Further to the BBC’s  and The  Yorkshire Post‘s scorning complementary arthritis treatments this week:

the Aberdeen study that they were reporting is now published in an 😯 page report on line .

In fact the condemnation the media heap on complementary products is nonsense, rank hypocrisy on the principle that only bad news pays.

No single modern chronic drug addresses the cause ie the cure of the chronic major degenerative diseases. Hyperglycemia is not the cause of diabetes to justify sulphonylureas or insulin; ,  cholesterol the cause of atheroma to justify statins;   hypertension the cause of Essential Hypertension to justify the plethora of antihypertensives, or pain/swelling the cause of arthritis to justify the toxic NSAIDs.

The Aberdeen ARC Arthritis Research Campaign report showed

5/5 ie major benefit of fish oil in rheumatoid arthritis RA (let alone it’s all-system benefits) ;

5/5 ie major  benefit of topical capsicain gel for osteoarthritis OA ;

4/5 for SAMe in OA;

3/5 benefit in osteoarthritis of many individual herbs separately;

3/5 benefit each of chondroitin and glucosamine for osteoarthritis- but they neglected to note the combination taken for at least 3 months actually slowly restores lost  cartilage loss and thus reverses pain and disability, restoring good function in mild to moderate  disease  = 5/5. In fact the recently published USA 9-site GAIT trial (Sawitzke ea) showed that the combination actually reversed cartilage loss in mild to moderate OA.

The ARC report  also, strangely, omits the overriding principle of all major diseases- that since these eg hypertension, OA,  RA, vascular disease, type 2 diabetes, depression- are multifactorial in origin, in more than the mildest cases(as in cancer, and serious infections eg AIDS, tuberculosis, septicemia, helicobacter)  therapy is always better with combination synergistic agents in lower dose rather than one agent  in high dose; and that  treatment must include hitting the causative factors to try to achieve cure, not just palliation.

Hence they fail to mention the obvious,  that

Arthritis  is always best treated with anti-inflammatories  – including fish oil and other NSAIDs,  apart from

*for RA- at least three remittive allopathics eg prednisone and methotrexate,  plus gold, chloroquine or salazopyrin;


*for  mild to moderate  OA-  the  curative ie remittive  combination of chondroglucosamine CG  in addition to temporary pain-relievers; since OA is inevitably a future complication of all chronic arthritis, their treatment should also include CG;

and that there is no evidence that combination of allopathic ie patented  designer NSAIDs and analgesics are any better let alone as safe for pain and stiffness relief of  the two common major arthritic conditions as combination of safe complementaries eg chondroglucosamine,  fish oil, boswellia, bromelain,  cat’s claw, curcumin, nettle , SAMe, phytodolor and vitamins eg pantothenic acid, nicotinamide, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine,D, E  and vit K ; without including eg white willow and devil’s claw which can  evoke aspirin-like allergy.



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