next time you are at a Mall bookshop, browse through if not buy Joseph Stiglitz & Linda Blimes’ new book The Three Trillion Dollar War.
see The Times Online article review.

It details why greedy leaders ancient and modern go to war – for the massive profit, at the expense of others.

The three trillion dollar cost so far of Bush’s War on Terrorism (the cost calculated by leading economists) is just the cost to Americans,
excluding many times that cost for the rest of the world affected by the permanent state of war and resultant rampant inflation, further global warming and burn-up of commodities.

Never mind the hundreds of thousands killed or maimed in the conflict, and incalculable damage to health in the region, the ripples hugely aggravate poverty, mental ill-health and starvation in the rest of the world, as aggression and counter-aggression racks up the stakes between all hawkish leaders like Bush, Blair, Putin, Mugabe, Zuma at al. .

As Stiglitz & co say, one can speculate how such untold war costs could have been spent on peaceful developments everywhere, no matter that USA families – who earn an average of $70 000 a year – can afford it, while the majority of earthlings- as in South Africa – survive or die on less than a dollar a day, often below $1000 per family per year.

But who cares about lives and health lost, the doubling in basic food costs when war is untold billion-dollar contracts to presidents and their business cronies including medical suppliers, as even South Africa experiences.. We wish we could forsee imminent closure better than Margaret Attwood’s Oryx and Craik…


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