More on the Bisphosphonate Deception:

More on the Bisphosphonate Deception: (see below 5 March 2008; 19 March 2008)

Now Singapore General Hospital (Goh et al) reports 17 cases – almost 1 case a month – of Fosamax-related femoral-shaft fracture in women aged around 66yrs – on it for a mean of <5 years; and Cornell University New York (Lane et al) reports 25 cases similar cases mostly in women at a mean of 75yrs, on Fosamax for a mean of 6 +- 2 yrs – but as little as <2 years. and

Bisphosphonates may reduce vertebral and hip fractures by about 40% and increase bone density, but at a cost of severe toxoderma; oesophagogastric obstruction; ; and increased risk of longbone fracture and jaw destruction; and the FDA itself issued warning this year about severe pain on bisphosphonates –

Bisphosphonates give no benefit for any other acute or chronic degenerative diseases of aging.

There is no indication for use of bisphosphonates for osteoporosis prevention and treatment when a simple lowcost combination of natural micronutrient supplemements (vitamins, minerals, and biologicals including balanced parenteral human HRT -all natural drugs) safely halves all the major chronic degenerative diseases of aging, and premature deaths.


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