A new paper from UK (Universities Southampton & Edinburgh) confirms yet again why the pernicious statins- for all their insidious multisystem toxicity – do nothing for all-cause chronic illness and mortality: they do not reduce the core insulin resistance and adiposity:Muscle Microvascular Dysfunction in Central Obesity is Related to Muscle Insulin Insensitivity but is not Reversed by High-Dose Statin Treatment


Hence all patients with lipidemia and related vascular problems should be getting fish oil; the co-hormone plant derivative metformin titrated to tolerance; and the many other insulin-sensitizing appetite-adiposity-reducing and thrombolytic anti-inflammatory antioxidant supplements eg appropriate vigorous dose vitamins; minerals; the human biologicals CoQ10, arginine, carnitine, alphalipoic acid, Nacetylcysteine, taurine, inositol, melatonin, estradiol and testosterone; and numerous invaluable herbs like garlic, ginseng, coleus, gymnema, cinnamon, stevia, chicory, fenugreek.


As York University Toronto writes last month: “There is a growing body of literature interrogating statin therapy for women, particularly in primary prevention of coronary heart disease. Several meta-analyses have found little evidence of benefit for this population. In the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in women, statin therapy has been found to decrease coronary heart disease events and mortality, but not all-cause mortality. There is evidence based concern over statin therapy in increasing cancer incidence and mortality in women…… Ongoing analytical impediments have been described regarding the continued failure of investigators to release relevant data. Issues regarding the estimation of benefit, aggressive marketing, data disclosure and insufficient attention to adverse events need to be addressed.”


Statins warrant use as a  further preventative only in the rare severe hypercholesterolemias HC , or arguably in those with lesser degree of HC while they have serious vascular disease. Prescription otherwise should be regarded as negligence.


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