This was written a year ago but overlooked in drafts.

When they started this unwinnable Iraq (and Afghanistan) war, were  the Bush  gang unaware of the bottomless pit  of economic and environmental  and moral ruin  – let alone imminent extinction- their greed was  leading the West into?

Not according to sober people like Noam Chomsky, Margaret Attwood, Deborah Cadbury, Levy and Scott-Clark, Al Gore.

And now President Obama is expected by the world to put Humpty together again, like FD Rooseveld did 70 years ago when the world’s resources were still largely untapped..  But this time round, Humpty has been vaporized,  America and Britain are bankrupt.

In times of great injustice,  the people of Britain rose up against tyrannical kings; America against British tyranny;  and most recently  South Africa against white tyranny.

But sadly, prosperous  NATO  peoples of the Northern Hemisphere – whose family heads were raised in the times of Rooseveld and Churchill-  have again lost their survival  let alone moral will:  despite progressive warnings in the media the past 35 years, they have gladly followed devious immoral political leaders into progressive warring (as the “English” world  worshipfully followed Hitler and Mussolini in the 1930s).  And re-elected the  ruthless Bush and Blair gangs despite their obvious lies. And have still failed to put these gangsters (and their well-paid puppets like Gaddafi, Musharaf, Mugabe, Mbeki and Zuma) on trial for engineering the global and regional collapse.

So global health and  life expectancy – indeed, human fertility and prospects of survival- plummet – from violence, starvation, dysnutrition, pollution, depression,  stress and thus more stress-induced diseases.

Next time you are at a Mall bookshop, browse through if not buy Joseph Stiglitz & Linda Blimes’  prophetic  book The Three Trillion Dollar War

It details why greedy leaders ancient and modern go to war – for the massive personal  profit, at the expense of others.

The three trillion dollar cost- by 2006 –  of the Bush gang’s War on Terrorism (the cost calculated by leading economists) is just the cost to Americans,
excluding many times that cost for the rest of the world affected by the permanent state of war and resultant rampant inflation, further global warming and burn-up of commodities.

Never mind the hundreds of thousands killed or maimed in the Iraq and Afghanistan-Pakistan conflict (future cost for Americans alone projected to exceed $20 trillion) , and incalculable damage to health in the region, the ripples hugely aggravate poverty, mental ill-health and starvation in the rest of the world, as aggression and counter-aggression consume resources and  rack up the stakes between all hawkish leaders like Bush, Blair, Putin, Mugabe, Zuma at al. .

As Stiglitz & Blimes  say, one can speculate how such untold war costs could have been spent on peaceful developments everywhere, no matter that USA families – who then earned an average of $70 000 a year – can afford it, while the majority of earthlings- as in South Africa – survive or die on less than a dollar a day, often below $1000 per extended family per year.

But who cares about lives and health lost, the mushrooming of the most  basic food costs when war is untold billion-dollar contracts to politicians’  cronies including medical suppliers, as even South Africa experiences..


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