this 5year Canadian followup  study of women after breast cancer confirms the recent (2008) follow-up from Italy about the low mortality from breast cancer detected and treated early (Elderly breast cancer patients treated by conservative surgery alone plus adjuvant tamoxifen: Fifteen-year results of a prospective study. Martelli G, et al National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy.Cancer. 2008; 112; 3: 481-488).

In UK the annual deathrate for women from breast cancer was only 0.28% – but in the UK screening program, of 1.7million women screened, 4.8% were recalled for further screening – of whom only 80% had unnecessary screening- a giant burden to both patients and the NHS. Almost 80% fewer mammography procedures and facilities were actually required.

Contrary to the mythology and hype that breast cancer is a major killer of women, these three studies affirm that even in those who get breast cancer, it still kills only 0.5% a year of sufferers at any age, (as opposed to 1% of those over the age of 70yrs in the Italian study)
Thus >80% of truly asymptomatic women without good family history of breast cancer have the lucrative (to Industry) unnecessary regular screening mammography
– and there is no good evidence that in such women, (or men) regular repeat cancer screening makes any difference to survival..

The evidence from numerous sources is very strong, that appropriate supplements ie parenteral HRT (estrogen +testost- +progesterone -especially when combined with other natural biologicals eg – fish oil, coQ10, acetylcysteine, MSM, carnitine, arginine, ribose, herbs ; and minerals and vitamins) more than halve all major chronic degenerative diseases and premature deaths.

People who fear cancer and all disease , early disability – especially those with a significant family history- just have to use common sense:
– follow sensible diet and lifestyle including avoiding overweight, have bloodpressure and eye checks regularly,
– take a sensible combination of the >50 natural supplements (if only as a few oil capsules and a glass of powder blend twice a day, and either daily hormone cream (or a tiny
hormone subcut (self) injection every few weeks, or implant, or lowdose HT orally) ; and
– most important of all, report promptly to a doctor if they develop symptoms that do not settle in a few days eg unexplained pain bleeding, lumps or tenderness, swelling, breathlessness, cough, or change in vision, hearing or bowel or bladder habit etc; or persistent weight gain or loss.

If early and permanent supplements; and symptoms, are addressed early, the common major diseases rarely become major killers – we die active of healthy old age!. Without appropriate supplements including appropriate HRT even after breast cancer, all-cause disease and mortality is more than doubled. Waiting for sudden death, diabetes, obesity, blindness, hip fracture, cancer or dementia before starting safe lowcost permanent multi-prevention is truly crippling if not fatal.



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