Evidence-based  reviews hereunder   have  warned since April ie for 6 months of the obvious  fraud of  modern touted designer appetite-weight suppressants (which among other adverse effects often cause depression if not suicide)
The Sanofi-Aventis drug  rimonabant was turned down in USA in Feb 2006,  June 2007 and again April 2008, based on lack of efficacy and safety.
The question remains: why prescribe new designer drugs  especially for overweight and type 2 diabetes with diet-resistant overweight, without a long trial record of both safety and efficacy,
when metformin and it’s parent herb galega officinalis  titrated simply to tolerance has been the proven gold standard for centuries,  losing on average 6% of weight (up to 20kg in 2yrs) and halving the incidence of new diabetes, while  in diabetics it almost halves the death rate and most major chronic degenerative  diseases of aging.
Based on the clear published evidence  (of risk, and lack of long term benefit from rimonabant, and abundant evidence of the superiority of metformin)  on which rimonabant was never  licenced in USA ,  patients who were prescribed rimonabant in 2008 have a prima facie case for damages against both European Regulators, the NHS  and doctors there who prescribed it.
and this month, for similar reasons, the Merck clone taranabant crashes out. 

The for-profit Disease Industry and the  researchers and Regulators they pay will  never stop trying to promote the profitable new over the proven  cheap old. So it’s up to consumers- the public- to seek out the evidence for themselves.

 Fenfluramine / Phen-Fen/ Ponderax crashed a decade ago after lethal complications  .

Orlistat (foul faecal problems) and  sibutramine(hypertension, nausea/vomiting, palpitation, and sweating) have major potential adverse effects, and do not do as well as metformin for longterm reduction in all-cause mortality and major adverse outcomes.

now   Anti-obesity drug use suspended 23 Oct 2008 
The European Medicines Agency  is recommending doctors do not prescribe the anti-obesity drug rimonabant, also known as Acomplia – it says the risk of serious psychiatric problems and even suicide are too high.


Why accept  risky mediocre  new drugs  (sibutramine, orlistat) or risky bariatric surgery (40% complications in first 6 months) when only metformin simply adjusted to tolerance  has been shown for decades to reduce all-cause mortality by at least 1/3 to 1/2, and even reduce cancer incidence.

 Tesofensine  seems similar to sibutramine in it’s potential to increase bloodpressure, dry mouth, nausea, constipation, hard stools, diarrhoea, and insomnia. But the longest trial so far seems to be only  24 weeks.


Most importantly, it is medical negligence to wait for frank obesity,  instead of early prescribing metformin to tolerance  to prevent progression from mild overweight  to obesity, diabetes, vascular disease, depression and cancer.

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