Balanced physiological HRT- hormone replacement – reduces all risks including cancer.

International Media reports claim that HRT increases breast cancer. This is common dangerous Media hype. The new study did not claim this. – see

Li et al in their study Abstract “Relationship between Menopausal Hormone Therapy and Breast Cancer(2008) ” did NOT once mention HRT (ie physiological REPLACEMENT of deficient hormones with the same human hormones as is done in all of endocrinology). Their observational study is titled and refers solely to HT – hormone THERAPY – unlike most elsewhere, in North America postmenopausal sexhormone deficiency was and is – owing to massive commercial marketing (eg Wyeth, Solvay) – almost exclusively treated with HT- xenohormones- oral megatherapy with conjugated (equine) estrogens and progestins -which is manifestly grossly unphysiological.
There is good evidence from 60 years of balanced human sexhormone replacement (E2, E3, progesterone, testosterone) and even appropriate HT that all major chronic disease and mortality including breast cancer is reduced by approximately 1/3 (in WHI in the women under 60yrs, the Oulu study,Thomas Clarkson’s primate studies at Wake; and the top HRT clinics of clinics of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe; Cape Town etc). The higher the doses administered in middle age (as with undesireable oral HT), the earlier that dormant breast cancer may come to attention, and thus be cured (Henderson ea 1980). Systemic balanced HRT (with physiological levels of testosterone in men, estradiol and testosterone in women) suppresses both prostate breast and endometrial proliferation and thus cancer (Masters and Grody 1953).

But most Media do not seem to be interested in logical truth and good news. – only bad news sells.


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