Once again the media – the BBC and Scotsman – publish a destructive report – a minefield of disinformation- on complementary therapies for arthritis- without giving perspective.

They abdicate the duty of the media, to interrogate the news  and inform the reader.

The Research Study report in question (from University of Aberdeen)  is apparently not yet available on line. The media  say it reports that 60% of complementary remedies for arthritis  had little benefit, and a quarter had serious adverse effects.

But the media reports  criminally neglects to mention that the popular designer heavily marketted (prescription) drugs universally prescribed and consumed by the ton for arthritis- the non-steroidal and Cox2 drugs – do nothing for the arthritis itself, they merely mask the pain- while causing vast numbers of gastrointestinal bleeds, serious allergic reactions, and kidney and heart damage, with numerous deaths.

On the other hand, as they report, natural anti-inflammatories eg capsicain topically, and fish oil and a blend of eg cats claw, MSM, curcumin etc taken by mouth, are highly effective by mouth for pain and swelling – without any of the significant if not fatal dverse effects of pharmacist drugs prescribed by doctors. .

And the media reports lie. For common osteoarthrits they ignore fact –

eg the major recent chondriotin-glucosamine  2008 trial (Sawitzke) from America confirms what we see in practice, that while chondroglucosamine (especially if they are not taken in combination) orally is no better than NSAIDs as a painkiller,  predictably takes months to heal the joint, reverse loss, promotes regrowth of cartilage.

Thus after 3 to 6 months of  chondroglucosamine treatment (ideally with manganese, antioxidants, and the basket of natural anti-inflammatory and anabolics previously mentioned) for  mild to moderate “ostoarthritis” of the knees- even in patients who have been advised that nothing can be done for their crippling arthritis except joint replacement- painful limited movement and swelling  gradually improves;  and function may return to normal as joint cartilage loss is reversed and cartilage actually thickens by millimeters.

Obviously this  natural cure cannot occur where there is already widespread cartilage loss with joint destruction – the patient has waited too long, only radical surgery may cure- or cripple further.

And there is no prescription drug or surgery  that does what replacing our natural chondroglucosamine does – cure the underlying cause, degenerative loss of cartilage.


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