), mostly in the frail but undoubtedly also in the healthy wellnourished very young- in whom the problem seems to include cytokinin storm overwhelming the lungs with  hyperimmune response to a new virus.

Us oldies have both less immune response, and also tolerance from previous exposure. Perhaps (just as us oldies may have inherited some resistance- tolerance from our parents/ grandparents who survived the 1918 & mid-19th Century Russian H1N1 epidemics), our adult children have also inherited tolerance thrrough  us.
Whereas  those who are malnourished AND have AIDs/TB  may have too weak immune systems to respond fatally to this ‘new’ virus.
Dr Barry Shoub head of the National Institute of Communicable Diseases NICD at his UCT  lecture July 2009  agrees – its a relief to hear confirmed that while this virus has spread like wildfire here, there is no increased mortality being reported from the townships where AIDs and  multiple resistant  MRTB are the most rampant and fatal in the world. .   On the other hand, unfortunately cortisone treatment has also not been reported to help those with the apparent hyperimmune response to this new flu.

We mustn’t depend on, wait for rescue with  Tamiflu, Relenza ( resistance spreads rapidly, and adverse effects are serious),  or on a hasty  untested American Swine Flu vaccine – especially if it is laced with squalene let alone mercury or aluminium?.

We urgently need to boost both the frail, and the very young, with what we have: oral antioxidants: vitamin D between 5000-10000 iu/day or 50 000 iu/week; b-carotene about 10 000 iu/day;  zinc 30-60mg/day;    vitamin C+bioflavinoid 50/50(Enhanced Vitamin C) 1/2gm  to 5gm (a heaped teaspoon)  twice a day- increasing gradually over a week to tolerance ie  the dose that doesnt cause diarrhoea; vits E, lipoic acid;  and extra calcium carb 1/2gm twice a day also to minimize vit C diarrhoea;  Probiotics; Aloe; fish oil (eg cod liver oil) a tsp or 4gm a day); sutherlandia; and colloidal silver ACS nasal spray and orally; with a good nonspecific multinutrient. . .

And since this flu virus seems to kill the lungs if it does serious  harm, we need to boost lung defense specifically  with For-Lungspan- N-acetyl cysteine (an antioxidant) and guaifenesin each  a few hundred mg/day.

These all- natural nutritional supplements are  available over the counter – and the more malnourished the person, the less will already make a big difference to nutrition and resistance.

And obviously in the malnourished, or  frail, it is crucial to check hemoglobin and iron levels and reverse iron deficiency if present- deficiency can be assumed  in poor girls/women who are still menstruating, in those with chronic heartburn  let alone previous bowel bleeding or absorption problems, the pregnant, and in poor township kids who are likely riddled with parasites – if their hemoglobin is below ~12g, add iron for sure. .

And obviously general nutrition is crucial: with mass unemployment, and rampant endemic price fixing abuse of basic foodstuffs which business and politicians choose to ignore if not conspire in,  the poor may not be able to afford nourishing balanced diet. But many  do spend money on buying essential supplements – for which they need guidance as above..

And for solace the poor spend more on smoking and alcoholism –  the greatest killers of both users and those they encounter: it is incomprehensible that businesses  employ staff who destroy themselves and others by smoking or  alcohol  abuse, since these are choices. This despite the fact that in most countries suicide – especially assisted suicide- is illegal.

So is the use of sugar, which is one of the deadliest addictions (for promoting  decay, infection, glycation) – especially when it is so easily substituted by a safe alternative sweetener  like stevia or  saccharine-cyclamate, and when the food chain is now stuffed with high-calorie cornstarch.

All commercial sweetened  “cooldrinks” should be banned if they contain the adverse additive  problems of  caffeine  sugar   aspartamate  benzene and/or phosphoric acid.  Like its fermentation product  alcohol C2H5OH,  sugar C6H12O6  is a deadly intoxicant and corrosive oxidant, and should like alcohol be red-labeled  in cooldrinks for sale  solely to consenting adults, since these destabilize the brain (le alone immunity) just like alcohol does, by sending the blood sugar and then insulin soaring and plummeting wildly.  Compare the chemical effects of  about 12-24gm alcohol – 72-150kcalories (an average sugary  a”glass” or two  of beer  or  wine, a generous “tot” of spirits)  with  that of one or two Red Bulls or even Cokes or Fantas.

And undiluted or adulterated commercial “fruit juice” is bad by the glass since it is high in sugar (fructose), it should be used if at all in small volumes diluted in water- and one has to drink perhaps 6 litres a day (or 6kg of fruit)  to obtain 3 gm vitamin C .

If tap water (the best) is not enough, there are  rooibos or  other  teas, chicory, modest coffee, skim milk, and soda water to satisfy all desires- and  for those with a sweet tooth, a relatively safe concentrate to dilute well like Eleven to One in a wide range of fruit flavours. Fresh fruit in moderation, and coloured veggies are always the best, for their roughage, polyphenols, vitamins, antioxidants etc- but they do not provide enough of these for our polluted stressed depressing  and contagious world, especially for the longerlived. .

And with rampant overweight-obesity-(pre)diabetes, fatfree cooking must be enforced, to minimize intake of both carcinogens and worse, glycates , AGES— sugar fused with fat or protein.


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