BBC NEWS again reports that “osteoporosis drug risks heart”, because some recent studies -in NEJM and the Annals of Int Medicine – found up to doubling in the incidence of atrial fibrillation.

But the only people who need Fosamax and other bisphosphanates used for osteoporosis are those with vested interests in this lucrative designer industry, since most people will develop osteoporosis unless it is prevented.

Why use these potentially lethal drugs for osteoporosis when they are not clinically necessary? and when they do not reduce non-osteoporosis mortality, contribute nothing to prevention of all the other inevitable diseases of premature aging? (see the Bisphosphonate Deception below – 6 April , 19 March, 5 March – eg they may cause jaw necrosis, longbone fractures, toxoderma, oesophageal obstruction, diffuse pain.. ).

Osteoporosis is easily preventable and reversible – and all risks (fracture, vascular, cancer, infective, arthritic, depressive, dementing) minimized – by sensible lifestyle plus the simple early and permanent safe lowcost combination of natural proven appropriate preventatives – the vitamins B,C,D and K; and minerals calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc (as eg a powder For-BoneSpan Blend), and appropriate physiological millennia-old HRT (for men, testosterone ; for women- testosterone plus estradiol -whether as daily cream / patch, or fortnightly tiny subcutaneous self-injection, or 3-6 monthly subcutaneous implant ).

Most doctors fail (or choose) to understand that appropriate hormone replacement is a hundred-year old internal medicine – endocrine – speciality to protect all the body systems from lethal deficiencies, not a surgical decision “just” about gynaecological or sexual protection. They choose to ignore that while endocrine diseases are increasingly common – all needing appropriate hormone therapy eg diabetes types 1 (insulin), and 2 (metfomin), hypothyroidism (thyroid) , Addisons disease (cortisone) etc – the commonest endocrine deficiency is aging-related hypogonadism, which affects 100% of women and at least half of men if they live well past middle age.

Yet many people – and doctors- fall for the nonsensical marketing hype of the gigantic designer drug industry, that appropriate hormone replacement is dangerous and unnecessary, and that the commonest hormone deficiency of aging – hypogonadism- does not need permanent and natural hormone replacement, can be treated instead with xenotherapy – non-human – designer drugs like the statins, antidepressants, bisphosphonates, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, progestins, SERMS, phytohormones.

They gloss over that these substitutes each have serious risks, and none of the global multisystem benefits of physiological balanced human sexhormones – eg prevention of hypertension, diabetes, atheroma, infection, depression, sarcopenia, premature death – that have been refined by a million years of evolution.

It is convenient for them to ignore that all other endocrine replacement is with physiological measurable human hormones- including testosterone for men- but for profit reasons for the past 50 years, half of aging humans – with the commonest endocrine deficiency, gonadopausal women – are fobbed off with inappropriate oral xenotherapy. Increasing numbers of women and and doctors are understandably rebelling against this fraudulent nonsense. But with clever journalists and researchers paid millions to churn out disinformation about old and proven therapy – including lobbyists in universities and professional bodies- in favour of patent drugs, it may be difficult to find healthcare providers willing to go against the Disease-Industry controlled mainstream, the obvious economic imperative that Prevention Does Not Pay, Only Disease Pays..


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