The USA Litigation Industry Lie about Appropriate Hormone Replacement.


    This  litigation  Nevada sues manufacturers of hormone therapy drugs  was guaranteed to happen given that the medical malpractice industry (legal terrorism- the shock doctrine, disaster capitalism)  is one of the most profitable and pernicious moneyspinners in the world.   

     So now Governments, regulators  and  industry must be sued for damages by civil society, alcoholics, cirrhotics, type 2 diabetics, emphysema- lung cancer sufferers, the overweight and  the victims of drunken driving, for allowing  homicidally  damaging  tobacco, alcohols and sucrose (sugar)  for social (not medicinal) consumption to be sold without  prescription and medical supervision (as if there were any justification whatsoever for smoking, for oral sucrose or aspartame..)


           It’s far worse than the HRT scenario since unlike the prime human biologicals eg testosterone, estradiol and progesterone  -essential for  growth and  health in all systems – tobacco, alcohol, aspartame and sugar (including in soft drinks and candies) are anything but beneficial .


          If tobacco, sucrose and oral alcohol were available only via a medical practitioner, obesity, sickness and mortality rates would be decimated – but that would not suite governments or the “food” and Disease Industry- nor the Medical Insurance/Schemes industry, since the more claims there are, the more they can charge, the bigger the profits. So they don’t ban the overweight, tobacco or alcohol (ab)users).


         The fact that appropriate sex  hormone therapy reduces by a third  the major aging degenerative diseases, and overall mortality, and mortality from breast cancer,  is conveniently ignored. But the Media rarely cares- Only Bad News Sells.

  INFORMED CONSENT:        So its like Viagra (which can rarely precipitate death or blindness):  every time they collect a prescription or supply of any sex or hormone therapy- including corticosteroids; progesterone and other HT tablets/patches/injections/ creams,  plant estrogenics like black cohosh, red clover, soya etc –  all patients will have to sign a consent form that they know the myths and facts  that abound about HT , that they have read the poster on display.

     Since the same concerns about shortterm and longterm (eg cancer) risk apply to phytohormones (black cohosh, red clover, soya etc), these may also not be sold without due warning that they should not be taken without medical supervision.


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