Most  “natural” deaths  in older people are sudden.  The reports about newsman Tim Russert’s recent  sudden  death  at work are contradictory. One says  he was asymptomatic for heart disease, YET  he was  reported  to have the full house of  multiple risk factors: lipidemia,     abdominal obesity, elevated blood glucose,    hypertension,    great stress,  and coronary  artery disease. So no fancy tests (from CRP to genetics to heavy metal load  and scans)  were required to know that he was at  deadly risk.

  Given all this,  there is criminal negligence if he was not on simple full cover: a statin if he had serious lipidemia, BUT more important, also  antihomocysteine and antioxidant supplements, magnesium and insulin sensitizers, including  eg metformin/ galega, CoQ10, arginine, carnitine and appropriate hormone replacement.

        It is common cause that  about half of patients who have “heart attack” die either immediately or within a year irrespective of what is done;  and that 10year survival  of those who leave  hospital is barely 50%; and that statin not only does absolutely nothing for non-cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, it actually impairs muscle-renal- lung hepatic function, mood, virility ie hormone balance,  and does nothing to reverse insulin resistance and risng weight.     

     Reliance on  stress tests, scans, catheters, and modern drugs- antihypertensives, clotbusters, antiplatelet agents,  statins,   alone is therefore  dangerous  fraud, unless  these are used as adjuvant with significant lipidemia to  4gms fish oil a day, CoQ10, metformin  and other agents which promote weight loss, insulin sensitivity, thrombolysis etc – let alone sensible diet and lifestyle. Or were he and his doctors determined to wait till he develloped frank diabetes before starting 100% safe metformin in sensible titrated dose? –  and he paid the ultimate price for such negligence .

     Its high time that doctors be charged with negligence in such cases unless they have recommended the safe lowcost multisupplements listed.

 Exhaustive observational studies and  trials  for  the past >40 years have shown that metformin;  fish oil;  appropriate HRT; and the panoply of  natural multimicronutrient supplements,  are the only  drugs  which each reduce all-cause morbidity and mortality ie the common major degenerative diseases of aging,  by 1/3 to 1/2. 

In combination they obviously do much better than that. So  naturally no drug company dares test new drugs against them, in fact such comparison is suppressed. 

       And naturally goverments, Regulators,  lobbyists and academics- who depend on the Drug industry for their work,  income,  jobs and fat taxes    – dont promote natural safe long-proven supplements, with the excuse that they havent been tested in big long trials. Yet these same regulators allow new patent drugs to be released for long term use  based on trials of as little as three months, without comparison against old proven  gold-standard drugs like eg  lithium, fish oil, multisupplements or lowdose reserpine- amliloretic –   then  they wait for enough random case reporting of adverse effects  and deaths  before they reluctantly cancel the  $billion drug. 

     Not one modern designer drug ( patentable  wannabe look-alikes for the natural real drugs)  for chronic prevention  has been shown to do so – had it been otherwise, the manufacturers (and journalists like Russert)  would be screaming the news from  the rooftops and on prime time.

       Since Russert’s physicians have already waded in with so much detail about Russert’s health, let’s hear his full clinical details and what he was actually taking.  eg what antihypetensives and what doses was he on?   Perhaps then doctors will wake up and actually  start preventing the thousands of  avoidable  cardovascular deaths daily, instead of waiting for the far more profitable  acute heart disease and strokes, since only disease pays the disease industry and its shareholders.

And what about  the patient’s  sex hormone, cortisol  and thyroid levels- were these optimized?

It is also common cause that no  intervention,  from statins to  clotbusters to stenting to coronary artery procedure to bypass, does anything  for the ongoing underlying METABOLIC CAUSES of the vascular disease- common hypercholesterolemia being merely a manifestation of the metabolic- insulin resistance- problem, not a cause.



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