in an elegant new trial from Israel, a team at Ben Gurion University show that a 1 mg dose of vitamin B12 orally for 6 months halved the frequency, recurrence rate, duration and pain of aphthous ulcers (which had been a problem for a mean of 10 years); and doubled the cure rate – irrespective of the baseline vitamin B12 blood level. This is apparently a far higher response rate than with any other reported therapy.


given the high cost of vitamin B12, and it’s  poor oral absorption rate,

and the fact that this condition reflects poor immunity and perhaps subclinical scurvy – including lowgrade cortisol insufficiency,

–   occasional tiny  subcutaneous self-injection at home of 1mg B12 – especially with an oral vitamin C + zinc + coQ10 multisupplement- may do the same job far more easily, much cheaper and with global multisystem protection.


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