Q:  surely polypharmacy is bad?

A: yes- if we use long-term-unproven multiple designer drugs to treat each symptom, instead of evidence-based remedies that address underlying causes. .  Statins and antihypertensives lower cholesterol, vascular disease and bloodpressure, but  despite mulltiple adverse effects they dont address the causes.

We have to beware double standards. We cannot criticise FDA – AMA devotees for polypharmacy when as holistic physicians we advocate it.

15 years ago I tired of taking and promoting futile risky drugs for each disease;

so soon I was taking 30 pills of different evidence-based supplements a day.

Now I take and advise the gamut of perhaps 70 as one drink of a polysupplement blend twice a day- the only exception remains fish oil capsules, and perhaps some hormone creams and tabs including for  eg resistant hypertension, arrhythmia etc  if indicated.

So  we  are still promoting polypharmacy, albeit now rational and evidence-based, not a toxic mix of designer patents .

We – physicians,  homeopaths,  nutritionalists, cooks – distinguish good natural polypharmacy ie well-mixed diet from bad prescription polypharmacy with multiple unproven designer drugs. what is worse than a diet high in cornstarch, sugar,  cooked fats, artificial sweeteners and colourants – that are all endorsed by the FDA?!

But for serious and chronic illnesses, polypharmacy is essential eg for tuberculosis, AIDS and other bad infections;  cancer;   rheumatoid arthritis, vascular disease, osteoporosis – if necessary using holistic appropriate combination of rational designer drugs like ARVs, antihypertensives, cytotoxics, antibiotics with appropriate natural combination of eg vitamins, minerals and biologicals eg  hormones, fish oil, human biologicals like coQ10/arginine/cysteine/arginine/glucosamine, and herbs..


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