It is 2 months since we lamented  World Toilet Day.

This week 27 January we lament the annual International Holocaust Memorial Day, for crimes against humanity everywhere. .

Ironically  Scriptures tell us this  sabbath’s Torah portion  is about the 10 plagues that were inflicted on the innocent people of Egypt because their tyrannical Pharaoh 3400 years ago  stubbornly refused to release the enslaved people of Moses, at least allow them some rest and respite from beatings and infanticide and daily hard labour..

So what has changed in the past 2 months, 3400 years?

Profiteering tyrants never learn, repent from their cruel greed-  except sometimes in Shakespearean parable, the brilliant  RSC stage production of The Tempest now showing in Cape Town, where the freed spirit  Arial in turn entrances the  Christian European despots  – (who keep piously crossing themselves,  led by the inimitable SirTony Sher as the  wizard Prospero tormenting his black slave Caliban,  John Kani)  to repent and reform.

Mugabe the megalomaniac cunning despot –  venerated  and aped for  long by the infantile Mbeki and now Motlante,  Zuma and the big powers-  has lost much of his country’s citizens (to starvation, to plagues, to his thugs’ genocidal  violence and plundering  for 25years,  or to  flight by stealth -unlike the Israelites’  legendary divine escape from Mitzraim into the Sinai wilderness  for 40years). This the Roman Catholic teacher Mugabe, with a BA in Administration, and Masters degrees in Science and Law from London University, apparently the most  broadly academically qualified leader in the world – but no hypocrite, no theological pretensions. He proudly models himself on Hitler but in addition as His Excellency the Honourable, and on immoral “practicing” Christian leaders like Bush and Blair …  .

There were reportedly 13.3 million Zimbabwean citizens 18 months ago, with 31births per 1000 and 21 deaths per 1000 population. Now there are said to be some 4million work-seeking Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa; and with deaths there now  rumoured  to exceed 5000 a day – almost 2 million a year- that till-recently thriving country is rapidly being depopulated.

Now in Zimbabwe, apart from the few thriving  on US dollars and imported commodities,  those who remain –  the children and  the old–  are dying like flies from  plagues ancient and modern for want of clean water, safe sanitation and starvation. And still divine retribution or a UN  peacekeeping commando force has not removed Mugabe and his vampires armed by China and now South Africa -nobody is prepared to spend a cent rescuing Zimbabwe simply because it is Africa, and  the power-holders in the rest of the World don’t care. .. while Mugabe continues to blame Britain for his country’s woes. There are no more functioning hospitals because there are no supplies, no power, no water, and no staff – those who cannot flee are too busy trying to find food and water for survival.Those in power drive their Rolls funded with South African government donations  to live in palatial suites in South African hotels.

And in turn, for want of clean water  and sanitation, and jobs, education, housing and security  that President Mandela  promised South Africa in 1994, and Mbeki and Zuma in  1999 and again in 2004, increasing masses  of South Africans are now dying from the ancient plagues of cholera,   typhoid and  TB,  fear, ignorance, violence from lack of law enforcement officers and teachers and jobs, exposure,  from lack of water, electricity,  jobs, housing, starvation; and the new plague of AIDS.

The ANC leaders since 1998-  the President Economist Mbeki and President  resistance general Jacob  Zuma,  the medical doctors Nkososama Zuma & Tshabalala- Msimang, the lawyer Professor Asmal, the economist Trevor Manuel –  in 1998/9 directed Parliament to spend the country’s riches on R64billion of hightech arms we do not need and cannot use – most skilled people have fled the country, and there are no armed invaders in sight –  then to  give away to buddies South Africa’s oil reserve, iron, airliners, forestry and game reserves, then on farces like Sarafina and hundreds of corrupt MPs in Travelgate – while denying the masses with AIDs lifesaving antiretrovirals till forced to give in a year ago.

And still the RSA government goes on giving multimillion dollar handouts to Mugabe’s horde (while Mugabe and his puerile wife and retinue go on shopping sprees with Government funds)  and burning (with terminal environmental pollution) our irreplaceable coal  that is needed  for oil, gas, and thence plastics and medicines.

Yet to this day Mbeki, Motlante, Zuma continue to treat the electorally defeated Mugabe obsequously as head of state, do nothing to have him and his murderous gang arrested by an international peace force within days and restore basic services, supplies  and order there.

Why not? Because as before, what Mugabe  gets away with, other despots in turn can. It is not 2 years ago that Mbeki said “please Mr Mugabe, do the right thing. Where thou leadest, we must follow.” And still the de facto South African President Jacob Zuma does nothing to arrange a rescue occupying force to restore sanity in Zimbabwe – as Israel had to send in  this  month  to stop daily bombardment  of it’s people from cowardly terrorists using  Palestinian civilians as shields in mosques and schools in Gaza. .

Now the upcoming election  in South Africa celebrates SADEC’S Cesspool Day of Progressive Illiteracy Violence and Plagues, that the ANC under Zuma-Zuma-Manuel- Mbeki in their divine arrogance and cruel indifference to suffering  continue to inflict on Zimbabwe and South Africa, almost 50million people. Not benign self-serving patriarchal enslavement that has existed since time immemorial, just progressive deprivation and hopelessness.

But (as in the case of  the murderous Kissinger Kindergarten – Cheney, the Bushes, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, and their British allies  that  increasingly disrupted and impoverished  the world since the comic Reagan  reign), who will try for treason the ’elected’ (by fraud and lies) outgoing  tyrants in America, in the ANC,  the  arch-leaders of the  former Apartheid regime, and now Mugabe’s Gang?

Orwell in 1949 projected such anarchic governments to 1984 – by when the Kissinger-Rumsfeld gang was already hard at work on their Shock Doctrine,. As a result, the rate of western degeneration has accelerated:  Margaret  Attwood  in turn published the prophetic The Handmaid’s Tale(1984)  of enslavement in a future rabidly religious impoverished USA- and the endgame she in turn predicted in 2004 in her brilliant book  Oryx and Crake, is now happening to us, America and it’s dependents Israel and Britain bogged down in insoluble wars of Western imperialist  making against Islam while the world  faces environmental distater in our lifetime and plunged  into the worst economic recession ever – of America’s making 1 2 3 ..So much for Milton Friedman and Kissinger’s blueprint so assiduously carried out by the Cheyney-Bush disciples since Reagan’s time. Eerily, Kissinger again visited the Kremlin last year, more than 60 years after his first contacts with the Soviets.

Nothing was learnt from Victorian folly,  Rhodes’ Boer War and Matabele massacre, and Milner’s Kindergarten, which entrenched economic oppression and deprivation  of the poor  in Southern Africa for another century till this day.

Now, after six thousands years of in turn Pharanoic, pagan Roman, Arab Muslim and Christian- European enslavement,1 the poor continue to be enslaved throughout the world  by the legendary tyranical greed of a few hundred families. Once again, Marquez’ Time of Cholera for want of compassionate love.


  1. Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2009 7:53 AM
    a dedicated Zimbabwian doctor comments as follows
    The killing fields

    It is worth comparing the events in Zimbabwe with those in Gaza.

    For every person killed in Gaza by shellfire, more than two were killed in Zimbabwe by cholera.

    Cholera does not come out of nowhere: It is not a natural disaster: it is not an act of God. Cholera is caused. The cause is well known. Not only that, but the cure is known – and the cure is the easiest and cheapest of any dangerous infective disease. It is cured by administering water, sugar and salt. Even if an antibiotic is used (and that is not essential) the appropriate antibiotic is the oldest, cheapest and most available of all mankind’s current weapons of medical defence.

    Not one person should die of cholera. Further, not one person in Zimbabwe, given the protective infrastructure created by the colonists, should ever have become infected with cholera. Cholera was virtually non-existent during colonial rule.

    Therefore those people who are dying of cholera are being killed by a policy designed to keep a minority in power and in wealth. Equally they were killed by the failure of the West to intervene. Where was Condoleezza Rice? Where was Gordon Brown? Where was Sarkosy? Where was Mubarak? Still worse, where were those who spewed the outraged public opinion which prompted the politicians to respond in Gaza? Western intervention could have been non-military. It could have been rapid and would have cost little.

    The people of Zimbabwe are being killed at this moment by the inertia of those who so self-righteously bleat criticisms at Israel for trying to solve the problem of protecting their people from a small, fanatical minority. They are being killed by those politicians from the West who chose to prance on those stages which give them the best political kudos.

    Gaza has been temporarily solved.

    Zimbabweans continue to die horrible, lingering deaths: Deaths caused by a ruthlessly indifferent regime. Compare that with the regret and compassionate assistance offered by Israel to those in Gaza. But also it is caused by those who are in a position to act, but turn away. When will you notice your stains of shame, you pompous western politician?

    And the coldly planned executions by the torture or political and commercial assassination of Zimbabweans are not even addressed in these numbers.

    August Pontneuf

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