Nutrition is becoming increasingly costly as world population mushrooms, and worse, as oil-burning industries immorally pay more  (and governments thus get more in taxes) for plant oil as fuel  than farmers can get for producing food. The hungry poor majority is irrelevant, despite the fact that there has been superabundance of natural  and environmetally friendly power available forever,  and harnessable  by relatively simple technology (which Industry and governments have criminally  suppressed) for decades.

Fish oil omega3 – eicosapentanoic acid EPA and docosahexanoic acid DHA – seems to be the most valuable single nutrition supplement we have, apparently almost halving all major diseases  (and mortality) from brain and immune dysfunction in infants and children to  all the major common degenerative diseases of aging, from vascular and arthritic to immune and mental.

Plant oils have indispensable benefits.  But as people have migrated away from the seaside and fishing, and fish has become scarce so that it is no longer a staple for the poor or as chickenfeed, it is reported that EPA/DHA intake has fallen below 100mg/week in USA. And the more omega6 we eat, and the longer we live, the less EPA+DHA  our metabolism  can apparently make.


So as diet has improved among the better-off on the Food-Pyramid-recommended higher cereal and nut intake, and livestock has been shifted from pasture-fed (at least some omega3) to grain-fed (high omega6), it is estimated that the historical 6:1 ratio of dietary omega6:omega3 in western diet has actually risen adversely to 20:1.


By contrast, historically those who lived as fisher people reputedly had/have the least chronic aging diseases, and the lowest diet omega6:omega3 ratio, reputedly 1:1.


Oils- including  GLA gamma-linoleic acid and ALA alphalinoleic and linolenic acid- are enormously beneficial in humans, especially for immune modulation to steer between hyper immunity – allergy and rheumatic disease- and hypo-immunity – infections and cancer.


But if one eats a prudent Mediterranean-type diet and ensures at least 3gm fish oil i.e. close to a gram of EPA+DHA a day, is it wise or unwise to again increase the already high omega6 excess by encouraging omega6 supplements as in patent products e.g. Effamol?


Most of us older generation were brought up on a spoon of cod liver oil – Scotts Emulsion a day. This custom seems to have fallen into abeyance.


Now it is hard to tell whether this fact – fish oil deficiency – or junk food, or global pollution, or hours of television a day, or the abolition of discipline and obligatory physical exercise at most schools, has contributed more to apparent fall in learning and behaviour achievements in children, and increase in depression, diabetes, overweight, osteoporosis, anxiety, vascular, malignant, inflammatory  and dementing diseases.


There is no evidence that patent mixed fish-plus-plant oils do better than fish oil alone in the indisputable improvement in ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity-disorder in children.


Indeed, it should be asked whether, in those on prudent mixed diet and progressively fattening, where fish oil is available  it is not deleterious — adverse to  the most vulnerable children-  to add, promote  supplements of plant oil when only fish oil should be supplemented from cradle to preganancy to grave? The great majority of trials that have been done suggest that adding plant oils gives no extra benefit over fish oil alone– just more excess calories and rise in inflammatory markers.
But capitalism, industry- most of mankind-  is driven by profit and especially greed, so there is perverse incentive in promoting manipulated  ie patentable, branded supplements and drugs over the optimal natural nutrients- which are the best drugs. Manufacturers  and advertisers cannot afford to be idealists; and only diease pays the Disease Industry, now one of the biggest in the world alongside habit-forming drugs like tobacco, alcohol, power-wars  – and the entertainment media  including commercial  “sport” and sex..


  1. Further to the doubts about the need for omega6 supplements as opposed to just marine omerga3 ie fish oil supplements,

    more doubts are raised by the recent report about Omega-3 Enhanced Infant Formula Under Fire for Using Non-Human Fatty Acid Additives at

    “When I worked in the hospital’s neonatal ward, the nurses all called it ‘the diarrhea formula’,” said Sam Heather Doak of Marietta, Ohio. “We’ve seen infants, tiny little humans, with diarrhea that just wouldn’t stop after being given this formula.”

    “According to the report, aggressive marketing appears to be convincing some mothers to use the formulas instead of breast feeding.

    The Cornucopia Institute and the National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy have petitioned the FDA to place warning labels on omega-3-supplemented infant formulas, warning of the potential side effects.”

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