Just 2 days ago at my nephew’s 1st birthday party, a mum  asked me what I thought about multiple vaccines  for infants. I replied that some vaccines eg for hepatitis B, smallpox and diphtheria  surely do  far more good than harm. But do  the dozens of vaccine  injections for infants do more good than harm long term? – especially when they are injecting slow neurotoxins- mercury or now  aluminium- into vulnerable infants, and now HPV vaccine into 11year old girls,  with no long-term double-blind RCTs to prove their safety let alone benefit in childhood let alone adulthood.

We recollected that when we were kids 30 and 60 years ago, we got perhaps perhaps 3 or 5 shots in childhood; we got the Sabin-Salk polio vaccine on a sugar cube  at school in the mid-1950s, at a time that we still had classmates dropping out with polio (with which my mother was bedridden after WW1, and from which she always had a limp); thereafter there were no more cases.

I remember well as a ~5year old just after WW2 being admitted on my birthday by ambulance  to an infectious diseases hospital barred isolation single ward because of a diphtheria scare , and given injections into my abdomen. And  later having to hold my son at that age with high fever and stiff neck   for a lumbar puncture.

So I have  every reason to fear the big five – diphtheria, polio,  smallpox,  meningococcus  and hepatitis B-  although I have strong antibodies from a severe attack of hepatitis B from swimming in an infected river 40 years ago as a medical intern.. .

But is the barrage of shots for at least 15 different organisms safe and necessary for my grandchildren? We simply don’t know. The evidence of  benefit greatly exceeding risk is not there for most of the childhood infections .  Despite us being directed to practice EVIDENCE-BASED medicine, but especially POEM- patient-orientated evidence that matters.

It looks like, from the Spectator report today, that Dr Andrew Wakefield may indeed  be vindicated.  This after a monumental 5-year vendetta against him by a  (UK) Sunday Times    journalist  (who knows with what vaccine companies’  and  Regulators’ and other vested interests’  backing) over the 1999 Lancet paper by Wakefield and 10 other UK specialists reviewing the link between multiple vaccines in infancy, bowel disease and   and autism spectrum disorder.

Western regulators and politicians did not heed scientific warnings in 1950  when vested interests in industry and the FDA  forced through the ill-fated Chicago lying-in 1950  trial of the already discredited  designer drug  stilboestrol, which cost many pregnancies and has blighted the lives of myriad women, their children and even grandchildren since. Production finally ceased in USA only a decade ago. Nobody seems to have calculated the $millions that industry must have paid out for that unmitigated disaster  of sheer greed- but costing peanuts compared to profits  from perhaps more than 100million women worldwide who were recklessly or ruthlessly given stilboestrol in pregnancy through to the 1970s.

And it is just 2 months ago that France’s Luc Montagnier shared the Nobel prize for the discovery of the HIV virus 25 years ago – but with conspicuous Nobel omission of co-discoverer the  American Bob Gallo, a decade after Gallo had been cleared of fraud and he and Montagnier had buried the hatchet over their respective roles.  And still there is no AIDS vaccine. Can there ever be one with such a rogue virus so well documented by Ed Hooper in The River The Source of AIDS? Given the low infectivity and frailty of the retroHIV, is another risky vaccine trial even warranted when clean living, good nutrition and supplements (vitamins, minerals, aloe, sutherlandia et al) apparently turn HIV into just another commensal, if not eradicable with a month of ARVs provided they are started within 2 hours of innoculation?

So perhaps it will take another 10 years before Andrew Wakefield is finally proved right -or wrong – and his expert colleagues (who (like Galileo Galilei  recanted their firm published belief – as if threatened with the stake) –  mocked or lauded yet again.  Shades of  the ongoing Disease Industry’s and their minion Regulators’ War against effective doses of vitamins (Elaine Feuer’s The FDA’s War against HumanityNaomi Klein’s Disaster Capitalism)  in the growing validation of the much-derided Linus Pauling’s missionary work, and the apparent assassination of nutritionalist Sir jack Drummond and his family because of his successful proof of the therapeutic let alone preventative benefits of higher-dose vitamins. This has just been borne out again in last week’s latest paper from the Women’s Health Initiative, which confirms that RDA doses of vitamins give no benefit in the well-fed whereas – as Pauling showed-  even modest pharmacological doses lower chronic degenerative diseases by at least 25%; and in the recent seminal micronutrient  studies in those dying of eg AIDs and TB .

Apart from vaccines against the Big Five, do our children need anything more from conception to grave than avoidance of refined sugars, cooked fats, alcohol and smoking exposure, and regular   safe appropriate pharmacological supplement   of eg fish oil;  zinc, iodine; selenium, magnesium, iron,vitamin A- bcarotene, vitamins B to K, and eg aloe or sutherlandia or whatever immune booster is available locally?


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