melatonin –  essential unless you get plenty of sleep and sunlight;


insulin sensitizers including Vitamin D,  fish oil  if the slightest overfat,

even before diabetes develops;     

          plus  balanced

*thyroid+cortisone+estrogen +progesterone+teststerone

if their measured levels are not optimal. *these  require medical supervision.



Remember that the aging ie postmenopausal woman

who still cares about her  looks

should use estrogen-progesterone  cream on the face,  but

for best (ie cheapest) absorption- and optimal mood, bone and pelvic floor protection

use the testosterone  cream  internally.

(or for lowest cost- use   progesterone cream  on  the face.

plus  testosterone + estradiol by tiny injection ~ fortnightly),


In both genders,

like balanced estrogen plus  testosterone,

solo progesterone  protects the

skin, hair, heart, breasts, mood, brain, thyroid,  bladder, immunity  and circulation,

but not   strength, bones or hearing


only the  right  balance of estrogen  and testosterone  does so.


Remember- there is no upper age limit on appropriate supplements

the key to health is –  we don’t stop eating because we age!

We  may need less food, but we need more natural micronutrient supplements including human hormones to make up for their  increasing (relative) deficiency  in our food chain and our own  metabolic reserves, as well as to  counter  increasing pollution and the demands of increasing  longevity.. 

See the HRT  and supplement papers  below, and the recommended condition-specific supplement product information.. For specialist  internist consultation on appropriate supplements including HRT for individual circumstances, email your concise health details to ..


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