Isn’t it pathetic that we  should  still have to be worrying about such avoidable toxicity and deaths as reported again  (the Wall Street Journal – The Unsafe Side of Acetaminophen) from unregulated purchase of the unnecessary synthetic designer drug panado/Tylenol/Acetaminophen/paracetamol/docdol?

when there is virtually nothing that can be safely consumed in more than moderation, when Regulators continue to allow vendors to sell and consumers to freely buy & consume alcohol, aspartame, sugar, cigarettes , and excess salt, cornstarch, cooked fats when these are lethal even in little more than tiny portions?

and even more tragic when addition of a small amount of lowcost natural supplements would make paracetamol vastly safer- eg vitamin B6, N-acetyl cysteine +- milk thistle/ stinging nettle;

and when paracetamol is unnecessary, when for mild-moderate pain, a simple safe mixture of eg some physical therapy eg exercise, stretching, massage or pressure; and/or natural supplements do as well (eg vitamin C, MSM, curcumin, bromelain, feverfew-buffered by some calmag) for brief pain; plus appropriate eg fish oil, vitamin C & chondroglucosamine for chronic pain.

Even educated working people choose to be ignorant, dangerously careless about the risks of what they consume. So crippling disease and deaths from the unnecessary (except salt and cooked fat) toxins discussed above is caused by those who allow and sell such toxins.

It is long common knowledge that even 6 paracetamol (3000mg) consumed at once can be fatal through liver failure. So it is incomprehensiible that regulators till now allow up to 4000mg a day to be taken especially without safe cheap antidotes.

Given that man is the most violent, destructive thinking creature on the planet, at least guns have a redeeming purpose as a chosen method of defense, survival. This argument cannot be made for cynically commercially sold paracetamol, sugar, cornstarch, alcohol, cigarettes and cooked fats – let alone NSAIDS nonsteroidal antiinflammatories including Cox2 blockers eg Vioxx, celebrex as painkillers.

As usual, the FDA (and the Regulators worldwide that blindly follow it)  remains as criminally negligent as ever- The FDA’s War Against Humanity –  in allowing patients to be killed by protecting Big Pharma that markets barely tested new largely unnecessary synthetic drugs as well as unrestricted sales of eg sugar, cornstarch, alcohol, aspartame, NSAIDs and acetaminophen.



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