Again we must ask: why are patients with cancer, let alone those with  “simply” osteoporosis,  given bisphosphonates?

Body’s review from Belgium in 2006 sums  up the belief system created by the Disease industry: – cancer patients are given it for osteoporosis, or for metastatic bone disease with high blood calcium.

Yet a new paper from Gutenberg University Germany (Al-Nawas ea)  shows that 1 in 20 ie 5% of 75 women with breast cancer  given bisphosphonate between 2000 and 2006 developed osteonecrosis of the jaw. That’s just the severe cases identified.

The far bigger study from St Louis & Arkansas Universities  last year (Wang-Gillam ea)  surely gives the  answer for most cases: why give toxic bisphosphonates which do not address the underlying pathogenesis- when this is always multifactorial.  They showed that, as in osteoporosis without cancer, most such patients have simple easily correctable deficiency of vitamin D let alone many other universally deficient supplements. They found that “of 321 women with breast cancer given bisphosphonate,   267 were taking the drug for osteoporosis and 54 were taking the drug for metastatic bone disease. Of the 209 who had had a vitamin D level checked, only 3.8% received more than 600iu vitamin D a day. Only 38.8% patients had a 25-OHD level >30 ng/ml; Serum PTH levels rose as serum 25-OHD concentrations declined to <30 ng/ml. Even in the group of patients with a serum 25-OHD level >30 ng/ml, four of 74 (5.4%) had secondary hyperparathyroidism.”

“This study revealed that vitamin D insufficiency has a high prevalence among breast cancer patients being treated with a bisphosphonate for osteoporosis or metastatic bone disease and that supplementation of calcium and vitamin D is underused in the care of these patients. This finding suggests that it is probably more appropriate to set the level for vitamin D adequacy to a screening 25-OHD level of >30 ng/ml ie >105nmol/L. we advocate routine screening of the 25-OHD concentration for vitamin D deficiency in general.”

Now Cohen ea from Columbia University New York question  the use of bisphosphonate in younger women with osteoporosis, when easily correctable deficiencies are so often the cause.

And a new  Kaiser Permanente community Effectiveness study  by Feinstein ea in fact shows that in 10 years to 2006, on bisphosphonates some 1830 elderly women at high risk of osteoporosis fracture had no significant reduction in major fractures.

We know that bisphosphonates require adequate vitamin D levels to work. The bizarre joke is that Big Pharma is even marketing bisphosphonate paired with lowdose vitamin D. Why on earth poison harmless effective vitamin D with a toxin that can cause bone collapse, gullet ulceration and obstruction, toxoderma, muscle damage and arrhythmia?

We know that even oral HT with CEE and progestin reduces hip fractures by up to 40%; but we also see regularly that combined HRT including parenteral testosterone and all the other proven supplements  steadily increases bone density into the normal range in the severest  osteoporotic, AND reduces  especially falls and fractures by reversing frailty.

As Brown   says in a comprehensive 2008 review, restoring vitamin D deficiency with 800 instead of 400iu daily already doubles the reduction in fractures, and greatly reduces falls in the elderly. Hence we must agree with her, and Geller and Adams from UCLA 2008, that vitamin D in effective dose – reportedly to a safe  meaningful blood level of >35ng/ml ie 100-130nmol/L, in company with appropriate parenteral combined HRT and  the other dozen balanced vitamins and minerals,  can more than halve  both fractures and all other common degenerative disease risks. We have discussed repeatedly in this column that appropriate  testosterone- estradiol replacement greatly reduces all-cause morbidity and mortality even in men or women after cancer.

So the question remains: why (except for marketeering, profit motivations) are patients with osteoporosis or cancer metastases being given notoriously toxic bisphosphonates- which have never been shown to be safe let alone beneficial long term – when it has been known for decades that adequate replacement with natural appropriate supplements- including balanced calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese; vitamins B,C,D & K, and appropriate physiological testosterone and estradiol to restore the healthy balance of  healthy youth- and especially vigorous vitamin D3 supplement. 1, 2 – rebuilds and maintains musculoskeletal health..

Osteoporosis is like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, cardio/neurovascullar, arthritic, mood and dementing diseases, a multi- $billion-dollar a year  target for the designer drug industry -let alone the diagnostics and invasive medical  industries. For these industries, lucrative drugs, tests and surgery far outweigh the boring counseling about lifestyle and lowcost micronutrient preventatives- which would make designer drugs, costly tests and surgeries – hospitalization-  virtually obsolete for medical conditions except for those who live to be the oldest of the old.

The NIH years ago introduced incentives in far higher consultation fees  for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons to spend time counseling patients about better diet, lifestyle and medicine use instead of invasive procedures and surgery- which do not address the underlying pathogenesis eg overweight, stress-cortisol, insulin resistance. Such an approach resulted  in eg cardiologists Drs Siinatra and Roberts virtually abandoning invasive cardiology since virtually every patient with ischemic heart disease could and can  be cured with intensive consulting room management including optimization of designer drugs and curative supplements.

It is apparent that no mainstream physicians bother to publicize this approach to the equally common but far more disabling problem of osteoporotic fractures- which kills or leaves impaired far more patients than vascular disease. eg the  the latest reviews of treatments for postmenopausal osteoporosis  available as abstract or fulltext on Pubmed- a  Canadian consensus 2003 , Hauselmann & Rizzoli 2003 and Cosman 2005 failed to even mention true preventatives beyond futile lone calcium and lowdose vitamin D – despite there  being study evidence to support vitamins B6-9-12, C,  K,  magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese,  (fluoride if low in local water), and physiological replacement of deficient testosterone/ DHEA -estradiol.

No-one is going to support trials of  combined natural supplements to prevent and treat osteoporosis when the disease industry, as well as the osteoporosis associations which they invariably fund and feed with drug information, all have vested interests in avoiding simple universal combination prevention.

The study from Wang-Gillam et al opens the way for wider class actions 3, 4 by Regulators and  patients against the promoters,  marketeers and prescribers of all bisphosphonates, since it has always been clear that  adequate replacement of natural supplements would have done  and do far better.  But Regulators are in fact co-conspirators since they allow modern drugs to be widely used without evidence that they are as good as long-used safe and cheap  old supplements.

Despite the high cost (in money and suffering) of bisphosphonates and other designer drugs eg Forteo against osteoporosis, no trials have shown that they reduce all-cause mortality – ie unlike natural supplements (which address all common diseases – improving defenses against fractures, depression, infection, cancers, vascular disease, dementia etc, and thus halve premature morbidity and mortality),  bisphosphonates’  only action is to -disastrously  –  stop necessary bone remodeling. It is common cause that  the chief causes of osteoporosis- muscle and general frailty, aging’s catabolic dominance- are not aided by designer drugs like bisphosphonates and Forteo; only anabolic agents like parenteral testosterone replacement, vigorous vitamin D and the combination of other micronutrients listed above do so.

Avoidance of this central issue – failure to address underlying pathogenesis and numerous simply correctable micronutritional deficiencies  –  is the major fraud of teaching, marketing and promoting predominantly designer drugs and technology – in which fraud Regulators, politicians and often academics cravenly conspire, Elaine Feuer’s The FDA  War against Humanity.  Not for nothing did one of the greatest social philosophers of the 20th century  Ivan Illich call organized medicine- the capitalist  Disease Industry –  Medical Nemesis.

Is it an overstatement to say that bisphosphonates are clearly even worse chronic disaster than statins – where the damage is usually insidious but reversible- or NSAID class drugs- which can simply kill by thrombosis or bleeding; or SSRIs-  which can trigger suicide? The other modern drugs (after thalidomide)  do not, like bisphosphonates, disfigure and maim.


7 responses to “DEBUNKING THE MYTH OF BISPHOSPHONATES: time for class action:

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    Subject: Bisphosphonates

    > Good job Neil.
    > These drugs should be banned immediately.
    > Regards, jd

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  4. i am a breast cancer survivor. although i don’t have bone met, my onco prescribed bisphosphonates. i refused to take it due to the known side effects. are there natural food sources of bisphosphonates?

    i like the article above. very informative!

  5. thanks Susan,
    the only real indication I can understand for bisphosphonates is the person who already has painful cancer mets in bone- ie for terminal bone pain, which it may apparently slow down/ relieve. I find no evidence that it will prolong life meaningfully.
    If radio-oncologists have nothing more promising to offer, rather (or anyway in addition to conventional radiochemotherapy) consider all the options that evidence-based complementary medicine offers: intravenous vitamin C or at least Enhanced vitamin C; the Rudolph Steiner Iscador- mistleto vaccination; TCM anticancer regime; highdose vitamin D to a vigorous safe bloodlevel unless the calcium starts pushing dangerously; highdose oral melatonin;
    and most important, appropriate balanced non-oral human testosterone -estrogen-progesterone.
    long health to you.

  6. Good article.

    The medical treatment of weak or weakening bones with toxic drugs of ANY sort and especially the bone destroying bisphosphonates IMO borders on medical insanity.

    The bisphosphonates prevent the normal bone modeling cycle. This is just simple philology, supposedly known to ALL medical professionals. The result is denser (the ONLY trial end point of substance I would guess) WEAKER and more likely to break bone.

    That this insanity could be approved, supposedly, by layer upon PhD laden layer of medical hierarchy exposes the complete corruption of organized medicine. It is clearly a deadly fraud.

    Many things are required to strengthen bone. The first and by far most important is weight bearing EXERCISE. Of course exercise is free, you can see the problem here.

    IMO you want your vitamin D levels at 60 ng/ml or better. At 50 ng/ml your body will just begin to STORE vitamin D. You want good reserves. 35 ng/ml is WAY too low.


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