UPDATED FIGHT FLU (influenza A or B) and all (eg Swine) infection PRECAUTIONS/ TREATMENT:

May 2009:   PRECAUTIONS against both ‘flu and colds: (see the updated swine flu alert):

CDC WARNING: “Special Considerations for Children: Aspirin or aspirin-containing products  should not be administered to any confirmed or suspected  influenza  case  aged 18 years old and younger due to the risk of Reye syndrome. For relief of fever, other anti-fever  medications are recommended “. These may be acetaminophen paracetamol or  herbal anti-inflammatory drugs.

UK: Aside from their obligations under health  safety legislation, employers can help to minimise  spread of the virus and support good infection control practice by positively encouraging any employee who reports feeling unwell with influenza-like symptoms to stay at home until their symptoms resolve, by sending people home who develop influenza-like illness at work (avoiding public transport and wearing a face mask if possible) and by ensuring that stocks of surgical facemasks are available in the workplace for symptomatic staff to wear until they get home.DoH Pandemic Flu Plan, November 2007″

Seasonal Influenza A  is a major risk for older people everywhere, it kills half a million people a year.

The American hybrid H1N1 swine flu is so far only a real risk (>1% mortality) in Mexico, or in people already critically ill with other problems eg malnutrition,  obesity diabetes, emphysema, heart/ kidney  failure, cancer,  etc (who are at high risk of any passing bugs).

During outbreaks of infection, or if you feel a cold/ flu coming on:

–DON’T overstress or overexert yourself.

–STAY AWAY from:   Public transport and busy clinics and offices; or returning overseas travelers –  if you must meet them or  share the car with them, they and you must wear a mask, have  no contact.

–REST at home if you feel feverish/a cold coming on, perhaps take a cold shower twice a day.

– if you have flu, or during outbreaks, wear a SURGICAL MASK in public transport, open clinics- for protection against airborne TB, flu and cold viruses. Don’t share masks with anyone. Discard mask if at all soiled. wash hands often.

BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY: – also against TB, HIV/AIDs and all common chronic diseases

1. DIET/LIFESTYLE: Eat, drink and exercise prudently and regularly, and get plenty of fluids (incl tea), rest and sleep, if needed with melatonin at night for poor sleep; avoid smoking,  sugars and undiluted fruit-juice and sweetened commercial drinks. Tighten diabetic/ overweight  control eg add metformin/galega to tolerance (ie short of nausea/ diarrhoea);      eliminate suspect allergens eg milk- and wheat(gluten) -products.

2. STEAM twice a day if you feel a cold coming on.

3. SNIFF a pinch of ENHANCED VITAMIN C* powder 3 x day (50/50 vitamin C + bioflavinoid – a fruit polyphenol).

4. Take ENHANCED VIT C* rapid stepwise dose increase from 1gm 1/4  tsp  a day  up to 2 tsp (~8gm)  2-6  x/day-less if diarrhoea. some people tolerate only <300mg/d, but most (especially if ill) tolerate up to >100gms a day spread over the 24hours; as infection settles, so does the tolerance drop back toward perhaps <4gms a day.


+ FOR-LUNGS BLEND* if chesty/sinus or smoker, or prone to bronchitis/cough/asthma.

+ SUTHERLANDIA and/or Aloe

+ a good MULTINUTRIENT  for balance incl plenty of garlic; and vitamin D3 and betacarotene each up to 10 000iu and zinc up to 30mg/day. . . plus fish oil plus CoQ10.

5. For prevention consider  a homeopathic ‘Flu VACCINE unless allergic -altho’  it is a nonspecific immune booster. There is as yet no specific H1N1 vaccine. BUT the big question is whether to risk the current mercury/ aluminium-based commercial vaccines ,  or the safe but highly dilute  homeopathic version.  Injections in particular may have powerful placebo effect.

6. Consider nonspecific GAMMAGLOBULIN injection- but it is now very costly because of extra screening for eg hepatitis, HIV – and also not totally without risks. Hyperimmune serum from someone who has recovered from  the current  ie American swine flu  is better, as we know from experience   with eg  rabies, tetanus, Congo fevers- but there are still far too few cases of American flu.

7. If you are on drugs likely to aggravate lung problems or infections – consider with your healthcare provider to reduce or stop  them urgently eg swop problem antihypertensive drugs (betablockers and angiotensin- blockers-ACEI, ARBs) to safer old drugs. Reduce or stop anti-inflammatories NSAIDS or  bisphosphonates eg Fosamax – take the >dozen natural supplements that are always better and far safer against fractures and frailty.  Avoid unnecessary antibiotics as these create, dont help, risks. Cortisone dose can sometimes be modified to reduce risk.

8. What about the ANTIVIRALS  Tamiflu and Relenza? read the problems about them  and decide for yourself whether it is worth the risks and considerable cost… Bloomberg.com today  says “The human form of H1N1 that’s currently circulating is resistant to Roche’s Tamiflu (not GSK’s Relenza)” Last week’s  USA report says “widespread oseltamivir Tamiflu resistance was detected among circulating influenza A (H1N1) viruses in USA; but  all influenza viruses tested this season (ie 2008)  have been susceptible to zanamivir Relenza ” .  Last year “there was 100% H1Ni resistance to Tamiflu in RSA”;  and  “strains resistant to Relenza have been reported”.

Relenza is a safe and effective treatment for influenza, BUT  needs to be given early after the first symptoms appear –  Six to 12 hours is ideal. Usually the time taken to get a prescription renders it  ineffective. The poor oral bioavailability of Relenza zanamivir  limits dosing to inhalation”.

“An FDA  Public Health Advisory warns  of respiratory problems following inhalation of Relenza by patients with underlying asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. “

Such lung patients in particular need their cortisone pump, and theophylin, and NAcetyl-or-carbo-cysteine +/or guaifenesin, and extra magnesium, vit C, nicotinamide vit B3,  pantothenate vit B5, vit D3 ideally 6000 to 10 000iu/day, and   probiotic.

So the best seems to be to withhold commercial antivirals   until flu strikes, then hit it immediately hard with eg Relenza plus  amantidine/rimantidine.

For prevention combine all the natural supplements and precautions listed above – ESPECIALLY in areas like Southern Africa where major endemic poverty – malnutrition -obesity diabetes,  drug abuse (incl alcohol and cigarette/ cannabis smoking etc), TB, AIDS and cholera abound.

No American swine flu cases have yet been reported in Africa or mainland Asia or India; but with pandemic TB, AIDS, cholera, malaria etc, and winter biting hard this week to herald the usual bad flu season in the Southern hemisphere, it will be harder to distinguish acute flu from other potential infections.

Take this list and go ask you local health care provider  if you have been exposed to and suspect bad flu, as well as your  specialist if you are seeing one – who should all  know more about simple effective local remedies-  but above all, take the simple preventative nonprescription  steps above. .. .



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