Golomb and Evans’ focus in their new review of adverse effects of statins omits the more important half of the equation: PHYSIOLOGY.

We, our metabolism need cholesterol for optimal metabolism. Blocking it’s production is wrong in the great majority, in whom (as in type 2 DM) the primary problem is insulin RESISTANCE. Unlike pure sugar, cholesterol per se is not toxic.

We know well that lowering blood sugar in such patients- with eg sulphonylureas, glitazones or insulin- or lowering thrombosis with warfarin- more often does the opposite of reducing mortality and multisystem diseases of aging.

Unlike eg toxins like heavy metals, just eliminating simple sugars or salt from the diet doesnt lower diabetes/ hypertension much.    Hence metformin in combination with it’s many natural fellow insuln sensitizers- antioxidant- NO-boosters ( vitamins-minerals and biologicals including fish oil, coQ10, arginine, appropriate non-oral human sex hormones, herbs) – is the correct  life-extending approach;

except in the rare severe resistant hypercholesterolemia where adding a lowdose statin can only improve prognosis.


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