new from HealthSpan Life: Poll: OBLIGATORY METFORMIN (or equivalents) FOR OVERWEIGHT?

 For the reasons – the irrefutable study evidence- of the past century detailed  over the past year below, we need to canvass the pressure of  mass votes to direct regulators to make the appropriate prescription /recommendation  of metformin obligatory for overweight


The next step will be to have legslation  changed to make metformin freely available at health counters at food stores, not just at pharmacies and health shops.


The alternative in the meantime  is simply to encourage use of the freely available metformin parent galega officinalis to tolerance-  together with the hundreds of other food insulin sensitizers eg vitamins, minerals, fish oil,  human biologicals like n-acetylcysteine,  inositol, alpha-lipoic acid, arginine, carnitine, CoQ10, ribose, taurine; the herbs/plants cinnamon; garlic; indigoflora; feugreek; ginseng, psyllum et al;  and appropriate replacement in deficiency states of thyroid, melatonin, testosterone and  estradiol;


 with discouragement of the many insulin resistance-obesity promoting agents listed below.


Can it  be difficult to find at least 2 honest US senators or members of Parliament– David & Saul- prepared to stand up to the massive vested interests – in the Disease industry- that oppose such radical disease prevention?


Society (the great majority of us)  and the tiny health promotion industry  have to make the effort and recruit  professionals to oppose the mass media controlled by the $quadrillion global industry complex  increasingly promoting pernicious wars, fast- and GM- foods, couch potatoes, alcohol, smoking, sex and other racketeering – and fall-back patent dedicated but risky non-curative drugs and designer cosmetic/ vascular/ bariatric surgery to patch up the avoidable crippling disease consequences if these diseases do not kill or maim suddenly, as happens in about half of victims.


For those who want the evidence favouring metformin- don’t ask the original manufacturers/ patent-holders (Merck and Bristol-Myers-Squibb BMS)- they do their best to hide it since they want us to believe that their costly newer patented designer but non-curative chronic  drugs are better. After they had repeatedly ignored my requests the previous 5 years for consolidated references on metformin, I was trawling the endocrine-metabolism shelves at the Bodlian library in Oxford in 2004  when I stumbled on the following volume under diabetes: Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology: Oral Antidiabetic Drugs: Recent Review of Metformin Pharmacology: 1996:119:263-407. (which is mysteriously not listed on Medline, nor directly indexed on Google).

    These 144 pages are a gold mine on the hundred-year old history of and research on the biguanides and thus metformin (1922) if not of the parent plant galega officinalis- which is a native of the middle east but has spread around the northern hemisphere.  

It took me hours of trawling the web to find a url for at least the full contents of this reference work. It seems that Springer-Verlag – and the metformin manufacturers Merck-BMS- are determined to conceal whats in this major reference journal unless one buys it- which very few medical libraries apparently have.

      Cliff Bailey and team have just published a little book on Metformin: The Gold Standard -which will greatly help in our crusade to get metformin more widely used before obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and fertility problems develop.


So lets have your votes as comments.

Best wishes for a better new year,


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