Medication ‘worsens Alzheimer’s’

This new report at 1 April 2008 that “Medication ‘worsens Alzheimer’s’ ” confirms the obvious futility of prescription drugs for this condition.
No modern chronic designer drugs give any proven longerm benefit for this disease- at best a brief slowing in progression for a few weeks.

So, as for avoidance of other largely irreversible/incurable disabilities

– sudden death, obesity, stroke, blindness, prostate/breast cancer, and osteoporotic hip/ spine fracture

– it is crucial that every person likely to live well past 60 years take permanent safe low-cost multisystem preventatives from middle age if not younger

– the ~15 vitamins, 10 minerals, and at least 20 of the proven >70 biologicals
[from alphalipoic acid to zeaxanthine – all of them in a powder blend drink twice a day, including fish oil in some form, and appropriate optimal HRT – eg melotonin, thyroid,
and parenteral sex hormone replacement- testosterone for men, testosterone- estradiol – progesterone for women].


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