The BBC trumpets Edinburgh scientists’ attempts to find an antidote for paracetamol/ acetaminophen overdose.


But why  is  marketing  of such synthetics allowed, when they are both weak and potentially fatal at  a dose of as little as 4 to 6 tablets? And when they are no better than safe natural equivalent analgesics?


The Politicians and Regulators who allow the marketing of paracetamol should be prosecuted for gross negligent homicide – according to the BBC report, they are responsible annually for some 200 deaths and 20 liver transplants  due to paracetamol.

The regulatory tolerance of paracetamol absolves manufacturers and distributors of  culpability-  but does  not morally justify sale of such poison by any trader.

Why allow sale of an unnecesary analgesic that permits such painless slow suicide?

So why do we need more antidotes when there is no reason to market paracetamol?

Just as why do we need an antidote to the gross toxins sugar and tobacco smoking  and liquor when there is no need to market and (ab)use them?

 And where is the need for a better antidote to paracetamol than the long-proven natural N-acetyl cysteine  and activated charcoal. More practical would be to simply include a little Nacetyl cysteine, lipoic acid  and eg milk thistle in paracetamol.  We easily include some calcium carbonate and B12 in metformin  to minimise it’s negligible adverse effects; but then metformin is the cheapest most multisystem- beneficial and longest proven medicine- a veritable panacea- ever discovered; whereas paracetamol is anything but.


Remember that pain, fever, fatigue are symptoms, not a disease.

Synthetic painkillers and anti-inflammatories can and do  all kill –

      – but they never cure..


So for common pain, we should recognise and treat the disease , not mask the pain/fever

Eg toothache  – dental care;

     Other Face pain- sinus-mucolytics; neuralgia eg shingles;

     Headache- tension ; migraine; check bloodpressure; eyes; posture; physical therapy*.

     Backache- posture; weightloss; chondroglucosamine; physical therapy*

     Muscle/joint pain- weightloss; seek cause of referred pain;  physical therapy*;

                       In older people- tesosterone-estrogen deficiency.

     Depression – counselling; natural antidepressants eg 5HTP; StJohn’s wort.

     Heartburn, irritable bowel- diet; antacids; glutamine.

     Osteoporosis- supplements (minerals, vits, HRT);  exercise.

     Fever- pinpoint the cause; boost immunity.

     Dehydration- drink 2 litres fluid a day, without sugar, aspartame or caffeine!

     Lateral chest pain – most commonly simple root pain from the back;

     Shingles- boost immunity; topicals; perhaps brief course of cortisone.

     Pelvic pain  (other than menstrual) – infection/ cancer- see a doctor;

    Colic, central chest/ abdominal  pain –  see a doctor.



     Massage with or without natural anti-inflammatory ointment;

     Stretching;  manipulation; Acupuncture, pressure points;

     Progressive exercise and posture improvement.



A natural mix of: MSM, catsclaw; curcumin; bromelain; boswelia;

             vits B 3,5,6,C,D  plus  calmag;          plus fish oil 2 – 4gm/d.

    This safe combination has none of the serious (potentially fatal)  risks of

  -synthetic painkillers eg paracetamol, aspirin, codeine, brufen- voltaren(NSAIDs);

  -risky (allergenic) natural analgesics eg willow, devil’s claw.

  -alcohol combined with synthetic drugs.


And all trials show that synthetics

     eg aspirin, paracetamol, NSAIDs, antidepressants

       have no advantage or benefits over the natural ones – just more risks.


  For localised pain eg  AROUND A JOINT ,  a targetted injection of

    Cortisone with local anaesthetic is often the best solution of both pain and cause.


Progressive pain requires medical investigation of the cause.




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