Prevention, Inaction and Mugabe’s Cholera Epidemic

This Day of Reconcilation in South Africa was under Apartheid a day of infamy, of Dingaan’s treachery. That Zulu  “infamy” against  threatening European colonizers pales into insignificance in comparison with genocides committed by “first-world” governments through the  19th into the 21st centuries.

Growing passive (let alone active)  genocide orchestrated by the electorally defeated “Government” of Zimbabwe  mounts – that has turned what was  once a highly productive country into a literal deathpit cesspool of cholera, just as the ANC government has by denial allowed genocide in RSA from untreated AIDS, including violence repeatedly encouraged – by example and exhortation- by the leader of the ANC.

And yet the ANC government, the other Southern African countries being burdened by contagious dying refugees, and the “United Nations” of the world  sit by and mouth futilities over Zimbabwe’s dissolution.

Like Apartheid’s and the ANC’s gangs, Mugabe’s gang reputedly has stolen fortunes  stashed in banks around the world. But world leaders do  nothing, while China recently airfreighted arms into Zimabwe to fortify the government gangsters.

But Government gangsters have solid precedent. The USA (and UK) only 6 years ago launched, and continue to wage,  the biggest assault ever on a single country- Iraq- for the sole purpose of control and theft of black gold. And during that genocidal unilateral  war,  the electorates of USA and UK  re-elected their govenments to continue their  warmongering- for- profit of  the past forty years under the  malignant inspiration of Henry Kissinger, Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys – the hawkish Kissinger’s vulture disciples from that “cold war” era – Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and the Bushes-

the same disaster- capitalism  gang that has since then oppressed  the masses globally including  in Africa – especially South Africa under both the Apartheid gang and Mbeki-Zuma ANC gang they cut  deals with, and now Zimbabwe, where the new capitalists are Mugabe’s Gang.

While surplus people die en mass.

As President Mbeki said infamously  and effectively of  his role model President  about 2 years ago: “Dear Mr Mugabe, please do the right thing – whither thou leadest, we must follow.”

And lo, it happens-  the next, ie current, President of  the ANC  (and thus South Africa, since the interim president Motlanthe cravenly does  what the ANC dictates- ) this very week has his  country’s  UN delegate  veto otherwise universal condemnation of Mugabe, while hundreds of Mugabe’s  former supporters die daily of easily preventible cholera  and starvation, for want of water treatment  let alone jobs and thus currency, food, drugs, doctors, nurses, electricity.


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