It is common cause that  our vital fatty acid levels are  controlled through diet,  in which the problem is excessive (meat/ plant)  omega 6 (especially arachidonic, linoleic and gamma-llinoleic GLA acids) causing increasing relative deficiency of the crucial omega 3 neuro-fatty acids-  the fish  EPA and DHA. 

“Modern Western diets   typically have ratios of n−6 to n−3 in excess of 10 to 1, some as high as 30 to 1. The optimal ratio is thought to be 4 to 1 or lower. Excess n−6 fats interfere with the health benefits of n−3 fats; in part because they compete for the same rate-limiting enzymes. High ratio of n−6 to n−3 fat in the diet shifts the physiological state in the tissues toward  many diseases: prothrombotic, proinflammatory and proconstrictive,  heart attacks, thrombotic stroke, arrhythmia, arthritis, osteoporosis, inflammation, memory and mood disorders, and cancer .    Adding more controversy to the n−6 fat issue is that the dietary requirement for linoleic acid (the key n−6 fatty acid), has been seriously questioned, because of a significant methodology error discovered by University Toronto scientist Stephen Cunnane 2003  that the seminal research used to determine the dietary requirement for linoleic acid was based on feeding animals linoleic acid-deficient diets, which were simultaneously deficient in n−3 fats. The n−3 deficiency was not taken into account. The n−6 oils added back systematically to correct the deficiency also contained trace amounts of n−3 fats. Therefore the researchers were inadvertently correcting the n−3 deficiency as well. Ultimately, it took more oil to correct both deficiencies. According to Cunnane this error overestimates LA requirements by 5 to 15 times.”
For this reason human experience has always shown that good fish intake throughout life promotes better health and mental and mood development.
Now Mucke and Sanchez–Mejia from Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease and  University of California write Oct 2008  “Tests on  genetically engineered Alzheimer’s mice showed that reducing excess levels of omega 6 acid lessened animals’ memory problems and behavioural changes.. The most striking change  in the Alzheimer’s mice was an increase in omega6 arachidonic acid  metabolites  in the brain memory centre that is affected early and severely by Alzheimer’s disease; too much arachidonic acid might over-stimulate brain cells, and that lowering levels allowed them to function normally.”
While population studies show convincingly that high fish oil intake associates with better learning and health, there are no trials showing that anything but these natural balanced marine oils (EPA plus DHA) give the global health  benefit.  This new Californian study reinforces that  while plant oil intake  rather than exclusive animal fat in the diet is crucial, it is fraudulent if not criminally dangerous to promote plant oil supplements when what most people (who now can rarely afford scarce  fish-  especially oily fish) need is at least a gram if not 4 grams a day of reasonably quality fish oil- of which cod liver oil may be the best.  It is  gross fraud for industry to remove the fish oil from fish during canning, then replace it with saline or plant oil as one often finds in  eg tinned sardines  (or margarines)  – while the fish oil is reportedly then often used as animal feed, or exported, or recycled for aquaculture.
In an era when the survival (let alone fertility) of mankind for even another generation is no longer assured owing to the ongoing lunatic insatiable greed  of most industrialized countries’  leaders,  the failure to ensure at least about 10gms a week of fish oil to all from conception to dotage  – or at least avoid plant oil supplements that worsen the omega 3 deficiency-   is a crime, especially while Big Business is buying up marine oil resources let alone agricultural output  for unnecessary extra biofuel. This must be outlawed.
    Given the limitless availability of solar  (and even safe nuclear) energy, there has been no need  (except  for corporate profiteering- disaster capitalism ) to use much fossil- or biofuel to produce power for decades, so there is no shortage of fossil  (petroleum or coal) fuel reserves- essential as they are for eg producing ubiquitous plastics, the nuts and bolts of industry and homes. 
And remind all that ALL “fish oil” is effectively synthesised ONLY by algae, plankton- which is apparently what crustaceans eg krill, and small fish live on (and in turn feed the big fish) to store “fish” oil- the EPA and DHA that are the key  vital marine ingredients, which are the building blocks for our nervous system, cell membranes, clotting  and anti-inflammatory immune systems.
So ALL “fish” oil is in fact marine vegetarian, the only source (apart from mother’s breast milk) providing us with the unique EPA-DHA omega 3 FFA as well as  some essential vitamins A and D.

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